Everything is Illuminati

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 Detention: Day 8, Wednesday 


“No one likes to picture teachers having ," Jennie anounced like a circus ringmaster, all theatrics and dramatic pauses, when Rosé got to detention.


"I mean, I don't even like to picture them existing outside school," Rosé agreed, playing along, captive audience to the over-the-top brunette.


"But today is humpday and Mr. Yang is nowhere to be found so what are we to assume?” Jennie declared emphatically.


“Um… he was mauled by a bear, abducted by aliens, quit his job, pretty much anything but him celebrating humpday,” the blonde answered, extremely squicked out.


Jennie looked unimpressed. “Hmmn… yeah, no. I think him and the missus dressed up as camels and are doing a little 34+34.”


Rosé wrinkled her nose. “Okay, first of all, ew. Second, camels because humpday?” 


Jennie nodded, pretending to wipe away tears of happiness. "You get me, chingu."


“And third, you either can’t do math or what the hell is a 68?” 


“They tried really hard but it’s not quite a 69,” was the brunette’s cheeky answer, making Rosé laugh. “Also, , man. You already know I can’t do math! Way to rub it in.”

"I dunno, maaan," Rosé replied in singsong. "Rumour has it you got yourself a bomb- tutor and aced a Math test."


Jennie grinned widely. "Bomb-, huh?"


"Oh yeah, 'cause her is bomb," Rosé replied confidently. 

"Is that right? Spin around and show us!" Jennie crowed, making Rosé blush a little.


"Shut your face."


Jennie was sitting on the floor in the corner, and she patted the space next to her, motioning for Rosé to join her, which the Australian did. Jennie immediately pulled her close to snuggle and showed her videos of samoyeds on her phone. Rosé had never felt snugglier in her life. She felt so fluffy she could die.


“If you were a dog, you’d definitely be a samoyed,” Jennie told the blonde softly. 


“How am I a samoyed? I’m not that silly,” Rosé pointed out.


“You can be. You’re a goof when you’re not so uptight. Also you have the fabulous hair and everyone loves you and you're really nice to cuddle.” 


Rosé bit her lower lip to keep from smiling too wide. 


“That girl you're always hanging around with is definitely a husky. My ears ring whenever she’s around.”


"Who, Lisa?"

"Bangs McGee, yeah."


Rosé laughed in agreement. 


“Your boyfriend is obviously a golden retriever,” Jennie said almost gloomily, and Rosé felt an awkwardness creep into the conversation. 


“What about Jisoo?” Rosé asked in attempt to dispel the weirdness. Also, she really didn’t want to think of Jungkook while she was enjoying Jennie’s company/body heat. 


“Oh, Jisoo is definitely a little, white maltese with an attitude problem, and her owner ends up allergic

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Yeyineitor #1
Chapter 12: Me gustó mucho leer esto. Espero algún día vivirlo.
Chapter 12: I love this story 🥰😍
Chapter 12: thank you! your story is such a breath of fresh air from all the others! i really really enjoyed alreading it and came to love it! <3

also that subtle mention about you & me <333 EVERYONE STREAM YOU & ME ON ALL PLATFORMS!!!
Chapter 10: rosie's just like me, assuming and making up conclusion and cutting off people without clarifying things first 🤧 AND THAT VIDEO OF A SAMOYED DOG BOOPING IT'S NOSE IS SO ADORABLE 🥹🥹🥹
Chapter 9: jennie is really pabo 😆
Chapter 8: oh wow i didn't expect him to be that good cause yk he's a jock after all
Chapter 7: i really love playful jennie!
Chapter 6: i think rosie's the golden retriever and jennie's the black cat, those are their vibes
Chapter 5: rosie's got it REAL bad and ig jennie's otw there too 🤭