Saturdays = Youth

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“You’re coming over. Lisa’s buying chicken,” Jisoo announced to Rosé over the phone the next afternoon. The blonde had spent the entire day moping in bed, but she wasn’t in the business of arguing with Jisoo, and she actually wouldn’t mind spending time with her friends after her breakup with Jungkook. Rosé might’ve not wanted to be with him anymore after her homoual awakening, but he had been a good boyfriend and a big part of her life for a long time. Also, free chicken. 


Rosé got on her bike because she was a hazard to pedestrians and tiny rodents when she was behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. She let Jesus take the wheel instead and pedalled her way to Jisoo’s house.


When she walked into Jisoo’s living room (she was often over at Jisoo's and knew which gnome the spare key was hidden under so she could let herself in), Rosé found Lisa and Jisoo already digging into a box of marinated fried chicken, but there was also a less expected but not completely unwelcome presence: one Jennie Kim with eyes like smouldering coals from the bowels of hell itself. 


“Hi,” Jennie growled with a little, sheepish wave. Lisoo did not even acknowledge that Rosé had arrived. Chicken is chicken. Rosé was chopped liver.


“Oh… hey,” Rosé answered awkwardly. She was ready to kill Jisoo for not giving her a heads up about the guest list. She groaned internally, eyes widening a little at how incredibly y Jennie looked in her baggy jeans and cropped shirt that showed off her Calvin Klein sports bra and her abs. How was it legal to look that good? If Rosé had known the brunette would be present, she would’ve brushed her hair, put on makeup, worn something that showed off more skin, or at least made her not look like she just rolled out of bed. 


Jennie didn’t seem to mind, though. She looked like she was devouring the blonde with her eyes. 


“You’ve met Jennie, right?” Jisoo asked innocently in between chewing. 


“Oh yeah, me and Boot Scootin’ Cootie go way back,” Jennie teased. 


Rosé groaned in annoyance and sat across from Jennie. They had already established a fairly good rapport, but the blonde felt inexplicably hurt by Jennie. "Yeah, way, waaaay back. I haven't seen you since... hmmn, my last day of detention? Oh no, that's right, you weren't there 'cause you ditched me." 


Jennie frowned. "I was visiting my dad that day. But hmmn... I kind of have this vague memory of giving someone my number so they could text me or whatever. Maybe that didn't really happen? Or maybe they were just too busy hanging out with their boyfriend!" 


Rosé fumed. Jennie glared. Lisoo was completely oblivious to anything that wasn't clucking and feathery at some point in their life cycle.


“So, who are you and what have you done to the real Chaeyoung?” Jisoo demanded in between chewing and her fingers.


“Huh?” the blonde squeaked in confusion.


“Bro, c’mon!” Lisa yelled. “You partied last night! Without us! Your best friends!” 


“Oh yeah, this one was boogieing on down with the boyfriend pretty hard last night,” Jennie corroborated teasingly but with a hint of bitterness.


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Yeyineitor #1
Chapter 12: Me gustó mucho leer esto. Espero algún día vivirlo.
Chapter 12: I love this story 🥰😍
Chapter 12: thank you! your story is such a breath of fresh air from all the others! i really really enjoyed alreading it and came to love it! <3

also that subtle mention about you & me <333 EVERYONE STREAM YOU & ME ON ALL PLATFORMS!!!
Chapter 10: rosie's just like me, assuming and making up conclusion and cutting off people without clarifying things first 🤧 AND THAT VIDEO OF A SAMOYED DOG BOOPING IT'S NOSE IS SO ADORABLE 🥹🥹🥹
Chapter 9: jennie is really pabo 😆
Chapter 8: oh wow i didn't expect him to be that good cause yk he's a jock after all
Chapter 7: i really love playful jennie!
Chapter 6: i think rosie's the golden retriever and jennie's the black cat, those are their vibes
Chapter 5: rosie's got it REAL bad and ig jennie's otw there too 🤭