It's Not Always the Truth

Heart's Desire

Yunho had this unsettling feeling since early that day. For what reason, he really couldn't say. 

Unable to calm down, he decided to just head out earlier. He drove for a while when he reached BoA's house. So much has happened that he wasn't even sure how long it was since he last visited. 

It didn't matter.

He wouldn't try and recall each missed opportunities he had with BoA because he planned to change everything from now on. 

Yunho parked at the other side of the street and decided to wait there until their appointment. He glanced at his watch, it was 6:17PM. It'll be a two hour wait. It's okay. So much better than staying at home to brood over depressing stuff at least. 

To pass the time, he played some music. Barely done with the first song, he caught sight of him. That familiar stature.. That familiar hand gesture as he brushed his hair to clear his face..The light barely helped illuminate his face but Yunho was more than sure. 

He saw Jaejoong. 

Shock was his first response. And then curiosity. Because of the official disbandment in December, it was an unspoken rule in the company that none of their labelmates were to see either Jaejoong, Yoochun or Junsu. BoA may hold a certain authority in SM but he doubt she'll do something as reckless as meet those three. 

He took a deep breath for what he was about to do would not only potentially ruin his career but also his relationship with the two most important people in his life. 

He got out of the car after waiting a few minutes. He stood by the gates, sorting out any uneasiness in his heart. When he was completely sure that he could take whatever the consequence of this meeting would bring him, he then took a step.

He walked along the garden and immediately noticed the door slightly open. He held the doorknob, ready to barge in unannounced. 

He first took a peak and saw the two of them sitting on the couch holding each other's hand in silence. Yunho could feel his heart breaking. He was prepared for the worst but being in the situation was different than just anticipating for it. 

He was torn between staying and leaving when he heard BoA shriek.

'Where are you going?!'

Yunho watched as BoA held on to Jaejoong with sheer fear. It surprised him seeing his bestfriend look so devastated and unstable. It wasn't the image she held for so many years, she's BoA. That name alone could attest how strong of a woman she truly was. 

Not this. 

But it wasn't this image that shocked him the most. It was the following revelation Jaejoong had to say that moment. The truth he believed for all this time were all but lies. 

Jaejoong was in love with BoA, to which BoA couldn't really reciprocate. She did try though, and perhaps that was what Yunho saw pass between them. 

With them constantly building a bond together, both for a different reason, Yunho believed that he's always been an outsider. Perhaps he was. It was his fault for being oblivious afterall. 

Jaejoong knew of her feelings, why didn't he? Unconsciously, Yunho was tormenting the woman he was in love with. He kept his distance. He showed her nothing but brotherly affection. He never once talked to her as if there could be so much more between them because he cared enough not to hurt Jaejoong or BoA. 

Jaejoong must've used that opportunity to keep BoA, but when it all comes down to it, it has always been because of Yunho's own doing why everything ended up tragically. He wouldn't blame Jaejoong for that. 

Just how many people did he hurt while he protected himself? He wasn't selfless, he was a coward. 

And in the middle of his thoughts, Jaejoong emerged from the door. Their eyes met briefly. Jaejoong eyes held so much pain in them but despite everything, he was still able to nod to his bestfriend with encouragement. 

'Yunho, it's now your turn..' He whispered before walking away completely.  

His heart skipped a beat. Jaejoong was able to choose between love and friendship, defying his heart's desires. He didn't make a decision because it was the right thing to do. He did it because he wanted a conclusion that will eventually free his heart and mind. 

That was the kind of awakening he needed. That was the push he needed to move forward. 

He closed his eyes and searched within himself, his heart's desires. It was clear as crystal what he wanted. It was happiness. Happiness to be at her side. He will grant his own happiness.. He will grant their happiness..




Author's Notes:

Wow, it felt like it took me forever to finish this story... HAHA!!! Sorry for making you wait with new updates but next chapter will be the last one, the finale~

I don't know what happened in the ending but there were lotsa weird suff that happened and more unexpected plot twists. You would need to read it. LOL! I'll update as soon as I can! Thanks again for reading <3

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Lismir71 #1
Chapter 6: YunBoa...!
Lismir71 #2
Chapter 5: No speak english
Amo tu fic, este y lo demás que has escrito, me ha hecho muy feliz encontrar fics de Yunho y BoA y tus fotos... escribo en y facebook en Fan Fiction Boys Over Flowers, como Lis de Kim Joon, gracias por tus maravillosas historias
warunyan #3
smart plot, i would do the same if i were boa's manager
ohemgee_jjsarang #4
Chapter 6: i sooo love the storyline.. :D
DearIC #5
Chapter 6: Gosh, you are the best manager ever~! And the fanfics part made me laugh so badly~! :D
Glad that Yunboa ended together~ <3 but my Bojoong feelings T__T Anyways~! I'm happy for them, and the suggestive part at the end...yeah...we see a really frustrated BoA over there >.<
And a pretty stubborn girl too~ I was waiting for Yunho to just kiss her and stop her dumb excuses~!
and well...JJ~ glad Yunboa wishes him the best...he was kind to let go and allow them to be together...just everything would have been much easier if Yunboa werent that oblivious and stubborn...but yeah...can't believe it is the end~! I want another story~! :D
Btw...I was smiling so much with your reply to my last comment~! I know how it feels when the readers get your point and I'm so glad you were happy that I got yours~ A great fic~! :D
So smart of you~
And I guess... Your life just revolves around fluff?
Chapter 6: wait whhhhaaaat it's over? omg T_T dang ;A;

MANAGER UNNIE I TAKE BACK ALL THE HARSH WORDS I SAID ABOUT YOU OKAY YOU'RE THE BEST HAHAHAH XD even writing fanfics omgggggggggggggg if only yunboa in real life realizes how perfect they are for each other as well :o

sighh--- the ending. heheheheheh *grins and winks*
JumpingBoA #8
Chapter 6: This was a nice ending (even thought I would have liked it to continue) Uh and I loved how it finished! I mean, the last few lines.. Lol!! XD
DearIC #9
Chapter 5: I was so nervous during the first part~ I thought Yunho was going to misunderstand everything again, but then he stayed and listened~!!!! And I feel sooooo sorry for JJ...poor baby, but yeah, he had to choose between love and friendship...he will find love again~ and YUNHO, YOU BETTER DO YOUR BEST THIS TIME! I'm glad he didnt blame JJ, even when he is guilty somehow, but this helped Yunho realized that he was a coward not being able to express his feelings, but I also think it was kind for him to think about not hurting BoA or JJ... :D