Chapter 3 | My Senior | Kim Jiah (female oc) X Baekhyun

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This is a gift for _bkyoongie, I hope you like it!!

Plot: Maybe you can think them as a sunbae-hoobae but a campus couple. I am not quite good at plots but if you can then, ML would be like college sweetheart who has an innocent crush on oc and is trying to approach her but like usual our oc is quite dense in that aspect.

Genre: fluff





My Senior


[/CONTENTID3][CONTENTID4]Jiah looked up from her desk. She was having trouble planning her lesson for a class that she was expected to teach at the university she was at.

It was apparently a new requirement as part of her major. It did not make sense to her why she had to teach a forensic science class when she was going to be a forensic pathologist.

Like what?? Why would she have to know how to teach students about the study of violent deaths? Who would even take the class with her when she has not even had hands on experience with real cases yet?

Suddenly the door opened and someone else came into the shared office.

Byun Baekhyun.

She had officemates and he was one of them.

She had heard of him before. He was one of the best students in the criminology department. He was going to be a criminal investigator. He is her senior.

Then it dawned on her, maybe he has taught the course before or know someone who has who could essentially help her with the course!!

She approached him so quickly it surprised him that he pulled back away from her startled. She jumped right in front of him.

Jiah: Hello!! Kim Jiah at your service!!

She brought her left hand out to shake with his. He smiled and shook her hand.

Baekhyun: Byun Baekhyun.

Jiah quickly got onto her task and Baekhyun being the senior was more than happy to help her out. It was weird for Jiah because she kept finding weird things at her office desk. Sometimes it was a weird message in red. At first she thought it was someone leaving her threatening messages but she could not even make out the message written on it. She guessed someone was playing a prank on her so she just threw it

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Chapter 17: Aws~~ Fanfics to reality~ Now there is one universal rule, Kookie~ If you have fanfics you want to keep away from family and friends, keep it on your phone under a different account. Do not write it on paper where people can see it. Trust me, I speak from experience ;) (Especially if you write !!)
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Chapter 9: Hello starfan! So sorry for the late comment. Been busy these past few weeks. Thank you so much for writing this for me! It's a cute story and Kihyun was just... omg. So bold, haha. Those last few parts though... wow. Just wow. Lol.
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