Chapter 18 | Goodbye My Soulmate | Minho x Hyunjin

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This is a gift for Sway10, I hope you like it!!

Plot: I will refert to them as X and Y, so that you can decide who gets which role. X and Y are a married couple in the future. When they are older (might be in their 30s/40s or even 60s, you can chose the time gap) X notices that Y would be better off without him, that Y could have a better life without X. (which ultimately isn't neccesarily true or just subjective) May it be, because they don't have money or one of them gets sick or one had an accident or one didn't follow their dream etc etc etc. In the future X finds a wicth or just finds a time travel device and wants to go back in time and prevent himself from meeting Y. Or at least he doesn't want them to bekome a couple, so that Y gets someone ""better"". He can only stay in the past for a certain amount of time before he has to change back with his future self. When he time travels, future X takes the place of past time X. (so he is in the young body and no one knows that it's actually an older dude lol) of course he recognizes all his friends and can anticipate wha is going to happen next, because he lived this life already. X tries to avoid going to places where he could meet Y/or he tries to interact with him as little as possible. When they meet X tries to act the way Y wouldn't like it and tries to make Y like other people etc etc etc.However it gets obvious that they actually do have chemistry or that they are very suitable with each other and should become a couple. Like, they have romantic moments even though X tries to avoid that. When X has to travel back to the future, he bid's his goodbye to Y which confuses Y, because they aren't close in this time line. While X was able to prevent a relationship (of any kind, friendship, platonic, whatever), he wasn't able to stop X and Y to meet a few years later and get together anyway. However, they didn't get together because they were in relationships at that time. Basically X was successful with his quest and they don't marry. X would return in the future with a new husband/wife. Because of like time travel magic he of course also likes his new partner, however he still remembers Y. When X is in the 'new future' he finds out that Y has been murdered and his time traveling was essentially the reason of it, so he makes himself allegations towards himself. As mentioned in the genres, the young X and Y could be anything. They could be high school students, they could be idols/trainees, university students etc etc....

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, (school/university/entertainment industry everything is possible)

Anything else?? The prompt idea is based (inspired by) on this short movie. I watched the movie a few years ago and it was really good. You don't need to watch it of course, but I can genereally recommend it. "Soulmates" shouldn't be a fixed thing in the story. Like, it shouldn't be like "oh, everyone has a soulmate and you can't escape them". It's more a natural thing that just somehow happened between X and Y.







Goodbye My Soulmate ⋆。°✩



Hyunjin looked at the love of his life. Minho. He now had wrinkles and his hair was slightly greying. Hyunjin loved Minho very much but he could not help but wonder if Minho was really happy with him or not. There were times where he would often think if Minho had not met Hyunjin and had to deal with all the baggage that came along with Hyunjin, would Minho have been happier?? He did not know..he would often wonder if Minho regretted marrying him..even loving him..he was such a burden to Minho.

Minho has had to struggle alongside Hyunjin because Hyunjin wanted to become a dancer, but then they were always broke and starving. Cold and living in a ty and small apartment. Then one day Hyunjin broke his ankle. He never really recovered after that. He then lost the biggest opportunity he had on stage because of that accident that broke his ankle.

Minho borrowed money so that Hyunjin could open his dance school, but then Hyunjin just had to have a drinking problem to cope with his broken ankle. He had drank a ton of alcohol and threw it all over the dance room causing the students to get injured when they came in for dance practice.

Hyunjin had to close down the school afterwards, but Minho decided to use the space since they were contracted as a bookstore and art store. Minho liked to paint so he painted and made all sorts of arts and crafts and sold them brought the store. When the contract was up Minho sold from home and online.

Hyunjin felt useless, he could not help Minho in any way.

One day while taking a stroll, Hyunjin saw a sign from a really weird store. Being really cold, he decided to go in. No one seemed to be in the store but it had weird stuff in it. Stuff that would probably never sell.

Bubbly voice: Welcome to YongFix!! Your neighborhood store that can fix everything!!

Hyunjin looked around to try and find the owner of the voice but he could not see anyone. He cleared his throat. The voice talked again. Hyunjin once again tried to find where the voice was coming from.

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