Answers to their Heart's Desires

Heart's Desire

RATING: PG 13 just in case


BoA passed out from all the crying that night. He waited until she had calmed down before going in.

She was on the floor, her face stained with tears. She looked really devastated, numb from all the pain this one night had caused her.

Yunho knelt down and lifted BoA's small frame off the floor. He walked quietly along the hallway towards her bedroom. Everything's the same. The familiar scent, the old stuff toys she kept all these years... Even the ancient wall clock was still fulfilling it's job pretty well -- except for him, apparently.

He pulled the blanket before laying her on her bed. Her feature looked so torn. He felt so sorry for causing all her heartaches. As if his mere presence would be enough to cause her pain, Yunho left the room and proceeded to the living room. He stayed there thinking about several stuff enough to give him a headache. Giving up, he decided to take a quick nap before heading home.

- - -

She felt the warm sunlight kiss her skin. Summer wasn't her favorite season, though. Sighing, she got out of bed, purposely dismissing the event that happened last night out of her mind. She didn't even try and remember how she got into the bed. No headache so early in the morning for her.

BoA walked towards her closet and pulled an oversized pajama, her favorite. She kept looking for it's matching pants but couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Sighing, she settled by just wearing the top instead. Who cares if she walks around without any pants. She's in her own house. She could walk around and nobody will be bothered by it.

Stretching, she got out of the room and proceeded straight to the kitchen. She pulled out a packet of instant coffee as she waited for her water to boil. It'll take a few minutes.

With nothing else to do, she decided to take a quick shower. She haven't had the time to check herself in the mirror but she could feel how horrible she must've looked. It was routine for her anyway in the morning so it's no big deal.

In the meantime, Yunho awoke with a start. He didn't mean to stay the night but somehow, his body thought otherwise.

'Oh well, what the hell...' He groaned slapping his face lightly. Fully awake, he then noticed the kettle whistling. Frowning, he walked his way towards the kitchen. 'Doesn't this girl know how to use the microwave?'

Sighing, he turned off the stove and poured the water onto two separate mugs. Might as well get some coffee. He sat on the table comfortably, blowing his mug before taking a sip.

'What are you doing here?!' BoA shrieked as she emerged from the hallway. Her face was glowing and strands of hair were still sticking out from her side as the rest of her hair was wrapped around a towel. This woman was exuding such allure so early in the morning, it's almost a sin.

He fought the urge not to stare. 'Without meaning to, I ended up sleeping under your roof. Are you mad?' he explained, trying to distract himself.

'I'm furious! I don't remember ever inviting you!' she bellowed completely enraged. She's trying to recall the events from last night but the painful memories weren't exactly the ones she wanted to remember.

'And I don't remember us canceling our date,' he countered. This woman wouldn't make him back down.

BoA fell silent. She glanced somewhere else as she tried to suppress her memories. The wounds from Jaejoong's goodbye wouldn't heal soon. Still, it's not a reason for her to stood him up. Breaking promises, even if reluctantly made, wasn't to her best taste.

'Something... s-something came up...'

The silence filled the room for a long while. There wasn't any easier way to straighten their relationship considering how messed up everything ended up to be. But it has to be done and someone should be brave enough to lay it all out on the table.

Yunho sighed. 'It was a shock for me to see Jaejoong as well. I think it'll be a long time before another meeting with him would happen...'

This statement made her tense up. The shock it caused her just hearing Jaejoong's name was so obvious in her eyes. But more than that the element of curiosity were also playing in her mind. Did the two meet up behind her back? She wouldn't be able to know unless she asked. But she's too stubborn to do so. She bit her lip, if that's even gonna help her from talking.

Yunho held her gaze. He knew this woman wouldn't budge. What's the point of fighting her force. As if he's not all wrapped up around her fingers already...

'I met him last night.'

There were several speculations running in her mind but this was not one of them. Her heart tightened.

She's found out.

BoA felt her cheeks burning, her mind getting hazy. She didn't ask for this. He cannot know about her secret. She was prepared to die bringing those feelings to her grave. But why? Why did he have to learn about it. The pain she was feeling was doubled. She could feel her knees weakening.

'I've always thought the two of you suited each other well,' he started, finally getting up from the table to face her. 'You've always been close. Always together-- inseparable...'

He took a step. And then another. One more step and they'll be dangerously close together. The need to set the distance between them was ringing in her head. She needed to get out. She took several steps back but found herself against the wall with no way out.

BoA suddenly felt self conscious. Trapped.

'Jaejoong loved you,' Yunho stated, his words crisp. 'And I thought you loved him, too...'

BoA tried to regain herself back. She shot Yunho a sharp look. 'So what are you trying to say now?'

He frowned. It wasn't the answer he was waiting for. He wanted her to be honest. To confess her true feelings. She needed to free her heart that's why even if he had to play the role of the bad guy and use this underhanded method to extract the truth from her, he'll be glad to do it.

But this girl's pride was a bit of a problem right now.

'Nothing. Just wondering why you had to go through all that when we could've started a long time ago.'

BoA couldn't process the new information without doubting every word he said. She couldn't gauge whether Yunho was being serious or being considerate just to comfort her and pull her out of the humiliation. At this point, they're both aware of what's real and not. Whether BoA admits to it or not.

'Stop it.'

It'll be simpler if she could just lower her defenses and accept her feelings. But up to the very end, she's keeping up this stubbornness. If words won't work, he hoped his action would.

He pushed BoA against the wall. He leaned closer, burying his head at the nook of her neck. Her scent lingered and he felt intoxicated. It took a lot of restraint to stop him from kissing her skin. 

'Do you think... I'll have so much desire for you if I only looked at you as a family?' He breathed. His warm breath shooting electricity throughout her body. She wanted to push him. God knows how much she wanted to get away from him but her body's been paralyzed just by his mere touch.

His hand lingered at her back. Each touch was a new bolt making her weaker by the minute. It seemed so easy for him to cross the line when she continued to struggle to set the boundaries.

Yunho groaned as he pulled away. It surprised BoA. She couldn't read his actions. One moment, he was so passionate then, he's totally indifferent. How was she expected to react to that?

'I'm sorry...' He muttered. That's when she noticed how bright his face was.

'Are you... Embarrassed?'

Yunho shot her a sharp look then buried his face against his palms, cursing repeatedly.

'Seriously! Of all the girls in the whole of Korea, why did I have to fall in love with you! I'm so smitten by you that I begin to do all these stupid stuff. I'm sorry... I'm really out of my mind... I'm not myself anymore...' He raved on in just one breath. It was pretty amusing.

BoA's feature softened. 'Are you... confessing to me?'

Yunho rolled his eyes in disbelief. 'Yes! That's what I've been trying to do the past hour!'

BoA laughed. Her laughter echoed and it soon reached Yunho's heart. He started joining her. They're coming to a favored conclusion.

'BoA, can we start being honest with each other?' He said suddenly, his eyes looked hopeful. 'Can we stop hurting each other from now on?'

Yunho held her hands and brought them to his lips. Tears trickled down his cheeks, to her hand. BoA's heart ached but this time, it was from all the love she's finally able to proclaim. No more secrets should exist between them.

'I love you BoA, I love you so much that it didn't matter if you choose me or not.' He caressed her cheek and gazed at her soul. 'It hurts me to see you beside another man but if it would mean happiness for you, I wouldn't mind...'

BoA closed her eyes and engrossed herself with his loving touch. How she dreamed of it for so long. He wouldn't be able to fathom how deep her love for this man before her.

'If I can be continuously by your side, even as a friend, I wouldn't mind any of it...'

'Yunho...' she sighed. 'Why only now...?'

He pulled her close and enveloped her in a tight embrace. His protective arms doesn't ever want to let go.

Yunho shook his head. 'We'll start over again. Without any pretense. It isn't too late. We owe that much to ourselves...'

BoA finally wrapped her arms around him. She rested her head on his chest and smiled. He was right. What they needed was acceptance and courage to attain happiness. Logic will ruin everything so she decided to act on her own feelings, instead.

'Why did you have to be so kind?' She mumbled. 'And why did I have to be so weak?' she pushed him gently so she could gaze at his face. She looked at him intently.

Yunho smiled despite himself. He bent down and left a chaste kiss on her lips surprising her. 'As long as we both know we love each other, the only thing that's important for me is from this moment on and our future together.'

'Y-yeah...' She stammered. Yunho stole a peak and saw her face scarlet red. The pureness of this love was so wonderful. Leaving any rational thinking behind, he cupped her cheeks and kissed her again. More passionately this time. Entranced by the moment they've waited for so long. It didn't have to be perfect. It just needed to happen.

This was finally their moment.

'You weren't answering your phone so I took the liberty to pick you up before you miss any of your schedules,' BoA's manager was saying as she was closing the door behind her. When she turned around, the sight of Yunho and BoA was readily in front of her. Kissing, on top of that.

The shock knocked her off her feet.

'You jerk... Finally!' She cried pointing at Yunho.

BoA reluctantly broke off the embrace and straightened her top. She forgot that she's still not wearing pants but she'll deal with that other humiliation later.

'I... I guess everything ended well for the both of us, unnie...' She said nervously as she approached her manager's side.

'What do you mean? If you must know, your manager hates me,' Yunho remarked. He wouldn't forget his encounter with her last time at his apartment.

'Oh.' She glanced between her manager and Yunho. 'You misunderstood. She's actually... rather... frustrated about you more than actually being mad.'

'For what?'

'For being so stupid! Slow! Oblivious! Dense--'

BoA covered her manager's mouth before another insult comes out. 'She's got... a lot of invested feelings for the both of us...' She explained almost reluctantly. 'More than my manager, she's more of a fan, really... You don't even want to hear about the fanfics she wrote about us...' She continued genuinely embarrassed. She couldn't look at him right now.

Yunho bursted into laughter, hearing the unexpected explanation for the manager's harshness towards him. Then, he might as well be scolded for being so stupid. While everybody caught on about BoA's feeling, he's always been stuck with his own dumb conclusions.

He walked towards the two ladies and bent down to level them. 'At least hit me once to make yourself feel better?'

The manager did without any second thoughts. The two were surprised with the sudden roughness but laughed it all out  in the end.

'Okay,' she began before getting up. BoA helped her manager to her feet with ease. 'I'll try to do something about your schedule so you can be free the whole day.'

BoA's eyes widen and launched herself to her manager and hugged her. 'You're the best unnie!'

'I know. Because BoA deserves nothing but the best.' She glanced at Yunho, who was aware of her true message, and gave him an approving look. 'You take care of the rest'. Yunho nodded in confidence.

After a couple more minutes, they were left by themselves again. Everything just seemed to be perfect. It was as if last night never really happened.

It's true that it can't be all happy for all of them but at least they are trying to right all the misunderstanding of yesterday. Their heart goes to Jaejoong who had to let go for the two of them to find their happiness. They will always remember about his last act of kindness and the both wished for Jaejoong to find his own happiness as well...

'So... What do you want to do now?'

BoA broke into a smile as she pulled Yunho's hand towards her room. 'I don't know. You tell me...'





Author's Notes:

Welp, I guess this fic finally ended. Honestly, it's been a rollercoaster ride for me. My original goal was to write a really angsty fic because I was inspired by MigukSaram. And I guess I was lucky enough to be able to exemplify it in the first few chapters. And then it was comedy... Finally, I'm ending everything with a fluff. WOW. But besides writing this, I am so soooo delighted that with this story, I was able to befriend a lot of people and it truly warms my heart that you guys wasted your time on me. HAHA!

I hope you enjoyed everything up to now. There was prolly a suggestive scene at the end BUT OH WELL. I tried to pull out a little twist there.

Oh btw, I tried bringing the Manager unnie back! I noticed a lot of people commented on her from chapter 2 so she's making another appearance. LOL! I was trying to redeem her character. Kekekeke! (Actually, I play the part of the manager unnie. HAHA!)

Sorry, I'm rambling so bad... But yeah, thank you so soooo much for supporting this story until the end! I love you all!


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Chapter 6: YunBoa...!
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Chapter 5: No speak english
Amo tu fic, este y lo demás que has escrito, me ha hecho muy feliz encontrar fics de Yunho y BoA y tus fotos... escribo en y facebook en Fan Fiction Boys Over Flowers, como Lis de Kim Joon, gracias por tus maravillosas historias
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smart plot, i would do the same if i were boa's manager
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Chapter 6: Gosh, you are the best manager ever~! And the fanfics part made me laugh so badly~! :D
Glad that Yunboa ended together~ <3 but my Bojoong feelings T__T Anyways~! I'm happy for them, and the suggestive part at the end...yeah...we see a really frustrated BoA over there >.<
And a pretty stubborn girl too~ I was waiting for Yunho to just kiss her and stop her dumb excuses~!
and well...JJ~ glad Yunboa wishes him the best...he was kind to let go and allow them to be together...just everything would have been much easier if Yunboa werent that oblivious and stubborn...but yeah...can't believe it is the end~! I want another story~! :D
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So smart of you~
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Chapter 6: This was a nice ending (even thought I would have liked it to continue) Uh and I loved how it finished! I mean, the last few lines.. Lol!! XD
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Chapter 5: I was so nervous during the first part~ I thought Yunho was going to misunderstand everything again, but then he stayed and listened~!!!! And I feel sooooo sorry for JJ...poor baby, but yeah, he had to choose between love and friendship...he will find love again~ and YUNHO, YOU BETTER DO YOUR BEST THIS TIME! I'm glad he didnt blame JJ, even when he is guilty somehow, but this helped Yunho realized that he was a coward not being able to express his feelings, but I also think it was kind for him to think about not hurting BoA or JJ... :D