She was Reminded that she wasn't Alone

Heart's Desire

'I heard the rumor about you and you.'

Tiffany and Sunny looked at each other with utter shock in their faces. They were just finishing up with their practice, about to hand over the dance studio to their favorite sunbae to practice her Korean comeback stage, when they were huddled all together for a quick chat. They've been hailed as the Nation's best girl group so more than ever, they are very careful with their name. Any rumor, big or small cannot happen. 

BoA watched as the rest of the girls got a little shaken up. They knew the gravity of their social responsibility to be caught up with an unwelcome scandal. 

'Hey, were you a little friendly with your 2PM oppa again?' Jessica asked Tiffany directly. 

'Me? Go ask YoonA!'

'Hey, why are you dragging my name in this mess! I was never really close with any of them to begin with!'

'Okay, seems like a dead end for Tipani. But I'm pretty sure about Sunny's..' Hyoyeon trailed off with an evil glint in her eyes.

'SunSun couple!' Yuri and Taeyeon chorused, a bit more excited than they would have liked. 

Sunny rolled her eyes, unable to believe what she's hearing. 'If that's true, then might as well mention HyoHyuk, TaeTeuk, MinYul, HaeSica--'

'Okay stop!' BoA intervened before the topic escalated any further. 'I wasn't referring to any of your boyfriends but thanks for all the information. I'll make sure to sell them to the tabloids,' she chuckled confusing them even more. 

'Did we just get.. trolled?' Sooyoung blinked. 

'I'm sorry.. I'm sorry... Unnie got a little carried away...'

Seohyun, who was paralyzed for a while, almost cried. She was so relieved that her knees gave in. 'I was really worried about the rumor..!' She sobbed. 

BoA apologized some more before calming everyone. It's good that she has a great relationship with all of them so it didn't become much of an issue. If anything, this little teasing or banter strengthened their relationships with one another. 

'So there wasn't any rumor?' Tiffany asked again. 

'Actually, there is..' BoA answered with a smile. 'I actually heard that you and Sunny are the heavy drinkers in your group!'

The girl with an eye smile gasped worriedly. That was an embarrassing title to attach to her name but it's not exactly untrue. 

'Well..' She started clearing , 'Sunny's a bigger drinker than I am..'

'I'm what?!' Disbelief was evident in Sunny's feature. She wouldn't deny it but to be labeled as the most notorious drinker in her group wasn't so tasteful to her, especially when it's a statement coming from a fellow alcoholic. The rest of the girls just laughed. 'And you guys just acknowledge it?!'

BoA couldn't hide her amusement. She liked it. She liked the feeling of being surrounded by your friends even if that would mean occasional arguments and.. bullying. She would rather have that friendship than be alone, with nobody to share any of her success or sadness. 

Her heart throbbed for a second,  reminding her that she wasn't completely by herself throughout her early career. She felt guilty trying to forget that bond she shared with them. She may not have the same relationship as these girls but she wasn't exactly living in solitude. 

She has the both of them. 

'Hey..' She called out catching their attention. 'Unnie's feeling a little down so I was wondering if you guys can join me for a drink later tonight..?' She looked at Tiffany and Sunny with hopeful eyes, almost pleading. Tiffany tried to say something but decided against it in the end. BoA saw as the weight of responsibility pulled them down. Torn between compromising their responsibility and disappointing her. It was a difficult request but she couldn't retract her words anymore.  

'Sure, I'll go with you.'

BoA smiled and then frowned. That wasn't a lady's voice. She watched as the girls looked pass her. She knew whose voice it was but she didn't want to confirm her suspicions.  

'I'll go with you BoA.' He said again, stressing her name this time. 

BoA turned around to see her bestfriend smiling at her. His eyes were daring, though. Daring her to refuse and make a fool of herself in front of their juniors. He looked victorious even before she could decide whether to decline him or not.  It was obvious that the girls couldn't join her despite her desperate pleads. But having someone willing to join her would definitely relieve them of their guilt. 

Blatantly refusing his offer when she was so persistent just a moment ago would be stupid and will only expose any hidden issues between her and Yunho. That's what she's been trying to cover up all this time. She wouldn't be the first one to expose her inner thoughts. 

It's been a couple of weeks since her last encounter with him at his apartment. After that, she was successful moving around the company, avoiding any direct contact with him. She kept it professional and has always used her comeback stage as an excuse to avoid any meetings with him. 

She doesn't have that advantage now and Yunho knows it very well. 

A smile was carving on his face and it took all her strength not to kick him in the gut. 'Sure..' was her curt reply. 

'I'll pick you up at 8pm' Yunho wouldn't leave any room for her to evade anymore. He rather give her a direct command rather than an option. He would start acting on his feelings. He wouldn't back down anymore. 

Sighing, she turned to the girls. 'But if you're still free, you're still welcome to join, okay?'

'Of course we will! We'll give you or Yunho-oppa a call later,' the leader answered for her group. With that, the option of ditching Yunho one last time have been trashed. If they called and they weren't together, it would really trigger suspicions amongst them. 

With the success of his surprised attack, he nodded enthusiastically behind BoA. And although he wouldn't mind company, he's almost so sure that none of them will show up anyway. And an alone time with BoA might be just what he needed the most right now. 

Together with her and the rest of the eternity. 



Author's notes:

I wanted to talk about the timeline where this fictional event happened. According to my research, TVXQ announced their official disbandment on December 31, 2009. BoA's Hurricane Venus comeback took place in August 2010.

It has been a couple of months after the disbandment when Yunho and BoA's relationship started to drift apart (in this story). It's about 6 months to be exact. So in June of 2010, she's been in full gears practicing for Hurricane Venus and SNSD still busy promoting Run Devil Run (that they released in March 2010) and preparing for Hoot that would've been released in October same year.

That way, the practice scene between BoA and SNSD would look a bit believable.. LOL. All the trouble to make this useless point. HAHA! 

Anyway, this may have been a fast and easy read but next chapter would be really heartbreaking. HAHA. BoJoong moments next chappie~

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