Chapter 12

The Last One on The List

It has been six months after their camping trip and Jiyong and Dara are now close with each other. They hang out together with the Big Bang members and with the girls normally.

Everything was quiet lately at the Park Mansion with the kids going to private shools, Hayi training in YG and the girls busy with work.

Everyone has been noticing the close friendship Dara and Jiyong has formed and how the two of them unintentionally act like a couple.


“Yoboseo?” Jiyong answers the phone hurriedly. “Oh, yeah I’ll be done here at the studio soon. I’ll see you soon.”

Teddy and Taeyang looks at him as he smiles brightly.

“Was that Dara?” Taeyang asks him as soon as he hung up.

Jiyong nodded and went back to editing the song they were working on.

“Jiyongie, what exactly are you guys?” Teddy, who like the others have been wondering what was going on between them.

“Huh?” Jiyong said still focused on what he was doing.

“Are you guys dating?” Taeyang asked again for the nth time.

Taeyang and Teddy awaits for the answer as Jiyong do the final touches with the song he was doing.

“We...” Jiyong said clicking on some buttons and then finally standing up. “are just friends.”

With a final wink he waved goodbye and went out the door.

“Hmmm.. one call and he walks out like that.” Teddy says shaking his head.

Taeyang pats him at the back and then gave off a soft laugh. “Just let him be hyung.”






“Guess who.” Jiyong whispers as he covered Dara’s eyes.

“Ei....” Dara as she hold his hands to sway them away.

Skinship has been natural for the two of them to which the girls and the others at first became confused on what their relationship were but by now they all have been used to it.

“So what’s up?” Jiyong asked as he sat down across from her.

“i need a big favor.” Dara bluntly said.

Jiyong just nodded as he starts to eat the food at the table.

“I need you to be my boyfriend tonight.” Dara nonchalantly said.

Jiyong choked on the salad he just ate. “Excuse me?”

“Well a few of my friends before in school are having this reunion. And since Yongbae will be there Yuri won’t have any trouble with it.”

Jiyong stares blankly at Dara as he tries to digest what she’s saying.

“JIYONGIE!” Dara whined snapping him back to reality.

“You’re going to be my girlfriend?” Jiyong asked again to which Dara nodded.

“Hmmm... and what my dear princess will I get out from that?” Jiyong smirked at her.

Duh. Of course i’d like to be your boyfriend even for just a millisecond but duh. I can’t be too eager, i’m G-Dragon.

Dara sighed and rolled her eyes at him. “Ok what is it that you want?”

“You’ll spend the whole day of my birthday and you’ll be my guest of honor at my birthday party.”

Dara thought for a moment. “That’s 3 months away.”

Jiyong nodded to confirm.

“CALL!” Dara smiled brightly. “I’ll even prepare your party for you.”

“Ok. Call!” Jiyong smiled and started eating again when his phone rang. “neh Teddy Hyung?”

After the call and after munching a few more salad he stood up and prepare to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“Teddy Hyung needs me at the studio. Just text me the place and I’ll meet you there.” Jiyong answered and was ready to leave when Dara held his hand stopping him from moving. Their eyes met and Jiyong saw the worry in her look that he might not come.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m going to be there.” Jiyong winked and let go of Dara’s grip.





8:34 p.m.

At a restaurant in Hongdae



Where is he? Dara felt agitated it has been an hour and there was no sign of Jiyong.

Yongbae arrived 30 minutes ago and said that Jiyong was in a meeting with Teddy and Yang Hyung Suk.

Yuri and Dara exchanged worried looks.

Just then Eunji, the girl who has made it her goal to pick on Dara and make her all miserable noticed how agitated Dara was.

“Oh Dara where’s your plus one? I thought when I called you the other day you said you’d have a plus one with you?” Eunji smirked as she leans her head on her boyfriend who happened to be one of Dara’s ex’s.

“He’s still stuck in a meeting so he’s going to be late.” Dara explained as she took a sip of her drink.

“Ah is that so? Tsk. Tsk. Careful Dara, you shouldn’t be too nice to your boy. Someone might take them away from you especially how workaholic you are.” Eunji warned with an evil smile.

Just how you took Junho away from me? Dara thought to herself.

Yongbae clenched his fist and was about to speak up but Yuri grabbed his hand and signalled him not to get involved.

“Waaah. I’m surprised you and Yongbae aren’t together. You were inseperable before.” One of their classmates said.

“And who would’ve thought Yongbae would be an international idol now!” Another one of their femal friends excitedly said.

“Well, Yongbae and I are siblings from different parents. Besides, he has Yuri in his heart.” Dara answered wriggling her eyebrows at Yuri.

“Oh sinchayo? You didn’t like Yongbae before? I thought that’s why you were always close.” Another one asked to which Dara shook her head.

“Careful Yuri, those two have been close even before.” Eunji killed the mood again with her comment.

Yuri frowned at the comment and just had it with her bullying Dara. “Eunji-ah, we’re professionals already we don’t live in a world of stealing boyfriends from each other.”

The girl smiled at the harsh comment and kept quiet as the rest of the table continued talking and laughing.

“Anneonghaseo! Sorry I’m late.”

Everyone turned and saw G-Dragon  standing behind Dara. The rest of the table looked at each other wondering what he was doing there.

He grabbed a chair and sat beside Dara. “Sorry I’m late babe. I got caught up with a meeting.”

“It’s ok. Do you want anything?” Dara sweetly asked as she passed the menu to him.

The two of them reviewed the menu and didn’t notice that their table grew quiet and stared at them.

“Uhm you’re plus one is G-Dragon of Big Bang?!?!” Eunji finally broke her silence bringing Jiyong and Dara back to reality.

Dara turned and looked at her and just nodded as if it was the most normal thing to have an idol as your date.

“Everything is set for Japan Ji?” Yongbae asked as he munched on some fries and then offering some to Yuri.

“Oh.” Jiyong said. “I’ll have the cheesy fries as well are you drinking?” he looked at Dara and Yuri and Yongbae and saw they were all having sodas.“I’ll have a soda as well.”

Jiyong looked up and saw their table staring at them. “Oh, babe you haven’t introduced me yet.”

“Oh mianhe, everyone this is Jiyongie, Jiyongie this is everyone.” Dara lazily introduced acting all cool but her innerself is dancing the Gangnam style.

“Waaaah.... who would’ve thought that two of the most quiet girls in school would be dating Big Bang?” one of them said.

Dara’s ex looked at Jiyong and then to Dara. He can feel the attraction between the two and with Dara’s look when she talks to Jiyong he knew she had feelings for her. Unknowingly he removed his hand from the backrest of the chair of his girlfriend.


“If you guys are dating then how come news about it are not coming out?” Eunji smartly asked.

“Ya! Are you stupid or something? If something like that comes out you think they could still go out like this?” one of their friends exclaimed.

“Don’t worry. We won’t be telling anyone about this.” Dara’s ex-boyfriend shocking everyone at the table.






“So what’s the story?” Jiyong finally asked as the two of them sat at the front steps of the Park Residences.

“The story is, Junho was my ex-boyfriend. We got together when I was working in New York. He was sent by his company there to do training and we started to hang out.” Dara shared.

Jiyong looked at her with eagerness. “And?!?!?”

“And, well, yeah there. He went back to Korea. So our dates and meetings lessened, the fights piled up. Little did I know Eunji was already trying to steal him away.”

“What is it with that woman anyways? You know I went to the toilet right? And when I went out she suddenly comes on to me and says if I ever grew tired of you I can call her anytime.” Jiyong confessed making Dara’s eyes grew wide.

“Sinchayo?” Dara asked surprised.

“Oh. I kept thinking, what’s wrong with this kid?” Jiyong laughed as he scratched his head.

“She hates the idea of me being more popular than her in school even if I came from a broken family. She hates the idea of me getting gifts from my dad even if I don’t top the exams. She hates how Yongbae stuck with me all the time and just ignores her. She didn’t know Yongbae liked Yuri and Yuri well she didn’t know that yet.” Dara explained further.

“Wow.” Jiyong said surprised how petty the hate was. “That’s a lot of grade school hate.”

“Hey, thank you tonight.” Dara sincerely said smiling at him.

Jiyong blushed and looked at the stars. “You know I’ll do anything for you. Even if you don’t ask I’ll gladly do it for you. That’s how much I love you”

Dara leaned her head on his shoulder. “Jiyongie...”

“Don’t ruin the moment technically I’m still your boyfriend until midnight.” Jiyong cut her off.

The two of them had an agreement. Dara wasn’t ready and she needed to put everything in place for her siblings first before she could even be distracted with things such as dating.

“You do know I love you too. Just not yet.” Dara said.

“I said don’t ruin the moment.” Jiyong said turning to look at Dara but got surprise as she leans forward and kissed him on the lips!!!

Jiyong froze as he got surprised while Dara beamed looking at the frozen Jiyong.

“Does that make up for it?” Dara asked giving him her innocent look.

Just then Yedam opens the door rubbing his right eye and with messy hair.

“Noona! What are you two doing out here?!? Why don’t you talk inside?”

Jiyong and Dara stood up and was flustered.

“Oh yeah, uhm... well” Dara stuttered.

“Uhm yeah, Leaving... See you...” Jiyong started to walk towards his car when he remembered something.

“oh yeah, goodnight!” He walked towards Dara and gave her a peck on the cheek with his face bright red.




*text message*


--Mr. Kwon—

 Yes, that makes up for it. Goodnight my princess.


Dara smiled as she puts her phone down and hugs her pillow tight as she screams out of giddiness.




The next day at Dara’s office...


*Text Message*

KWON JIYONG : Good morning sweet lips =) I just woke up and is on my way to work.


Dara smiled and blushed after reading Jiyong’s text message.


-MY PRINCESS: Good morning handsome prince. I’m at work already. Eat your brekky.


“Well the department store needs new endorsers. The previous one is getting out of hand and has too many scandals at the moment.” Chaerin explained at the round table.

They were having an early meeting as they usually do and she noticed that Dara is not paying attention to what they were saying. She nudged Bom who looked at the direction she was pointing and saw Dara giggling while reading her mobile phone.


KWON JIYONG: I think I’m still floating in the skies that breakfast is not even in my mind. How is my beautiful princess?


MY PRINCESS: I am fine Mr. Kwon. I am in a meeting. Go be a good boy and eat your brekky.


KWON JIYONG: Yes mam! Will I see you today?


MY PRINCESS: Depends on my schedule... and if you eat your breakfast.


KWON JIYONG: I promise I’ll eat my brekky my princess. Please see me today. I long for that sweet face of yours.


“And the london bridge is falling down, and Mary had a little lamb but who cares really.” Chaerin suddenly said stopping everyone at the table from taking down notes but Dara was still smiling like a fool in front of her mobile.

Bom cleared and causing Dara to focus.

“I’m sorry what did you say?” Dara suddenly changed her mood to being serious.

“We need an endorser for the mall.” Chaerin repeated.

“Why what happened to the old one? They’re not renewing?”

Everyone looked at Dara blankly and then shifted their look to Chaerin.

“Right. Uhm as I’ve said the current one has been in to many scandals and investors are asking for a change.” Chaerin explained again.

“Hmm... No. Let’s not let go let’s just add another set of endorsers but keep the old one. Just do a collaboration.” Dara ordered.

“And the investors?” Chaerin reminded her.

“Tell them I said no.” Dara firmly said.

“The new endorsers do you have someone in mind?” Chaerin looked from Dara to Bom.

“Get Big Bang.” Dara confidently said.

“Sajangnim I doubt that they’d agree we’ve been pursuing them for quite some time now.” One of the department head said.

Dara’s phone beeped once again.


KWON JIYONG: T.T You’re not replying. Are you really not going to see me today?!!?!


Dara smirked as she dialled a number. “Tell YG it’s my personal request.”





author's note:

hello everyone!!!  I know it's been a long time... anyways I made a super sugar coated chap for you guys... yes... let's live in this fic that daragon is real and that this is happening in reality... ok... ranting... i know... COMMENTS JUSEYO... 

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