Heart's Desire


When do you choose between love and friendship? When do you hold on or let go? What is even right from wrong?

These are the questions that has been running in his mind for a long while now. He knew better than to act on his heart's desires and ruin several relationships at the same time. He was better than that and he's not a selfish person.

But how long should he endure these feelings that's been killing him inside? Was giving up his only choice? Does he always have to play the part of the good guy? What if he wanted to change this fate? What if he wanted to be happy?

What if..

What if he wanted to take BoA away from him?


"Jaejoong... Come back..." she mumbled in her dreams.

Like a breaking glass, his heart shattered into pieces. The growing pain in his heart started to suffocate him. He thought that this nightmare from the past wouldn't get back to haunt him but it's happening again.

"BoA... Please love me..."


He wished so desperately for it but it only took just one word from her lips to destroy all those hopes. Because no matter how much he tried and love her unconditionally, her heart already has it's keeper.




Author's Note:

Uhm, I don't know what I'm doing. |||OTL

I'm doing a different approach to depict a Yunho and BoA story so yeah, can you please be lenient? LOL!

At the moment, I've written a few chapters already. It's hard to tell how long this story will be but I hope you'll be there until the end. HAHA! Cheesy!!!! Oh, just a little useless fact. I'm uploading this fic on here directly, instead of posting it on my wordpress account like I usually do, because there would be some... Uh... Weird scenes happening. LOL.

Oh well, thanks for picking this up!

story and image (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues



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Lismir71 #1
Chapter 6: YunBoa...!
Lismir71 #2
Chapter 5: No speak english
Amo tu fic, este y lo demás que has escrito, me ha hecho muy feliz encontrar fics de Yunho y BoA y tus fotos... escribo en ff.net y facebook en Fan Fiction Boys Over Flowers, como Lis de Kim Joon, gracias por tus maravillosas historias
warunyan #3
smart plot, i would do the same if i were boa's manager
ohemgee_jjsarang #4
Chapter 6: i sooo love the storyline.. :D
DearIC #5
Chapter 6: Gosh, you are the best manager ever~! And the fanfics part made me laugh so badly~! :D
Glad that Yunboa ended together~ <3 but my Bojoong feelings T__T Anyways~! I'm happy for them, and the suggestive part at the end...yeah...we see a really frustrated BoA over there >.<
And a pretty stubborn girl too~ I was waiting for Yunho to just kiss her and stop her dumb excuses~!
and well...JJ~ glad Yunboa wishes him the best...he was kind to let go and allow them to be together...just everything would have been much easier if Yunboa werent that oblivious and stubborn...but yeah...can't believe it is the end~! I want another story~! :D
Btw...I was smiling so much with your reply to my last comment~! I know how it feels when the readers get your point and I'm so glad you were happy that I got yours~ A great fic~! :D
So smart of you~
And I guess... Your life just revolves around fluff?
Chapter 6: wait whhhhaaaat it's over? omg T_T dang ;A;

MANAGER UNNIE I TAKE BACK ALL THE HARSH WORDS I SAID ABOUT YOU OKAY YOU'RE THE BEST HAHAHAH XD even writing fanfics omgggggggggggggg if only yunboa in real life realizes how perfect they are for each other as well :o

sighh--- the ending. heheheheheh *grins and winks*
JumpingBoA #8
Chapter 6: This was a nice ending (even thought I would have liked it to continue) Uh and I loved how it finished! I mean, the last few lines.. Lol!! XD
DearIC #9
Chapter 5: I was so nervous during the first part~ I thought Yunho was going to misunderstand everything again, but then he stayed and listened~!!!! And I feel sooooo sorry for JJ...poor baby, but yeah, he had to choose between love and friendship...he will find love again~ and YUNHO, YOU BETTER DO YOUR BEST THIS TIME! I'm glad he didnt blame JJ, even when he is guilty somehow, but this helped Yunho realized that he was a coward not being able to express his feelings, but I also think it was kind for him to think about not hurting BoA or JJ... :D