Random Challenge Writing Contest

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Hello my starlights!!

This is a random challenge writing contest!! Please read the instructions below carefully!!





⋆。°✩Contest Details⋆。°✩


  1. Subscribe, upvote, and comment to participate in the contest.

  2. To get your challenges you MUST comment that you are interested in getting a challenge and I will send them to you via pm!! If you could specify in the comments the group(s) and pairings you are thinking about writing about that could help with the prompts that I pick out for you.

  3. Please note in your comment the number of challenges you would like for me to send. If you do not include any I will send you 3 automatically. In addition please include if you would like hard, medium, or easy difficulty challenges as your challenge if I can I will send it to you. If you do not include this then I will send what I consider to
    be medium difficulty automatically.

  4. Please be kind to everyone or risk being blacklisted.

  5. Wait for a response from me to give you your challenge for this contest before you post your story and fill out the entry form. Please note you can use the prompts however you see fit in your story just that they need to be used and has to be clear enough for me that they are being used somehow. For example if I gave you an image of a door, you do not have to insert the photo into your story but you can describe the contents of the photo, you could describe the door in the photo or simply any door in the story but not have to use that image. Hopefully that makes sense. If it is a quote, you can use it in the beginning of the chapter or at the end or as dialogue or even thoughts for example.

  6. Once you get your challenges and decide which ones you will go with, comment in the comment section this entry form (it can be copied from the comment section below):
    profile link:
    story name:
    story link:
    story description:
    groups featuring:
    challenges using: (list # only)

  7. Please note that if you do not submit an entry form you will not be entered into the challenge contest.

  8. Word count: a one shot or short story of maximum 15,000 words and below only. The minimum is 2,000 words. Please note that the story can be multiple chapters but it may not exceed 15,000 words total, failure to keep it below that will result in disqualification. If you find that you are slightly over, please message me, I might be able to make a few exceptions.

  9. Deadline: April 11, 2024 (the first day of K-pop!!)

  10. You can post the story at anytime you want so long as it is fully posted and done by the time the deadline is up!! If you cannot meet the deadline message me as soon as possible!!

  11. and rated m stories are allowed so long as it has a rated m and trigger warning if applicable..failure to do so will result in disqualification..no exceptions whatsoever.

  12. Please note that you can have idolxoc pairings or you can have idolxidol pairings!! Or no pairings at all!! Even multiple pairings!! Even reader inserts!! I am okay with same gender pairings and heteroual pairings.

  13. Please note that you must have the tag randomchallengecontest in your story and have it be accessible to members only and not subscribers. You may choose to limit who can comment on your stories but not limit on who can read your story entry. After the contest results are announced you can change the reader and comment settings.

  14. You can enter the contest as many times as you want (I may limit this later on to the difficulty levels of the contest depending on how many contestants we get for each category, if I do limit it, I will pm you and ask which stories you would like to keep in the contest).

My judging criteria!!

  • Title: 10 points

  • Cover/background: 10 points

  • Story description: 10 points

  • Challenge(s) followed (how well, how it was used): 50 points

  • Plot/creativity/layout: 10 points

  • Grammar/vocabulary: 10 points

  • Total: 100 points

females groups:(the higher up the group is the more desired they are)

  1. aespa

  2. everglow

  3. dreamcatcher

  4. red velvet

  5. purple kiss

  6. mave:

  7. sistar

  8. f(x)

  9. new jeans

  10. girls generation

  11. oh my girl

  12. t-ara

  13. gfriend

  14. ive

  15. viviez

  16. blackpink

  17. vcha

  18. hashtag

  19. itzy

male groups:(the higher up the group is the more desired they are)

  1. exo

  2. oneus

  3. shinee

  4. nct

  5. stray kids

  6. txt

  7. ateez

  8. superm

  9. big bang

  10. bts

  11. 2pm

my likes:(not in a particular order, random)

  1. preferred solo idols: hyuna, taeyeon, ailee, hyolyn, ztao, luhan, lay, lisa(blackpink), mimi lee, sandara park, bora(sistar), arin(oh my girl), yooa(oh my girl), eunjung(t-ara), jiyeon(t-ara), taeyong(nct), mark(nct), jessica jung, bae suzy, iu, all of exo

  2. preferred tropes/themes:vampires, werewolves, humans, mates, red string of fate, mermaid, superhero, spy, mafia, destiny, fate, revenge, fairytale

  3. preferred genres: comedy, romance, reader/oc insert, isekai, reverse isekai, action, mystery, thriller, angst, sad romance, drama, misery, horror, asian drama/cinema/movie.

my dislikes!!

  1. half sibling romance, , without plot, violence for the sake of it, politics.

  2. these can be written but they have to be done really well!!
    arranged marriages, contract relationship, contract marriages, cheesy romance, teacherxstudent, bossxemployee, ceoxsecretary, abortion, miscarriage, it was just a dream concept, college student, high school romance.

karma point donors:

  1. Finally_Home: 1,000
  2. the_wylde: 2,000
  3. calmbeforestorm: 100
  4. captaintycoon: 500

Hello contestants!!

We are in 2024 officially!! Lesser than 3 months left!! How are we doing?? Please comment below how your story is coming along!!



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Hi! I would like to join the contest!
I'll write with shinee! Not sure but could also add a girl group.
I'm fine with 3 challenges with medium difficulty!
Thank you!
Hello, I'm interested in joining, can I have easy challenge?
It depends on the prompt, but I'll probably write karina or winter with boy group members
Hello there contestant!! Here is the entry form:

profile link:
story name:
story link:
story description:
groups featuring:
challenges using: (#s only)

26 streak #4
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Hi!

I would like to enter with the hard challenge, one prompt and groups EXO and SHINee. If it is possible to choose only one group, then choose your favorite one of the two.
Want to try writing about a boy group.
Hello can participants enter more than one story? I plan to enter a hard difficulty level with 3 challenges this time. Planning to use exo this time. Hoping to hear from you soon

Hello my starlights!! So uhmm..I am looking for people who are interested in donating to the prizes for my contest..if anyone is willing please message me or reply to this..this could be services or karma point donations..anything will do honestly..or if you have any prize suggestions go ahead and let me know!!

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