Chapter 3

The Last One on The List

“So let me get this straight?” Seungri said looking at Hanbin. They were all crowded up at the lounging area outside YG’s office, while Lee Hayi, Dara, Bom, CL and Yuri are in YG’s office. 

“Your childhood sweetheart is Lee Hayi, The same Lee person who gifted us with the expensive watches cause she owns an expensive watch shop.” 

“A chain of expensive watch SHOPS” Daesung butted in. 

“Right. She owns a chain of expensive watch shops and the sister of Park Sandara, CEO of Park Group of Companies, owner of Park Shopping Malls, Park Realty, Park here, Park there. Not to mention the 3 other hot girls that came in here who all seems to know Yongbae Hyung!” Seungri continued pointing at Yongbae looking at him asking for explanations. 

“Hyung! Hayi’s not my childhood sweetheart we were just friends!!!!” Hanbin insisted as the others looked at Yongbae who was sitting between Jiyong and Top. 

“So how do you know this Lee Hayi girl?” Jiyong turned to Yongbae. “How come you know the same person and never knew each other before?” he asked pointing at Yongbae and then shifted to Hanbin. 

“It’s kind of a long story. Dara and Yuri are my classmates in middle school before. We would hang around Dara’s house before. Dara and I were best friends back then. Hayi is her half-sister. When Dara would visit her with their other half-brother Minhyuk, sometimes I come with them. Then Dara’s father passed away and she had to take over their company at an early age. Since her mom was divorced with Minhyuk’s dad and Hayi’s dad and she has a new family again Dara took her siblings under her wing.” Yongbae explained. 

“Then what about the Chaerin girl?” Seungri asked curiously making Daesung and Jiyong exchanged glances. 

“From what I remember Chaerin was Lee Hayi’s half-sister from her dad’s side. Dara took her under her wing because her parents doesn’t care about her. When Yuri’s parents died Dara took her in and made her finish university. Well that was the last I heard from the exchange of emails we had. When Dara took over their company she needed to go to the States and from then on we lost contact after a while.” Yongbae continued. “That explains why I never met Hanbin before.” 

“I was friends with Hayi before Dara Noona took her in and before they decided to go to the States.” Hanbin explained. 

“Who’s the babe with the red hair?” Seungri asked again. Daesung and Jiyong exchanged glances again. 

“Hyung! You don’t want to call her that.” Hanbin suggested shaking his head. 

“Ahhh Maknae, she’s the second to the last person you would want to mess around with in that family.” Yongbae warned him. 

“Why? I was just asking.” Seungri asked looking innocent. 

“That’s Park Bom, the heiress to Park Mining Corporation. They own mostly the jewelry shops here and in Japan. She’s one feisty lady so I’m warning you.” Yongbae warned their Maknae again to be agreed by Hanbin’s nodding. 

“If she’s the second to the last, who’s the last person we wouldn’t want to mess around with?” Jiyong suddenly asked out of curiousity. 

“Of course, Dara! Who else would that be?” Yongbae answered in which Hanbin nodded in agreement again. 

“Dara Noona is soft and caring towards her family but you mess with her and she’ll eat you alive!” Hanbin told them in which Yongbae high-fived with him. 

“My thoughts exactly.” Yongbae agreed. 

“I remember one time Lee Hayi was being bullied at school because they found out that her mother had previous marriages and there was a rumor that her dad was just leeching out money from her mother. Hayi, she’s a nice person inside and out she would just shrug everything off but one time she was beaten by other girls and went home with her uniform full of stains from everything that was thrown at her. Dara Noona’s father was still alive then but Noona, she was so fuming mad she bought the whole school the next day and then called for all the parents of those who bullied Hayi, and one by one she told them that either their children apologize nicely to her sister or she will make sure all of the parents won’t be able to have a job anywhere in Korea anymore.” Hanbin told them. 

Everyone who was listening to the story told by Hanbin had their jaws dropped. They couldn’t believe that a petite and cute looking woman like the one they saw minutes ago was capable of doing that. 

“Is she a gangster?” Daesung suddenly asked making the rest of the group frown. 

“So who among the 4 gorgeous ladies there captured your heart Yongbae?” Teddy suddenly asked breaking the silence. 

“Huh?” Yongbae said pretending not to know what Teddy was talking about. 

“Yah Hanbin, Has Hayi told you anything about her sister’s boyfriend?” Teddy asked Hanbin who thought for a moment before clapping his hands. 

“AH!!! HYUNG!!!!” Hanbin exclaimed pointing at Yongbae while jumping to stand up. 

“YAH! SHHH!!!!” Yongbae suddenly jumped at him and covered his mouth so he won’t be able to speak. 

“Wahahah is this the end of the loveless image of DONG YONGBAE?!?!” Jiyong laughed high-fiving with Top. 

“Aish Hyung! Let him go we wanna hear!!!” Daesung said helping Seungri break Hanbin free. 

Just then the door of YG opened and the guys froze as the ladies got out one by one. Hayi was frowning while the rest of the ladies stared at them wondering what they are up to. 

“Uhmm ok… We’ll go ahead Uncle. I’ll talk to you soon.” Dara bid goodbye. 

Without a word Hayi stormed out and rode the elevator. 

“Hayi!!” Bom called but the girl didn’t look back that’s why Bom turned to DongMin. “Follow her before she creates havoc again somewhere.” 

DongMin radiod Kwangho who was waiting downstairs while he hurriedly took the stairs running after her. 

“Sorry Uncle Hayi isn’t usually like that.” Dara apologized. 
“Don’t’ worry about it Dara. She’s just like you when you were little.” YG laughed giving Dara a pat on the shoulder. 

The boys were still frozen in their playing around positions when Dara turned to Yongbae. “Yah! You became an idol and you ignore me and Yuri now?!?!” 

Yongbae gulped and let Hanbin go who gasped for air once he broke free. “You guys left me here in Korea.” 

“You stopped sending emails!” Yuri and Dara said at the same time. 

“Oh please! Stop it with your love triangle you three! Yah! Yongbae, what’s your number huh? Let’s get together this week and have dinner!” Bom suddenly butted in giving her mobile to Yongbae. 

The rest of the boys raised their eyebrows shocked at the bluntness of the ladies especially Bom’s. 

“You can bring your friends too if you want to!” CL said smiling at the other boys. 

Just then Dara’s phone rang and her smile faded. “What now? I just arrived in Korea. No I’m busy tonight resched tomorrow at 6am.” She waved at YG and started walking towards the elevator. 

“Looks like you have an early starter tomorrow.” Bom teased CL who rolled her eyes in return. 

“See you round Bae!” CL said waving goodbye. 

“YAH Hanbin! Make sure to come when we meet up ok?” Bom said ruffling Hanbin’s hair and gave him a soft peck on the cheek that made the guy blush. 

“Omo! Omo! Omo! Unnie, Hanbin is no longer the young boy who gives us flowers when he visits he blushes now when we kiss him!” Yuri said pinching Hanbin’s cheeks and gave him a hug. “See you around.” 

Yuri then passed by Yongbae and slapped him playfully on the chest. “Bye Bae.” 

Once all the ladies have entered the elevator and the elevator door closed chaos broke loose as the boys teased Hanbin and Yongbae. 

“Bye Bae” Seungri said teasing his hyung. 

“Make sure to come when we meet up ok?” Daesung teased wriggling his brows. 

“Aigoo this boys!” YG said rolling his eyes. 


“Oh Noona!” Yedam greeted Hayi but she stormed her way up the staircase. 

“Hayi!!!” Dara shouted as soon as she got inside the house followed by the other girls. 

“NOONA!!!” Yedam and Minhyuk both shouted and rushed towards her. 

“YOU STOP RIGHT THERE YOUNG LADY AND GET YOUR DOWN HERE!!!” Dara suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs. 

“YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MAD I AM RIGHT NOW!!!” Dara continued making Minhyuk and Yedam jump to where they are standing. 

Hayi stomped her way down the stairs and looked at her sister with her arms crossed in front of her. 

“What were you thinking? Do you even think before doing anything or you just do as you please?!” Dara scolded her. 

“IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!” Hayi defended herself. 


Minhyuk started palpitating and he sat down on the couch. “Stop it.” He said. 

“I JUST WANTED TO SEE THEM!” Hayi raised her voice too. 


“WHY NOT? YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT!!” Hayi retorted. “You wanted me to transfer to a private shool. BAM! Off I go to a private school. You wanted to live in the States. BAM! Off we all go to the States! If it weren’t for Mom’s serious threats of suing you of kidnapping you wouldn’t let us go back here. I wanted to go to school, you wanted us home-schooled BAM! My classmate is my 10 year old brother. Everything we do is what you want why can’t we?!?!” 

“Stop fighting!” Minhyuk pleaded but his sisters were now engrossed in their quarrel they couldn’t hear him. Yuri and CL sat beside him and tried to calm him down. 

“Stop it you guys!” Bom warned them seeing Minhyuk is close to breaking down.


“OUR SAFETY OR THE COMPANY’S?” Hayi angrily replied. 

“Now, that’s unfair Hayi you know that’s not true! I let you guys do whatever you want as long as it won’t hurt other’s safety.” Dara said pointing at her sister. 

“Really? So I guess it’s fine if I accept the offer to be a trainee in YG?”  Hayi asked with her arms folded across her chest.

“OF COURSE IT’S NOT FINE!” Dara raised her voice again.

“WHY NOT?!?!” Hayi retorted.


“I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT STUPID COMPANY!!!! THAT’S YOUR COMPANY THAT’S NOT MINE!!!!” Hayi shouted pointing a finger at her sister.

“THAT’S YOUR’S TOO!!!” Dara yelled pointing at Hayi.


“STOP IT!!! STOP!!!” Minhyuk screamed, his hands covering his ears and he swayed back and forth. Yedam ran towards Hayi and hugged her.

“Noona, stop it.” Yedam cried.

“You know I never thought of you as an outsider. I have always thought of you and our brothers as my pure siblings. I am working hard for our family and you know how much I value the three of you.” Dara suddenly calmed down upon seeing her brother has finally broke down.

“Yeah? If that’s true, then how come your voice is the only voice being heard in this family?” Hayi rolled her eyes and broke free from Yedam’s hug and started walking up the stairs.

“Hayi!” Bom called following after her.

Dara stared at Yuri and CL who are both trying to calm Minhyuk down.

“Hey.” Dara said walking towards Minhyuk.

“STOP IT! STOP IT!” Minhyuk cried shaking.

“Hey it’s me, Noona’s here. Shhhh…” Dara said sitting beside Minhyuk, holding him in her arms and swayed him back and forth.

“Stop it…” Minhyuk continued to cry.

“It’s alright sweetie. Calm down.” Dara comforted him.

“Stop…” MInhyuk said starting to calm down.

After a few minutes Dara was able to calm Minhyuk down and then she asked Yedam to take him upstairs to his room.

“Ugh this day is total chaos!” CL blurted leaning her head on Yuri’s shoulder as soon as the boys were gone.

“You hungry?” Yuri asked. “I think the cook has prepared sea foods for dinner.”

“Yeah later I’m just gonna rest for awhile.” CL answered.

Just then Bom started to descend the stair case. “Hayi’s crying her eye out. The boys are with her.”

“So what’s your plan Dara?” CL asked and Yuri turned to look at Dara.

“I was going to ask you the same thing!” Dara replied.

“Me? Why me?” CL wondered as Bom sat on the couch across form them.

“Well, you’re her sister too!” Dara answered back.

“Na-uh! You’re not passing this one to me!” CL said raising both her hands in the air as a sign of retreat.

“How about you Yuri, what do you think?” Dara turned her gaze to Yuri.

“I think you should listen to what your sister has to say.” Yuri suggested.

“So, we’re letting Hayi train for Uncle?” Bom asked her.

“But what about her studies? What about university?” Dara asked looking disappointed. “How can she be an idol if she can’t even go to a fan meeting without being shoot at?”

“I think it’s an isolate case Dara. Even if she’s at the dentist that would’ve taken place at the dental clinic.” Bom answered.

CL nodded in agreement. “I’m sorry but I agree with Bom here. We can’t just seclude them from reality that much they’ll get culture shock.”

“The kids are growing up Dara, they are starting to learn how to stand for what they want. How do we expect them to fight for their battles if we won’t even let them decide on their own?” Bom added.

“What about her studies? What about her responsibilities in her stores? What about her helping out at the company?” Dara asked them again.

“Don’t hate me for this Dara but have you even asked Hayi if she wanted that for her?” Yuri answered back with a question.

Dara sighed. The truth is all her siblings have no choice but to help her with their business. Otherwise their mother would weasel her way in the company and that would be the downfall of Park Group of Companies. Supposedly it was Minhyuk who was going to be Dara’s major partner  but since he is not stable to be one Hayi was unfortunately promoted.

All four of them love music. They can all sing as their mother had a wonderful singing voice. Minhyuk and Yedam were also great musicians. After the accident, Minhyuk’s outlet has always been playing an instrument, piano, guitar, drums, etc. in which Yedam learned from him too. Dara wanted to be a world renowned singer before, only it was put to halt when she had to take over her father’s company.

The girls continued to debate about what to do with Hayi and after much deliberation they had come out with a solution. Dara sighed as she went up the staircase heading towards Hayi’s room. There will be much compromise to be done and Dara still regrets fighting with her sister. She walked towards the door and could hear her siblings talk to each other.

“You didn’t mean about what you said earlier right? The one that you don’t care about the company?” Dara heard Yedam asked.

“Of course not. I was just upset. I regret saying it as soon as it came out of my mouth.” Hayi answered.

“Noona.. you do know Dara Noona only cares for us right?” Yedam asked again.

“I know. I was just upset awhile ago.” Hayi sighed.


Dara knocked at the door before entering. Hayi took one glance at Dara  and tears started to roll down her cheeks. “Unnie…”

Dara joined her siblings who were lying down cuddled together on Hayi’s bed. “Hey…”

Hayi started sobbing again. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.” Dara answered wiping Hayi’s tears.

“I just wanted that offer so bad. Like for the first time I can do something that I like and something not given to me by you. I’m finally going to do something out of my hardwork you know.” Hayi explained still sobbing.

Dara sighed her sister was really a lot like her. “I know. That’s why I’m letting you join.”

Hayi paused for a moment and when what Dara told her finally sank in the lady stopped crying and looked at Dara with wide eyes open. “You’re not joking?”

Dara shook her head and smiled at her sister. “No. But your Unnies and I have a few conditions we need to lay down before we completely allow you.”

Hayi got excited that she screamed on top of her lungs while jumpin around her bedroom.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Hayi exclaimed showering her sister with kisses.

“BUT you still have to study. You can choose if you want to be home-schooled or if you want to go to school. If you are going to school you have to be on the top 15 at least every exam. I also want you going to university.” Dara said laying down her conditions. “If you drop one place from the list then you’re out. You flunk your exams, then you’re out.You don’t go to university and-

“I’M OUT! I know ! I know! I know!” Hayi said excitedly hugging her sister.

Minhyuk high fived with Yedam  and smiled brightly at Dara.

Dara on the other hand gave out a loug sigh. Hoping and praying that she made the right decision.




author's note: 

anneonghaseo!!! how is everybody? sorry I wasn't able to write often. Been busy with one project at work. anywhos I hope you like this chapter =)

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