Chapter 5 | Here To Support | Huang Renjun X OC (Charlotte)

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This is a gift for Charlot1081, I hope you like it!!

Plot: Charlotte starts a new job; however, she's nervous to start her new journey in life. Renjun is there to support her though.

Genre: Fluffy and cute! Romance too please~~

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Here To Support


[/CONTENTID3][CONTENTID4]Renjun knew that Charlotte had been standing up all day since her shift started at 9 was now nearing closing time at 6 pm..she looked so tired..and he could tell that her fingers were so cramped from all the cutting and holding. He also knew that her feet were hurting from standing and walking all day long. And that all the limbs of hers were just about to fall off from her body.

She had expressed to him that she knew that working in a salon would be hard work but that she loved every moment of it. Especially the happy little faces as they leave the store.

It was her and a few employees closing the store. And well, there he was a guy who was neither staff or customer waiting outside of the store in his car. He was waiting for his Charlotte, watching as she walked to and fro in the store cleaning up her station.

It was her first day on the job and he wanted to show her his support.

She kept insisting that he did not have to come pick her up and that she would see him at his apartment but he insisted on showing up and picking her up because he wanted to spend more time with her.

He remembered when he first became a director, Charlotte showed up in secret and surprised him on set. It was his first big solo project. He was really happy that she was able to come and spend the day with him.

He felt bad that he could not come and help her in the same way she did him but he would make sure that she would be treated like the queen that she was.

A kno

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