Chapter 10 | Close Online Strangers | Know x Hyunjin

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This is a gift for Sway10, I hope you like it!!

Plot: I will call the characters X and Y so that you can chose who is going to be who. X and Y are highschool students and in the same class. X is a popular kid while Y is rather nerdy and doesn't have many friends. In school they are opposites and don't really like each other, or rather never really interacted. They are both playing an online game where they get along really well. Online they don't know that they live in the same city, let alone are in the same class. As they keep talking/chatting online they slowly start suspecting that they might be closer than what they thought. (but at this point they don't know about their real identities) They thought they lived far away from each other in Korea, or one maybe even living in another country. Now that the other person doesn't seem that far out of reach, it doesn't feel that wrong to grow romantic feelings, because them meeting isn't absolutely impossible. I will leave the relevation up to you. They might agree to meet up in a cafe and then see their classmate. Or X somehow figures it out before Y and approaches him in school. Or maybe completely different.

Genre: romance, fluff, a little drama

Anything else?? Hmm, it would be nice if you include other idols like cameos or side characters. Like, if you want to give the teacher a name, use a name from a kpop idol, same with the friends and classmates. But you can skip this part entirely. It just makes sense for X and Y to have their friends be other SKZ members or other kpop idols names xD



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Chapter 27: Omg I truly loved this ❤️
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Chapter 19: Okay, I'm not one for cheating.. and I love Junmyeon.. But yur affair for real sent flowers?! Hell nah. Areum, get you those two fine looking men. They'll 100% better than that cheating . *huff*
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Chapter 18: You had me in tears.. Hyunin just wanted Minho to have a better life - without the burden of him. And it just made it even worse. *sigh* Felix, keep your magic store away >.<
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Chapter 17: Aws~~ Fanfics to reality~ Now there is one universal rule, Kookie~ If you have fanfics you want to keep away from family and friends, keep it on your phone under a different account. Do not write it on paper where people can see it. Trust me, I speak from experience ;) (Especially if you write !!)
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Chapter 16: Dayummmm Some thirsty boys over here. I'm with you Chan, they just need to get a room already hahah
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Chapter 15: Oh my goodness, I love the concept of the game show. I love watching Nailed It, and to get a bachelor version? With really attractive guys? I'm down to watch that *grabs popcorn* Minho needs to get over himself here, just have some fun - you lost anyway :P In the end, Hyunjin was super shy: kissing and running. Cute!! <3
Chapter 19: Chapter 19: I love this so much ❤️
Chapter 24: Aww, this was short but sweet! I'm amazed Jooheon could do each tactic for years. Such dedication, haha. Curious to know what happens to them next, hehe. Thank you for writing this for me as well! Btw, I hope you had a great holiday! Happy New Year!
Chapter 9: Hello starfan! So sorry for the late comment. Been busy these past few weeks. Thank you so much for writing this for me! It's a cute story and Kihyun was just... omg. So bold, haha. Those last few parts though... wow. Just wow. Lol.
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Chapter 14: Everyone was so cute and awkward in this, so adorable! I love the kiss at the end 😍