Chapter 5

The Last One on The List

“Miss your visitors are here.” Chen informed Yuri.


Yuri and Bom are over the kitchen talking to their Chef and the other crew. “Omo! Where’s Dara?” Bom asked in panic.


“I’ll go check on the kids.” Yuri said heading towards the patio at the back of the house.


CL, Minzy, Minhyuk and Yedam were sitted by the lounging area at the patio waiting for the visitors while Hayi told them stories about her first day as a trainee.


“Chaerin, They’re here.” Yuri said approaching them. 


“Have you seen Dara?” Bom asked


“She’s talking to someone over the phone in her office.” CL answered standing up.


“What? We have visitors and she’s still thinking about work?” Bom exclaimed not believing how much a workaholic her cousin is.


Just then the door from the lounging area opened and one of their security walked out followed by the YG boys.


“Bom-shii, your visitors have arrived.” Their security announced.


“YONGBAE!” Bom screamed rushing towards Yongbae and greeted him. “I’m happy you guys made it!”


Top and Teddy greeted as well as Bobby while GD wandered his eyes around looking for someone. Seungri on the other hand is still uneasy due to the numerous amount of black suited guys wandering around the area eyeing them.


“Wow! Your house is big!” Teddy told Bom in awe.


“Oh, this is not my house. This is Dara’s.” Bom answered. “Come I’ll introduce you to the rest of the family.”


They walked towards the lounging area where the rest were watching them from a far.


“Where’s Dara?” Yongbae asked upon seeing that his friend was nowhere around.


“Still working. Why don’t you go to her and tell her we’re waiting for her.” Chaerin answered rolling her eyes.


“Ok. Where do I go?” Yongbae asked.


“She’s at Uncle’s old office. You still remember where that is?” Yuri answered as the others exchanged greetings.


“Yeah I think so. Yah! Dongmin! Help me find Dara’s office!” Yongbae shouted upon seeing Dongmin walking by the hallway where he was about to enter.







“Are we behind schedule?” Dara asked the man on the video call on her tablet.


“Not really we’re actually ahead of our timeline. This is good in terms of we have time to double check if there are weak spots in the building that needs improvement.” The man answered.


“Good. How about the suppliers are they on time with their deliverables?” Dara asked another question while scanning through the papers in front of her.


“There were some that I had to send back because it didn’t reach our standards and I already asked for immediate replacements.” The man answered promptly.


“Ok. So I’ll be waiting for your full report on this tomorrow morning so I can present it to the board in the afternoon.” Dara told the man who nodded in return.


“That’s all.” Dara said ending the video call and concentrated on the papers she was reading.


After a few minutes she reached for her phone and called someone. “Yejin-shii, there’s something wrong with the financial report that was sent to me. There are discrepancies from the previous one could you please take a look and make sure to have it fixed tomorrow at noon.”


She hung up the phone and leaned her head on the head rest of her office chair. She closed her eyes for a moment and let out a loud sigh. She feels stressed and suffocated. Every once in a while she feels like this especially when her mother is not making her life any easier.


“You know it wouldn’t hurt if you actually take a break. I’m sure your company wouldn’t go bankrupt if you take a few house off to eat or something.” Yongbae suddenly spoke upon entering her office.


Dara opened her eyes and smiled at the young man walking towards her. “Yah! Don’t you know how to knock?”


“I did. But you were too stressed out to hear. Besides, the door was open.” Yongbae answered smiling at his friend making his eyes disappear.


“I missed that.”Dara blurted.


“Missed what?” Yongbae asked as he stopped at the side of Dara and leaned at her office table.


“That cute smile of yours.” Dara answered staring at Yongbae who was staring back at her too.


“I missed you too.” Yongbae teased in which Dara rolled her eyes.


“Come on everyone is waiting for you outside and you’re here making everyone in your office miserable!” Yongbae told her reaching out his arm so that Dara could link hers with his.


Dara did as she was told and linked her arms with Yongbae’s and the two of them walked outside.


“Wow, can’t believe I get to walk down this halls again after so many years.” Yongbae said looking around. “A lot has changed though.”


“Yeah we all changed ever since…” Dara no longer continued what she was about to say.


“Hmm… I don’t think so. I’m sure some remained just the way they are. Just with a different look.” Yongbae said smiling at her and then winked at her.


Dara blushed at the sudden gesture as she forgot how it feels like to be around guy friends. Ever since she took over the family business she has always been surrounded by business people that she has forgotten how to have fun.


“Now that’s why you were always rumored to be dating.” Bom shook her head upon seeing the two people walking towards them.


The whole gang were now seated at the long table waiting for them. Still Seungri was feeling agitated with all the black suited guys wandering around and standing by near them.


“Hey, I remember you!” Minhyuk suddenly exclaimed taking another look at Yongbae. “You used to play with me when I was little right? You used to build Lego with me!”


“OH MY GOSH REALLY?!?!” Hayi shrieked in disbelief startling everyone from both tables.


Yongbae smiled and nodded. “You remember?”


“Wow! Hyung! You remembered!” Yedam said excitedly.


The others had this bewildered look why they are getting hyped up that MInhyuk remembered Yongbae.


“Yongbae, you remember Yedam?” Dara asked ruffling her little brother’s hair.


“Of course I do. I can’t believe he grew so fast now! The last time I remembered he was still a small toddler.” Yongbae answered walking Dara towards the adults table and held the chair for Dara to sit first before sitting down himself.


The other memberes eyed on each other at the intimate gesture the two has been sharing but saved all the teasing for later.


“So, Dara Noona, I just really have to know this but are you Mafia?” Seungri suddenly blurted out.


The girls looked at each other and Hayi suddenly burst into laughter.  “Oppa what are you talking about?” Hayi said slapping Seungri on the shoulder.


GD shook his head and laughed so hard high fiving with Teddy at the embarrassment Seungri is showing.


“It’s just that I’ve never been to a house this big with so many guards wandering around.” Seungri defended himself while the others try their best to stop laughing.


“Ahh… no… we have a reason for that. Unfortunately I cannot tell you why. Maybe Yongbae can explain later.” Dara answered but her eyes are pointing to the kids direction sending a message that she doesn’t want to worry the kids.


Seungri understood her signal and just nodded while Top continued to laugh at him.


Just then, the servers have started putting out the food and the YG boys are in awe of how many food were cooked for them.


“I hope you like Japanese!” Bom excitedly said.


“Wow. Noona you cooked all these for us?” Daesung asked his lips getting hyped up with the load of food in front of him.


“Whenever you want to eat good food and be full no other person to call but Bom Unnie!” Yuri told them



The whole gang started digging in when GD noticed Dara putting food on Yongbae’s plate. Teddy noticed it too so he nudged Top to see. On the other side Hayi noticed this too and signaled MInzy and Minhyuk to watch. After fillin up his plate Yongbae grabbed a bowl and filled it in with soup and served it to Dara. The whole table was quiet as the others watched how the two were unintentionally getting intimate with each other again. Bom, Yuri, and CL who were now used to these acts suddenly realized what everyone was watching and just giggled.


“Never mind them. They’re originally like that.” Yuri said shrugging off the two people.


“Noona, did you two really date?” Yedam finally asked her sister who got surprised with the question.


“No, we’re just like brothers and sisters. Just like how your Hayi Noona is when she takes care of you guys.” Dara explained to her brother seated at the far end of the table.








“So Yuri, tell me, we’re all dying to know if Yongbae really didn’t have any girlfriend yet.” Teddy asked Yuri.


They were now having desserts while Hanbin, Minhyuk, Bobby together with Hayi, Minzy and Yedam were over the other side of the backyard playing table tennis.


“Well Yongbae….” Yuri looked over Yongbae and hesitated to talk.


“YAH! What are you doing? They might think the wrong way!” Yongbae exclaimed at Yuri.


“Oh please! Yongbae couldn’t have had a gf he was Dara’s knight and shining armor!” Bom bluntly answered getting fed up with issue.


“Oooohhh……” the other members said. GD shook his head and gave 10,000 won to Top.


“Wait a minute you made a bet over this?” Dara asked in disbelief.


“So it’s true that Yuri and Dara Unnie did really fight over Yongbae Oppa?” CL asked Bom looking from Dara to Yuri.


“NO!” the two girls shouted at the same time startling everyone.


“The plot thickens!” Teddy laughed while Seungri gave 10,000 won to Daesung.


“Enough of this come on guys!” Yongbae pleaded and the other boys agreed to his plea.


“So Bom-shii who among you lovely ladies are still single?” Teddy asked again.


“Everyone.” Bom answered looking straight at him. Dara laughed at the question.


“You mean all four of you lives in this huge mansion, have college degrees, has very successful professions and yet you’re all single?” Seungri asked in disbelief.


“Not even dating noona?” Daesung asked each of them and all girls shook their heads.


“Whoa.” Daesung, Teddy and Seungri all blurted at the same time.


“Why don’t you like to go out?” Top suddenly joined in the conversation looking at Bom. The whole night Bom noticed him stealing glances at her. She finds it cute on how a tall and charismatic idol like him can be so shy.


“Well, we have Dara as our boss so well you get the picture.” Yuri answered making everyone turn their heads and look at Dara.



“Hey no fair! I’m a pretty awesome boss!” Dara defended herself.


“Hmmm… I’m pretty sure that’s the reason they call you the Dragon Lady.” Bom sarcastically told her cousin.



Just then Sangmin hurriedly walked towards Dara and whispered something. “The Madame is on her way.”


Dara became pale upon hearing the word “Madame”. Everyone stared and wondered what happened when suddenly the kids were surrounded by their securities and were asked to sit back at the long table.


Bom overheard Sangmin who was now standing behind Dara together with Chen and Bom’s bodyguard Chinho.


“Ok, everyone calm down. Dara relax we’re here.” Bom reassured Dara.


“Noona!” Yedam ran and squeezed himself between Bom and Dara.


“What’s happening?” Seungri asked nervously when they realized that the security team has come nearer their table and the tensed feeling they get from the girls.


“I’m so sorry guys but we have an uninvited guest if you could just hold your breaths for a while.” Bom apologize still not making sense to the boys.


Yongbae held Dara’s hand in which everyone saw. He knew there was only one person that could tense the whole household this way and he never dreamt of seeing that person again.


Hanbin patted Hayi’s hand while Minzy held Minhyuk’s hand and looked at Yuri worriedly.





“Why are there so many suited guys in this house? It’s not like royalty is living in this house!” an angry lady’s voice was overheard from the inside. “Where are the children?”


“They are all at the patio Madame.” One of the househelp answered nervously.


The door from the lounging area opened and came out was a woman in mid 40’s wearing elegant clothing and sparkling diamonds on her hand, neck and ears. Followed by her personal guard.


“I see, the Lady of the house is in that’s why the security is exaggerated.” Jin-Seo, Dara’s mother, said as she walked towards the long table. “I didn’t know you were throwing a party, I must’ve missed the invitation.”


“You weren’t really invited.” Dara murmured but Bom glared at her and Yongbae tightened his grasp on her hand.


Dara’s mother walked towards Hayi and was about to kiss her when Dara stood up followed by Yongbae. “Why are you here?”


“Nice to see you too darling.” Dara’s mom said rolling her eyes at her and kissed Hayi. “I heard you’re training at YG. Now why didn’t you tell Omma? Don’t you need my approval for that first?”


Hayi nervously looked at her sister. “The court said I am the guardian, therefore it’s my approval that’s only needed.”


“But still I’m the Omma. I should know about this things.” Their mother insisted.


“So you could plot another kidnapping for your children?” Dara bluntly said shocking everyone at the table.


“Now darling that’s a harsh accusation. Please let’s not discuss family business in front of other people.” Their mother glared at Dara. “My apologies for my daughter’s rudeness. My name is Park Jin-Seo.”


“Correction. Park has been dropped from your name a long time ago. It’s Kim Jin-Seo.” Dara angrily corrected her mother.


Everyone at the table was tensed. The guys on the black suit were even more tensed. Seungri was fidgeting in his sit while Daesung couldn’t really stare at the people fighting. GD on the other hand kept staring at Dara amazed at how she is handling the situation right now.


“Ah.. yes… I’m sorry I’m still used to using the name Park.” Dara’s mother apologized and walked towards MInhyuk. “Hello my son, have you been well?”


Minhyuk started trembling and held Minzy’s hand tightly.


“Are you still mad at mommy?” Jin-Seo asked and Minhyuk just shook his head but everyone could see that he’s trembling.


“Stop bothering him mom you know how he gets…. Why are you here anyways?” Dara asked coldly.


“I wanted to see your siblings. Is that so bad?” Jin-Seo asked walking towards Dara again and looked at Yedam this time. “How’s my maknae?”


Yedam clung unto his sister pissing Dara even more. “Look, as you can see we have visitors. You saw them already you can now leave.”


“Dara! I have just about enough of your antics! I am still your mother! I demand that you treat with me some respect!” Dara’s mother raised her voice and glared at her scaring Yedam and making him ran towards Hayi.


Dara was about to explode when Yongbae pulled her hand. “Dara. There are guests.”


Jin-Seo turned her stare  towards Yongbae and realized who he was. “I see you found your long lost friend. Oh and Chaerin, how are you? Aren’t you glad even if your father didn’t care about you, someone did  take the time to help you?”

Jin-Seo said looking at CL who couldn’t answer and was nearing to tears with the embarrassment she got.


“Sangmin-shii, our uninvited guest is now leaving please make sure she goes straight to the exit and make sure to her vehicle out the estate. “ Dara ordered Sangmin who was now extending his arm showing Jin-Seo the way towards the inside of the house.


Jin-Seo, not being able to win from her daughter could not do anything and leave.  They were nearing the door leading inside the house when Dara called for them again. “Sangmin-shii, please remind our guest on her scheduled visits according to the Court. Otherwise I would not hesitate to call on the lawyers and police if another one of this incident happens again.”


Sangmin bowed to Dara while Jin-Seo’s eyes widened in disbelief. Sangmin, Jin-Seo and her bodyguard entered the house again and as soon as they were out of sight Bom sighed and hugged the now crying CL. Yuri ran over to Minhyuk where Minzy is trying to calm him down while Hayi hugged Yedam tightly.


“I’m terribly sorry for the interruption.” Dara apologized to the YG boys.


“Uhm. It’s no problem.” Teddy answered awkwardly.


“Hey, everyone has their excess baggage right?” GD suddenly said smiling at them.


“Uhm guys, I think we better go.” Yongbae told the others. Dara pulled his hand and stopped him.


“No!” Dara insisted .


“Hey, there will be other times alright? It’s getting kinda late and we have an early call time tomorrow.”Yongbae assured her touching her cheek.


Suddenly MInhyuk ran towards the entrance to the house shaking. “Minhyuk!” Minzy suddenly screamed running after him. Then they heard crashing inside the house and Minzy continued to scream.


“Omo!” Dara panicked and ran inside the house.


“Listen, you guys go ahead to the dorm and I’ll just catch a cab home. Bring Hanbin with you since their curfew time is near!” Yongbae hurriedly told the gang and ran after Dara inside the house.







“Don’t come near me! Don’t come near me!” Minhyuk shouted as he threw the vase he saw by the side table at the bottom of the staircase. He threw the vase when he saw Minzy and Dara running after him.

“Ahhh!” Minzy shrieked when the vase crashed near her feet.



“Dara!” Yongbae called from behind. “I’ll handle this.”


Yongbae ran upstairs and carefully headed towards where Minhyuk was only he was greeted by another vase.




“YAH! Why are you worrying about your vases!” Minzy reminded Dara.





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hello everyone!! how are you guys? hope everyone enjoyed both Chapter 4 and 5. Will try to update agian tomorrow. Comments are always welcome =)

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