Lie For Two

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Good girls shouldn’t lie. Well, who would listen to that when your reputation can be ruined before you even have one? People lie all the time. But there is something more terrible than just a simple lie. It’s high school – a jungle full of girls talking about boys, clothes and make-ups. If you don’t want to be an outcast, you need to find these topics attractive.

So I lied just to fit in that high school jungle. I lied about having a boyfriend I’ve actually never had my entire short life. But soon things got more complicated and I needed a proof to make them believe. I needed a real, handsome, smart and polite boyfriend to show everyone. Why on earth did I have to make him so perfect? There was only one guy close to that description – Baekhyun, a role model and top student in our school. Also pretty unattainable for someone as ordinary as me.

Well, that’s what I thought till I found out about his little secret...



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Hello guys! I needed a small distraction from my studying so I ended up thinking about new story XD Writing fic where Baekhyun isn't all that sweet was too tempting, I think he has some evil potential haha :D Hope you will like the idea as much as I do and remember, don't lie! :D


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