Chapter 6 | Santa Surprises | Seulgi x Irene

24 Stories For Christmas By ⋆。°✩starfan24⋆。°✩
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Plot: Irene is a young single mother who writes letters from "Santa" to her daughter every Christmas, filling them with heartwarming stories and special surprises. This year, her daughter insists on mailing one of the letters back to Santa to thank him for all the gifts, and someone does send a reply. This someone is Seulgi and she comes to deliver the letter herself.

Genre: Fluff, cute, romance





Santa Surprises


[/CONTENTID3][CONTENTID4]Ema cried in the arms of her mother. She began to throw a tantrum.

Ema: I want to send a letter to Santa mommy to thank him for everything he has sent me!!

Irene: Okay Ema, come on you can send a letter to Santa.

Ema wrote a letter with help from her mommy to Santa. It was tradition for Ema to get a letter from Santa every year but this year because Ema had been going to school she wanted to write to him. She thought it would be nice and that he was probably really lonely with all the elves making presents all the time.

Irene sent the letter since Ema insisted that Irene do it and Ema wanted to

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Chapter 17: Aws~~ Fanfics to reality~ Now there is one universal rule, Kookie~ If you have fanfics you want to keep away from family and friends, keep it on your phone under a different account. Do not write it on paper where people can see it. Trust me, I speak from experience ;) (Especially if you write !!)
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Chapter 9: Hello starfan! So sorry for the late comment. Been busy these past few weeks. Thank you so much for writing this for me! It's a cute story and Kihyun was just... omg. So bold, haha. Those last few parts though... wow. Just wow. Lol.
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