Chapter 11

The Last One on The List

“Where are you?” 

“Jiyong-shii, you’ve been asking me that question for the nth time! We’re about 10 minutes away!” Dara answered getting annoyed at Jiyong. 

Bom, Chaerin and Yuri exchanged glances at the mention of Jiyong’s name. They were all in one van that fitted 11 people. 

“Unnie, since when did you and Jiyong-shii became close?” Yedam asked immediately after Dara ended the phone call. 

Minhyuk who was busy talking to Minzy turned and started to listen as well as Hayi. 

“We’re not close Yedam, we’re just talking.” Dara explained. 

“But why did he keep asking where we were?” Minhyuk suddenly jumped in. 

Great of all the days he would be his mental age it would be today. Dara thought to herself. 

“I don’t know.” Dara just shrugged her shoulders and looked at Bom for help but when she turned to her she saw her wriggling her eyebrows at her. 

“Hmm… this is going to be a fun camping after all.” Yuri teased giving CL a high-five. 


“We’re here! We’re here! Minhyuk Hyung! Look at that! Look!” Yedam excitedly jumped up and down as one by one they got out of the van. 

“Wow.” Seungri who was watching them from a far together with the others saw that another van was only for the Park’s security. “I feel like I’m meeting with a politician. That’s a lot of security.” 

The girls walked towards them and Yedam ran towards the lake followed by Minhyuk, Minzy with Hayi screaming behind them “YAH! BE CAREFUL NOT TO FALL IN THE WATER OR I’LL SMACK YOU!” 

The older girls smiled and went straight were the boys were. 

“Oppa!” Yuri greeted giving Yongbae a peck on the cheek followed by Bom, Chaerin and then Dara. 

“Are you good?” Yongbae asked Dara while patting her head. 

“Yeah I’m good.” Dara nodded and sat down at one of the long benches. 

“Wow this place is awesome!” Chaerin got excited seeing the different activities they could do. 

“UNNIE! UNNIE!!! Can I go bungee jumping?!?!” Yedam ran towards them with Hayi running after him. 

Dara shook her head. “Not alone you can’t.” 

“I’ll take one of my security! Or Yongbae Hyung can take me!!! Or Sangmin Hyung!!!” Yedam excitedly suggested. 

Sangmin turned white at the mention of his name. 

Bom laughed and patted him at the back. “Hmm… that’s ok Sangmin-shii just ask for a bonus after this.” 

“You guys did a good job in picking this place.” Yuri told Yongbae who was busy cooking the barbecue. 

“Not us. Jiyong did all the planning for this.” Teddy mentioned and everyone turned to look at him and then to Jiyong who turned red. 

“Well, well, well, hear that Dara Unnie? Jiyong-shii did all this.” Chaerin wriggled her eyebrows teasing Dara. 

“Oh!!!! Can we go wakeboarding? Can we? Can we?” Yedam asked excitedly. 

“Noona can we take him?” Hanbin asked for Dara’s permission. 

“Just bring your security.” Dara permitted and soon the kids ran towards the wakeboarding station to try it out with their securities following them. 

“Dara these are your tents… Although I didn’t quite expect the number of security that you were bringing I think we’ll lack tents.” Jiyong called her over and showed her where they will be sleeping. 

“Don’t mind them they brought their own and some of them won’t be sleeping anyways so.” Dara waved her hand telling Jiyong not to worry about it. 

“Noona, do you eat meat?” Daesung asked Dara all of a sudden. 

“Oh I love meat!!!” Dara answered getting excited just by thinking of eating meat. 

“Chaerin, let’s go see the kids wake boarding!” Bom called Chaerin and the two went over to check on the kids. 

“Seungri wait for me.” Top suddenly followed Seungri who was going to follow the two girls. 

“Jiyong why don’t you take Dara for a walk to see the different activities you could do here.” Teddy suggested and Jiyong nodded at him then looked at Dara. 

“Ok!” Dara agreed and stood up. 

The two went walking and within some distance Dara’s security were watching them like a hawk. 

“Wow is your lives really like this?” Daesung asked Yuri who was busy chatting with Yongbae. 

Yuri turned and nodded in response. “Well, the security is a bit tight right now, because something came up the other day. I’m surprised Dara agreed to take the kids out like this really.” 

“Hmmm… I guess Jiyongie found a soft spot ei?” Yongbae winked at her and the girl blushed. 

“Oh please don’t make me throw you in the water. Stop being so cheesy in front of us!” Teddy warned the two and they burst into laughter. 

“Hyung, I suddenly want to leave.” Daesung joked shaking his head and putting his hand on Teddy’s shoulder. 

“Anyways, why are you surprised that Dara agreed to do this, don’t you guys do this?” Teddy was curious on how they were living that the kids are all hyped up today. 

“Well, we do barbecues and camping but on our backyard. You saw the mansion right? You can put all of this at the back of that and go camping there. We go swimming but at hotels not really like this. Dara’s very cautious with her siblings. She doesn’t want to give someone an opportunity to take the kids away.” Yuri explained trying to be discrete about the family troubles. 

“Oh” Teddy mouthed and felt awkward asking questions a bit personal. 

“How’s Dara?” Yongbae suddenly got curious on how his friend was taking everything. 

“I think she’s used to it by now. She does not panic anymore. Haven’t you notice? Her eyes, it’s gotten cold.” Yuri sadly answered causing Yongbae to sigh. 

“Poor girl.” Teddy said while Daesung nodded. 

“I KNOW!!!” Yuri suddenly screamed standing up startling the 3 boys. 

“Aigoo are you bipolar Noona?” Daesung said holding his chest after getting startled. 

Yuri laughed and looked at the boys one by one. “Let’s make Jiyong and Dara get closer today! Let’s play a game and make sure they lose and let’s give them a punishment!!!” 

The three guys looked at Yuri and how excited she was at her idea. 

“I think you guys really need to go out more.” Teddy said staring at Yuri. 

“What’s going on?” Bom and the others have come back and was wondering why Yuri was getting hyped up. 

Yuri explained her idea and Bom and Chaerin got hyped up too making the rest of the guys watch them in awe on how they were all getting excited. 

“You guys sure you want to date this girls?” Teddy asked the others and Top suddenly covered his mouth in case the girls might catch his comment. 

“YAH! HYUNG! SHUSH!” Yongbae said while the girls are oblivious to what was happening. 

“Noona! Noona! I went wake boarding!!! I did! I did!” Yedam was running towards them and everyone acted casually. 

“Ah sincha? Good work!” Yuri smiled at Yedam and patted his head. “How about you Minhyuk?” 

“Minzy and I are going swimming later and just go boating.” Minhyuk said. He still has a phobia with extreme activities and since it as the first time his Dara Noona agreed for such an outing he didn’t want to ruin the mood in case he goes beserk again. 

“Hayi can I borrow your lotion?” Bom asked Hayi all of a sudden. She was going to tell Hayi about their plan and Bom knew Dara’s brother won’t agree to it so she had to relay it to Hayi alone. 

“It’s in my bag unnie.” Hayi answered. 

“Yeah come with me get it.” Bom ordered and Hayi looked at her with a bewildered look. 

“NOONA! NOONA! Did you see me?! Did you?” Yedam shouted as he ran up to Dara. 

“Yes I did that’s why I wanted to go back here right away to congratulate you!” Dara smiled at her brother and started to walk with Yedam towards the others leaving Jiyong a step behind. 



“Oh my goodness I’m going to die!!!!!” Dara shrieked at the top of her lungs. 

While waiting for the food to be cooked the group decided to have a game that ended up with Dara and Jiyong losing. The punishment for the game was testing the bungee jump before anyone else did. 

Dara backed out but since everyone had this plan of making them grow closer the girls, knowing how Dara’s personality is, said the right things causing Dara to get her act together and decided to jump. 

“You know we have the option not to jump.” Jiyong suggested seeing how Dara was getting hyped up. 

Dara looked at him as all the blood on her face have faded, she thought of her siblings who were down waiting for her to jump. “Ani. My siblings are expecting me to jump. I’ll jump.” 

Dara shook her hands, inhaled and then exhaled. “aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” 

Jiyong looked at her and wondered why she wanted to go through jumping if she knows she couldn’t. “Are you sure about this?” 

“Yes, I’m sure. Just… a minute.” Dara said “whooo!” 

The two of them stood at the edge where they will be jumping off and Dara looked paler than before. 

“Dara-shii you don’t look so good.” Jiyong told her to which the girl nodded. 

“I know.” She said. 

“Sir you’d have to hug her when you jump off so that you won’t hurt each other.” the one in charge told him. 

Jiyong looked at him in shock. Ok. That’s awkward. 

“Don’t let me go.” Dara looked at Jiyong pleading. 

Jiyong was taken aback with her request. Usually girls who would have to hug a stranger for the first time wouldn’t agree. But then again she’s different from any other girl. Jiyong thought to himself. 

Dara was still shaking when Jiyong held her hand. “Kinchana Dara-shii. I won’t let you go.” 

Dara looked at Jiyong straight in the eye and for some weird reason she saw assurance and safety. 

“Ok.” Dara nodded and stepped forward letting Jiyong hugged her. 

“Ready?” the attendant asked them. 

“Ready?” Jiyong asked Dara and Dara closed her eyes tightly and nodded. 

Jiyong then wrapped his arms around her and although she was still scared of jumping off she somehow felt warmth in Jiyong’s embrace. 

“OK! 1, 2, 3, BUNGEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the attendant shouted and pushed Jiyong and Dara off. 
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Dara screamed at the top of her lungs not noticing that she wrapped her arms around Jiyong’s neck. 

As the two of them float in the air Dara didn’t feel scared anymore and raised both her arms enjoying the moment. 

“OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed and laughed as the two of them swayed in the air. “This is awesome!!!!” 

She looked at Jiyong and smiled brightly. “JIYONG THIS IS AWESOME!!!!” 

Jiyong smiled as he watches her screaming and laughing. She look so innocent. 


“OH MY GOODNESS SHE DID JUMP!!!!” Yuri screamed and jumped up and down upon seeing Jiyong and Dara jump. 

“DAEBAK!!!!!” Hayi and Minhyuk said at the same time. 

“Is Jiyong hugging her?” Top suddenly blurted out shifting the attention to the fact that the two were hugging. 

“HEUL!!!!” Yedam shouted. 

“Wow I got to give it to Jiyong-shii, he made Noona go to this camping trip, he was able to make her bungee jump and HUG her!!!!” Minhyuk was impressed at Jiyong for melting her sister’s cold heart. 

“I don’t like my sister hugging some boy!” Yedam suddenly said and everyone laughed. 

“It’s ok Yedam, I’m sure they needed to hug to avoid hurting each other when they jump.” Hayi explained then turned to Hanbin and Bobby. “ I want to bungee too!” 

Hanbin and Bobby were all smiles but Chaerin beat them to it. “Not so fast you two, Hayi I’ll jump with you!” 

“But I want to bungee jump too!” Seungri protested. 

“Then you can choose between Bobby and Hanbin then.” Chaerin answered casually. 

“HYUNG!!!!” Hanbin and Bobby looked at him while Seungri frowned. 


By lunchtime Robin (Choice 37) and Kush, who are producers from YG too, came to join them just in time to eat (as Kush said). 

Every one was busy putting food on their plates while Jiyong just watched one person. Dara was busy filling up two plates with meat from the griller. She then got some kimchi rice and again placed it on the two plates. 

The kids table were separated from the adults and the food were mostly at the adult’s table so the kids will just have to stand up and get food from that table if they want more. 

Dara’s siblings were seizing their moment that their sister’s attention was focused on them that they were all acting needy. 

“Is this enough meat Yedam?” Dara in return liked the idea of having time to take care of them. 

“Hayi you love grilled prawns don’t you? Want me to get you some?” Dara asked her sister but Hayi shook her head. 

“Huh? Why? But you love prawns!” Dara knew how much her sister loves eating prawns. 

“Yeah Unnie but it’s messy to eat and I’m bad at peeling its shell using spoon and fork.” Hayi pouted. 

“Don’t worry I’ll peel it for you!” Dara then got her sister a lot of prawns and started peeling it while the rest of the group started to eat. 

Jiyong watched as Dara made sure that her siblings had enough food, he then got up and got Dara’s plate and started to put food on it. When Dara finished taking care of her siblings she sat beside Yuri to take a rest before getting her food. 

“Oh Unnie aren’t you going to eat.” Yuri asked. Bom and Chaerin looked at Dara as she smiled at Yuri. 

“Yeah just catching my breath for a few minutes.” Dara smiled. 

“I’ll get you.” Yongbae offered but then Jiyong placed a plate full of meat, sausages and prawns in front of her making the girls eyes grew wide while the guys all turned to see what happened. 

“Eat.” Jiyong then sat down across from Dara between Choice and Kush. 

“Waahhhh you look so cool GD!!!” Kush joked and ruffled his hair. 

Everyone at the table laughed while Dara’s heartbeat paced. It was first time that a man, well except from Yongbae whom she considers as her brother, anyways, it was the first time that someone actually did that for her. 

“Unnie are you ok?” Chaerin asked seeing Dara was still flustered from what happened. 

Dara smiled and started eating when Jiyong started peeling the prawns for her. Yuri and Yongbae caught this and the two of them exchanged glances. 

“Hmmm… this is a delicious meal Teddy-shii” Yuri said wriggling her eyebrows. 

“Please, call me Teddy.” Teddy answered as he munched on his food. 

“Ahh!” Everyone turned and saw Jiyong handing over a lettuce wrap at Dara. 

Dara hesitated in taking it as all eyes are on them. “Ahh!” Jiyong insisted and Dara gave in and ate it. 

“You saw the different activities here, if you want to enjoy then you’d have to have energy that’s why eat up.” Jiyong told her casually like it’s the most normal thing for him to make a lettuce wrap for Dara. 

Dara who is new to being taken care of just nodded and munched on her food. 

“Noona! We’re done can we go swimming?” Minhyuk asked Dara who was enjoying her food. 

“Ok. Be careful and bring your security!” Dara shouted seeing Minhyuk and Minzy were now on their way to the lake. 


After lunch 

Every one was by the water sports station trying it out. The kids are enjoying themselves and Dara noticed that Hanbin and Hayi were getting closer to each other. 

“You want to try?” Top asked Bom who was looking at how good Hayi is with wakeboarding. 

“Will I vomit the food I just ate?” Bom answered placing her hand on her chest. 

Top laughed at what she said placing his hand on his forehead. “Why would you throw up the food you just ate?” 

“Won’t I? Because it’s fast and it goes like this and that” Bom moved her hands on every direction showing how the boat goes. 

“No you won’t it will be fun.” Top said finding Bom’s reactions cute. She sure is 8TH dimentional when she’s thinking. 

“We’re going water skiing!” Jiyong raised his arm and Dara followed behind him. 

The girls mouth dropped upon seeing how Dara was willing to try wake boarding when every one knew she was the kill joy of the group. 

“Noona? You’re trying?” Minhyuk looked at her sister and then at Jiyong. “Wow, let me shake your hand hyung! No one has ever succeeded in persuading her to do sports activities. I mean I still can’t believe were able to make her bungee” 

“YAH!” Dara warned her brother as he shook the hand of a laughing GD. 

“Let’s go!” Jiyong said clapping while the others are staring at how Dara just follows him. 


Night time… bonfire… 

“Wow, I’ve never felt so tired in my life.” Minhyuk said as he took a sit beside Minzy inside their tent. The two watched as the adults were by the bonfire drinking alcohol. Yedam was too tired that he hit the bed early. Hayi was together with Hanbin and Bobby jamming with Hanbin’s guitar. 

“You had fun?” Minzy looked at Minhyuk. Although Dara cancelled their wedding arrangement freeing Minzy from any responsibility, her feelings for Minhyuk is still stronger than any arrangement. 

Minhyuk nodded. “I think this is the first time after such a long time that I saw my Noona so happy.” 

The two of them watched as Dara and Chaerin talked to each other happily. 

“I think this is a first for all of us to be out like this. The last time was when Chief was still alive.” Minhyuk said referring to Dara’s father. 
“This was a good idea huh?” Minzy leaned her head on Minhyuk’s shoulder. 

“Yeah. I think Jiyong-shii deserves a standing ovation for making this happen.” Minhyuk smirked. 

Minzy lifted her head and smiled at her boyfriend. “Are you saying you’d approve of him when he wants to date Unnie?” 

Minhyuk looked at her sister and sighed. “Noona has sacrificed so much for us. I guess all we can do is just be cautious and protect her.” 

Minzy then gave Minhyuk a peck on the cheek. 

“What was that for?” Minhyuk wondered. Minzy has always been sweet to him sometimes he wonders if it’s out of guilt or if it’s real. 

“For being a sweet guy.” Minzy said linking her arms to Minhyuk’s and then leaning her head on his shoulder. 


Sleeping time 

Dara was still sitting in front of the bonfire with an Ipad reviewing some more proposals. The rest of the group were already asleep but she decided to check on work as it became her habit. 

“Dara-shii why are you still awake?” Dara turned and saw Jiyong walking towards her. 

She waved her Ipad in front of him and smiled. “Work.” 

“Wow. You really are what Yongbae said you are.” Jiyong said sitting down at the chair next to Dara. 

“I hope it’s a good thing.” Dara said putting her tablet on standby. 

“Well he said you were the epitome of workaholism if there is such a word.” Jiyong replied. 

“Hmmm… He got that one right.” Dara agreed. 

“Well, I think at first I thought of it as I didn’t have a choice. If I didn’t do it now everything will just pile up and I’ll end up having a hard time. Until I got used to it and became impatient when I want something done, it has to be done right away.” Dara explained. 

“That’s why you’re called The Blood Lady?” Jiyong asked 

Dara’s eyes widened. “Now that is too much!!!! They call me that?” 

“Oops!” Jiyong said covering his mouth. “My bad.” 

“YAH!” Dara said playfully slapping Jiyong in the arm. 

“Don’t you ever get tired?” Jiyong asked in a more serious tone. 

“I do. I can’t remember how many times I want to runaway from this all or how many nights I cry myself to sleep out of exhaustion.” Dara stared at the bonfire feeling shy to look at Jiyong. “But every time I see my siblings and how much they need me, I just tell myself to get my act together.” 

Jiyong looked at Dara and thought about how much of a strong woman she is. 

“Is that why you don’t do dating? Because of your siblings?” 

Dara smiled and looked on the ground at the mention of “dating” 

“For me, that is still not an option. I think I’ll go dating once Yedam finishes off college. By that time I think I can breathe.” Dara answered bitterly. 

Jiyong felt sorry for the girl but at the same time does not quite get why she was stopping herself from enjoying life. Jiyong and the rest of the members can be considered as workaholics too but they know how to play hard. 

“What’s wrong with breathing now? Like having fun?” Jiyong continued to ask. 

Dara paused for a moment and stared at the fire, trying to fight her tears. 

“Jiyong-shii, as you can see our family is not the conventional type. My brothers and sister grew up without a mother. My dad stood as their father and yet he was still not their father. Minhyuk’s state is unstable. Today he might be ok but tomorrow he might wake up forgetting what happened today. Hayi and Yedam are still growing up, they’re still on that stage wherein they are realizing their selves. I can’t make a mistake right now; I refuse to be like my mom. I’m their only hope. I don’t want to disappoint them the way my mom did.” Dara explained thoroughly. 

“Dara-shii, who said anything about being like your mom?” Jiyong asked seriously and Dara just stared at him speechless. 

He has a point. Dara thought. Jiyong snickered and shook her head. “Sometimes you worry too much for tomorrow that you’re not able to cherish what’s happening right now. You’re right they are growing up meaning you’re missing a lot of moments with them if you’re too busy preparing for their futures. Which is not yours to decide in the first place.” 

Dara smiled and looked down. Jiyong was right, she was too busy not making a mistake that she barely knew what her siblings likes or dislikes, or what is happening or what they were going through. 

“You know it’s not so bad to slow down sometimes, I’m sure your siblings would exchange one hour of bonding with you than playing video games.” Jiyong said confidently. 

Dara looked at Jiyong and smiled, being with Jiyong is refreshing. She must admit she really did enjoyed today, even if she was stressed most of the time with Jiyong’s list of activities. The two of them looked at each other’s eyes, she didn’t know what got into her that she was leaning to give the boy a kiss, Jiyong on the other hand was leaning towards her too when someone called Dara. 

“NOONA! Aren’t you going to sleep yet?” Yedam shouted standing in front of their tent causing the two to look in separate direction. 

“NOONA!!!” Yedam shouted again. 

“Oh yeah I’m coming!” Dara said sheepishly standing up and walking towards their tent leaving Jiyong embarrassed while scratching the back of his head. 


Minhyuk woke up early and went over to the dock and stared at the lake. A few minutes after Dara followed him and sat beside him. The place was peaceful and was very relaxing. 

“Mianhe.” Minhyuk suddenly broke his silence. 

“What are you saying sorry for?” Dara looked at her brother with concern. 

“I’m the second sibling I’m supposed to help you take care of everything else and yet I seem to add up on the problem.” Minhyuk said looking at her sister embarrassingly. 

“Yah!” Dara shook her head off. “Never say that or even think like that. I am the head of this family. You are my responsibility it’s not the other way around. Your job is to be a good dongsaeng to me.” 

“Come on Noona, I know sometimes you’re having a hard time too. You don’t have to pretend in front of me. I know you had a hard time when we had to cancel the wedding arrangements with Minzy’s family too.” Minhyuk revealed shocking Dara. She was always very protective of him. 

“You know yesterday was the first time after a long period of time that I saw you laugh so hard? I was so happy seeing you when you did the bungee jumping, wake boarding, jet skiing. It reminded me when the Chief was still alive and you would take me out swimming, or just do whatever.” Minhyuk reminded her. 

Dara was just listening to her brother. She didn’t know that her brother noticed she hasn’t laughed for a long time now. 

“Jiyong-shii is a nice guy noona, and if you ever feel like dating him you have my blessing.” Minhyuk suddenly blurted out. 

Dara’s eyes widened and turned to look at her brother smiling brightly at him. “Did you Bom Noona asked you to do that?” 

Minhyuk shook his head. “Ah! So he does want to date you?” 

“No he doesn’t! He just said he would help us enjoy this trip. So I just follow whatever he does.” Dara defended. 

Minhyuk smiled sneakily while nodding his head. “Arrasso if that’s what you say it is.” 

“YAH!” Dara said ruffling Minhyuk’s hair. “STOP IT!!!” 

“Seriously Noona, you don’t have to worry about us. Hayi and I talked about it actually and we liked the idea of you dating. You’re getting old you should date.” 

“YAH!!! Who’s getting old! You brats!!!” Dara said playfully slapping Minhyuk by the arm. 

“Good morning!” the two of them turned and saw Jiyogn standing behind them. 

“Oh hyung! Good morning! Noona, I’m just going to check on Minzy.” Minhyuk suddenly stood up leaving her sister. “Jiyong Hyung good luck!” 

“YAH!!!!” Dara shouted while Minhyuk ran away from them laughing.






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