Just One Word and it Shattered

Heart's Desire

There wasn't any warning when it happened. Before he knew what was happening, BoA started avoiding him.

Suddenly, the exchange of their text messages became infrequent. She rarely talked to him, too and the most obvious sign of this impending distance between them was the fact that she can't even look at him anymore. 

It was driving him insane. He attempted several times to talk to her but she always, ALWAYS, finds an excuse to disappear each time. It's going to be about a month since this happened. He's not having any more of this. 

He grabbed his phone on his desk and started dialing her number when his phone went off. He was so surprised that he almost dropped it. 

'Speaking of the devil..' A small smile formed at the corner of his mouth when he picked up. 

'H-hello? Yunho-oppa?'

Yunho-oppa? Yunho looked at his caller id to check if he did get a phonecall from BoA. It flashed BoA's name. It wasn't a mistake. 

'Who is this?'

'This is Yeonhee, are you busy?'

I knew it. That BoA would never call me an oppa.. 'Not really, why?'

'Uhm, I need help..'

In ten minutes, Yunho left his place in a breeze. 

- - -

He stealthily s his way towards a narrow alleyway in the main street, bustling with people who were just coming out from different bars at the time. He lowered his head, his hands in his pocket. He tried to look as invisible as he can possibly be until he reached this place. 

'Yunho-oppa, over here!' Yunho glanced far ahead and saw Yeonhee waving at him. Half of her body, hidden behind the door. He jogged towards her way and reached the place in less than a minute. 

He was ushered inside into the center of the room where he saw BoA passed out on the table by herself. She looked intoxicated. The place was deserted, though. Apparently, the owner of the place was a close friend of BoA so she was able to secure the place for herself giving her the confidence to get as drunk as she's now without any paparazzi following her tail. 

'What happened to her?' Yeonhee winced.She knew that Yunho hated it when BoA gets too drunk so seeing this scene must be aggravating for him. But really, she didn't have a choice but to call him. 'I won't get mad, I promise..'

The other took a deep breath. 'I got several missed calls from BoA unnie earlier and finally a voice message from her. The message was about her asking me to join her for a drink,' she narrated as Yunho took in each word. 'I was just out from recording when I saw my phone. I tried to call her to let her know I couldn't come but she wasn't picking up.' 

The young man cocked his head with worry. That didn't sound okay with him. 'I'm glad you decided to come here afterall..'

Yeonhee nodded her head thoughtfully. 'I was glad I did. It seemed like she wanted more than a drinking buddy..' She continued. She saw as Yunho's expression grew into a deep concern. 'When I arrived here, she was drunk alright but more than that, she looked.. broken.' She trailed off. Her face darkened while remembering the event. 

'W-what do you mean?'

Before Yeonhee could answer him, they heard BoA groaning from the table. She was still passed out but it seemed that the alcohol has finally taking it's awful effect on her. She grabbed the side of her head and her face reflected a pained look. 

'I wanted to take her with me but I have another recording early in the morning. I wouldn't be able to take care of her properly so I hope you're not mad that I called you instead..'

'No, it's okay. I'm glad you did. I live a few minutes from here so it's only natural you called me first.'

'Actually, I called him but--'

Yunho looked at the other girl sharply silencing her. 'No, I'll take care of it from here.'

Without another word, the two helped BoA out of her seat. Yeonhee helped A half conscious BoA up as Yunho fetched his car. It was really late so the place wasn't as crowded anymore. A blanket they were able to borrow from the owner was draped around BoA's shoulders to help conceal her just in case. As they were safely inside the car, Yeonhee took her leave eventually. 

When they arrived at his place, Yunho mechanically moved without any delays. She carried BoA in his arms, blanket still covering her small frame. He was alone in the apartment at the moment making it easier for him to move around without disturbing anybody. 

As he reached his room, he laid BoA on his bed carefully. He made sure that she laid there comfortably before going out to sleep in the couch. When he was about to close the door, BoA started grunting again. Worried, he jumped back to her side. He watched as BoA tossed on the bed, obviously with a killer headache. Her head throbbed and on fire. 


With his fast reflex, he left the room and got a glass of water from the kitchen within a minute. He helped her get up from bed so she could drink the water he brought for her. She took a sip. The great sensation it brought her was evident in her calmer state. 

Yunho laid her on the bed slowly. This time, he stayed at her bedside just in case she would need anymore help. He didn't mind because he knew BoA would do the same if this were to happen to him. 

It was a little bit over an hour. Yunho's finally falling asleep when she started throwing some drunk fits again. 

'It's hot! It's hot!' BoA sat up and started removing her blouse. Yunho stared at her in horror as BoA slipped one of her arm out of her sleeves, half of her body already exposed to him. He tried so hard not to stare but his vision was already tracing her bare shoulders down to her chest and..

'Yunho stop!' He scolded himself. 

Totally awake, he stood up from his seat and stormed out the bedroom. When he came back after a few minutes, he was holding a white shirt in his left hand. He took a peak inside the room. The first thing that he saw was BoA's blouse sprawled on the floor and now joining it was her jeans she somehow managed to take off as well. His vision travelled around the room and finally focused on the bed where BoA was laying, with the blanket barely covering her body. 

It was so painful to look at her right now but even more painful to tear his vision off of her. 

Letting out a long sigh, he manned up and walked towards her. He bravely touched BoA, slipping his hands to her so he could help her sit up.

It took a while for him to look for the smallest shirt he has in his closet still, the one he got looked enormous on her. Without meaning to, he began to stare at her again for a long while. 

'I should've gotten a different colored shirt instead..' He mumbled and blushed profusely, erasing the image of her purple colored bra slightly visible under her clothing. Still blushing, he pulled the blanket and covered BoA's whole body with it. 

He picked up her clothes and folded them properly. He set them aside on top of the bedside table and once again sat beside her, looking at her sleeping peacefully. 

Of course there wouldn't be a chance where the two of them could ever sleep in the same room together. It doesn't matter if he's BoA's long time bestfriend, it's just not natural. But he heard stories about her sleep talking antics once in a while. Yeonhee and Ara used to tell him that BoA talked a lot during her sleep and most of the time it was pretty entertaining and funny. 

This time, he didn't find it funny, though. 

'J-jaejoong.. Come back..' She mumbled in her dream. 

Like a breaking glass, his heart shattered into pieces. The growing pain in his heart started to suffocate him. He thought that this nightmare from the past wouldn't get back to haunt him but it's happening again. 

Tears started to well at the corner of his eyes. It's barely a couple of months since the split of his group. As much as he wanted to deny it, that event changed everything for him. His bestfriend left him. He thought that it was more than he could bare but now that he's looking at BoA, another bitter realization is slowly dawning on him. It was the fear of potentially losing her as well. 

He wasn't oblivious about the fact that BoA looked at Jaejoong differently. The two of them were the closest to her but the difference between him and Jaejoong in her eyes was painfully obvious. She would always look at Jaejoong with knowing eyes. And Jaejoong would do the same. 

Both of them were Yunho's bestfriends. He should be happy that two of the most important people in his life share this kind of connection. But how can anybody expect a genuine happiness from him when in his heart, he desperately wished to be that man beside BoA instead of Jaejoong. Still, it wasn't his desire for Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu to leave. 

The separation left a deep scar that not even time can heal. It was painful but he would learn to accept that ugly parting between them.

Changmin was getting by just fine as well. However, BoA was taking the whole incident harder than anybody else. He tried to dismiss this thought but there wasn't any explanation to her action but this. And denying it isn't really an option either. 

Yunho grabbed BoA's hand and caressed it in between his grasps. A thought kept on bothering him for a long, long time now. He tried to suppress it for so long. Not just because he's afraid of the outcome but also because he doesn't want to destroy his friendship with the two people he cherishes more than himself. 

But his lips betrayed him and any rational thinking shunned him again. 

'BoA.. Please love me..'

He pleaded all his might. He wished for nothing more but to have her in his life more than a friend. She will definitely make everything right for him. He'll be able to endure any hardship if it's her beside him. He wished fervently for this to happen. He'll believe in any miracle if that would be the only way to get her affection. 


He wished so desperately for it but it only took just one word from her lips to destroy all those hopes.. Because no matter how much he tried and love her, her heart already has it's keeper. 

He didn't have a choice but to acknowledge the fact that he would have to let go. That at this very moment, they have left him. 




Author's Note:

Okay, the past few days, I have been reading a lot of angsty fics so I guess that's the reason why I gave birth to this story. I have the idea how to story will play out but to piece them all together is a bit difficult for me right now. There's so many ideas I want to add (but I know I would have to scrap a whole bunch of them in the end).

This will prolly be a five-part story just like "Only One: Interlude". I just finished writing chapter three so yeah... Updates will be regular so don't worry.

I hope I'll see you again next chappie~

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Chapter 6: YunBoa...!
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Chapter 5: No speak english
Amo tu fic, este y lo demás que has escrito, me ha hecho muy feliz encontrar fics de Yunho y BoA y tus fotos... escribo en ff.net y facebook en Fan Fiction Boys Over Flowers, como Lis de Kim Joon, gracias por tus maravillosas historias
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smart plot, i would do the same if i were boa's manager
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Chapter 6: Gosh, you are the best manager ever~! And the fanfics part made me laugh so badly~! :D
Glad that Yunboa ended together~ <3 but my Bojoong feelings T__T Anyways~! I'm happy for them, and the suggestive part at the end...yeah...we see a really frustrated BoA over there >.<
And a pretty stubborn girl too~ I was waiting for Yunho to just kiss her and stop her dumb excuses~!
and well...JJ~ glad Yunboa wishes him the best...he was kind to let go and allow them to be together...just everything would have been much easier if Yunboa werent that oblivious and stubborn...but yeah...can't believe it is the end~! I want another story~! :D
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Chapter 5: I was so nervous during the first part~ I thought Yunho was going to misunderstand everything again, but then he stayed and listened~!!!! And I feel sooooo sorry for JJ...poor baby, but yeah, he had to choose between love and friendship...he will find love again~ and YUNHO, YOU BETTER DO YOUR BEST THIS TIME! I'm glad he didnt blame JJ, even when he is guilty somehow, but this helped Yunho realized that he was a coward not being able to express his feelings, but I also think it was kind for him to think about not hurting BoA or JJ... :D