Chapter 7 | A Forbidden Tale | Baekhyun X Hei (oc girl)

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Plot: Forbidden relationship,

Genre: Romance, fulff





A Forbidden Tale



He watched her from a far. He had been doing that the moment she arrived to the palace. She was beautiful, a rare beauty, but she was meant to marry royal prince Kim Minseok.

At first Baekhyun told himself that he only watched over her because it was his duty to as a guard to the royal family. However, Baekhyun knew deep down that it was much more than that. He was the one to her to the royal palace after all. He was in charge of it as directed to by her parents especially since he was Korean. His other duties were to remain with her until the day she died and he took his duty seriously.

Growing up he had learned many things about the Chinese princess who was to wed a Korean prince.

Like her name. Hei. It was such a rare name that it rolled off his tongue so easily.

When he first met her at the age of 18, he was entranced by her beauty. He never knew that he could be so mesmerized by someone.

There were times where he would have to control his feelings and hold them back. But one time he could not hold them back.

It was when the Chinese princess cried. It was so beautiful but also heartbreaking at the same time. He could not hold himself back anymore. He could not be the stone faced guard as he always was. He knocked on her door.

Baekhyun: My royal princess, can I come in??

Hei: Go away!!

Yet, he could not afford to leave her alone. He sat outside her door, listening to her cry. He wondered why she cried. Was it because of the Crown Prince?? Or was it something else?? It ripped his heart apart knowing that she was crying, each sob she let out made his heart hurt.

After some time, she stopped crying since she went quiet. A handmaiden came in with food for the princess. Baekhyun stopped her from going in, telling her that he would serve the princess himself. She left the tray with him. Baekhyun quickly tested to make sure that nothing was poisoned by quickly tasting her meal. He did this all the time for her safety, ever since he was assigned to protect the princess.

After making sure of so, he knocked on the door again to inform the princess he was going to go in, but she did not answer. He slowly went in and found her asleep at her desk. He slowly put the tray of food on her dining table before proceeding to her. Her cheeks were still wet and so was the note on her desk. Everything that was paper had at least a teardrop on it. Baekhyun figured out what caused the princess to cry so much, it was a story that she read, the poem was rather beautiful yet so sad at the same time.

Baekhyun read and memorized the poem and the story she was reading. He placed a blanket over the princess before leaving.

She must be sad and lonely now that she is so far away from home. Maybe I should make more effort to keep her company and show her more of Korea since she is here. I will see if I can get Crown Prince Minseok to allow her to leave the palace every once in a while. Baekhyun thought to himself.

Baekhyun eventually asked Crown Prince Minseok about it. The Crown Prince agreed. However, he was too busy to company his betrothed. The first time, he was able to tend to her but not for long, he was called away to his duties.

It seemed like Princess Hei was incredibly sad after. But Baekhyun was determined to keep her happy.

He led her to a less crowded area so that she could look at the objects that the vendors had. There was something she seemed to fancy but because she was in Korea, her parents had limited power so they did not let her go with much income.

Baekhyun had accumulated wealth over the years working and had no use for money since the palace always provided for him. He notes what she admired and would come back for it later.

However, during this trip to town, Princess Hei had been attacked. Not because she was a target to begin with, but someone had held her hostage, thinking she had money.

Baekhyun had to think quickly and on his feet. It was his Princess that needed saving. In his recklessness, he got injured in the process, by saving her, he had gotten a nasty large cut to his abdomen but he did not feel a thing. He just wanted to make sure she was okay and that the culprit did not hurt her.

Hei: Baekhyun!!

She called his name several times but he only noticed how sweet she sounded saying his name, not even noticing that she was panicking and worried about him.

Next thing he knew he woke up in his room after the royal doctor Zhang Yixing was tending to him. Yixing was the family doctor for Hei and her family in China, he too had accompanied Hei to Korea.

Yixing: Hey you are finally awake!! Princess Hei will be so happy that you are awake!! She did say that if you do not wake up today also she will have my head!! She has been coming to see you everyday!!

Baekhyun groaned.

Baekhyun: How many days was I out??

Yixing mumbled under his breath.

Baekhyun: Just tell me.

Yixing: Three days..and enough time for the Crown Prince to decide that he and Princess Hei are going to get married in two weeks.

Baekhyun: That is good a good thi

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