Love Fool || STAYC

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Four years ago, Bae Sumin has had her very first hearbreak from her very first and only love. Sumin back then has sworn to herself to never fall in love again and most importantly to never forgive Sieun for breaking her heart. 

Four years later, on an ordinary night, right when Sumin is returning back to her apartment though her life is meant to turn upside down because a curtain Park Sieun is back in town. And no matter how Sumin will try to keep her away, deep down she knows they used to be the best of friends, so she can't keep her away for long. That along with the fact that there are things unsolved from the past that will always have Sumin wondering... 


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Song: Love Fool by STAYC


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soncelfeu #1
Chapter 10: yasss
soncelfeu #2
Chapter 8: just hurt right into my heart. the assumptions just made everything unsolved that they ended up hurting each other. sumin really need to be brave and face things like an adult so they (sieun particularly) wouldnt hurting more
soncelfeu #3
Chapter 5: damn those two are frustrating lol. in the past, communication wasnt made so sumin ended up dwelling everything and hurting herself, which was also not fair for sieun either. i hope they can reach common ground and happy with each other, develop healthy relationship</3
soncelfeu #4
Chapter 4: here i got to understand more about sieun's view and feelings
soncelfeu #5
Chapter 3: i like where this is going, cant wait for the next chapter
soncelfeu #6
Chapter 2: I like this already, you wrote so well
44 streak #7
Chapter 1: Sumin is hurt. It may have been something in the past that had caused this. From the story I understood that Sieun and Sumin used to be very close, teasing each other and bickering playfully. But Sumin wanted more, a kiss and love.

Maybe Sieun told her no and it caused the drift but something happened.

Some things haven't changed like them bickering. Only this time it isn't playful. Sumin is furious.

Makes sense because she didn't agree to have Sieun living with her and to have to go to the friends gathering. .

Good story, author.