Chapter 4 | A Strange Love Story | OCS (Jake and Joan)

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This is a gift for piabeybi, I hope you like it!!

Plot: stranger to lover to stranger

Genre: cute romance drama type

Anything else?? Destined but melancholy.





A Strange Love Story


Joan took a seat by the window. She was finally going on her first business trip to Japan. There was so other employee who could go on the trip which was why Joan was selected to go despite her not being able to speak in the language at all. Her boss was too sick to go, Mina had to take care of her mother, and Mark was already going to be in China. Several of the other employees were either too busy, not skilled enough, did not have a passport ready, or on vacation.

Joan sighed. It was a recipe for disaster and she knew it too but her boss begged Joan to go and so here she is with a small suitcase and a carrier with a paid flight ticket and passport.

Joan looked up when the seat next to her had an occupant. It was a man and from the looks of it probably a tourist. Joan looked away to mind her own business but she was too late the man made eye contact with her and noticed her immediately. He brought his hand out for her to shake.

Jake: Jake.

He introduces himself. Joan read his lips. Joan wrote to him on a piece of paper:

Nice to meet you Jake. My name is Joan.

She knew that they probably would not meet again so she did not mind giving him her name. Jake was surprised by her method of co,munication but did not think too much of it.

Jake: Is it your first time flying??

He asks. Joan shakes her head.

Jake: Can you not talk??

Joan knew that if they continued to have a conversation he would eventually ask this. Everyone does.

So Joan flips to a page that she often frequents in notepad so much that she already knew where it was. She shows it to him:

I have never been able to I can only write or speak in sign language.

Jake began to sign to her.

Jake: I can be your guide if you need me to.

This surprised her. Not many people could sign to her. In addition, he gave her his phone number. She noted it down just in case.

Jake: Are you here for a vacation?? Or something else??

Joan: Something else. I am here for a business trip. I have to attend a meeting for my boss. She answered.

Jake: Oh. How will that go since you..

Joan: There will be a translator there.

Jake: Ah that makes sense. I hope all goes well with you.

Joan: What about you??

Joan could not help herself but extend the courtesy to him also.

Jake: I am here on vacation. I want to go sightseeing. It will be my first time in Tokyo. My first time flying actually. Do you have any recommendations for places for me to go visit??

Joan: I always go to see the Tokyo Tower once I get to Tokyo and then one more time before I leave.

Jake: If you do not mind, can I accompany you there once we land??

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