God Damn the Whole Friggin’ World and Everyone in It but You

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Jennie was gasping for air, trying to catch her breath when she fell flat on her face at Rosé’s feet, just as the blonde had shut her locker and was heading home. 


“Ohmygod, are you okay???” Rosé exclaimed, helping the brunette onto her feet. 


Jennie dusted herself off and tried to fix her hair. “Oh yeah, I’m cool, yeah. Fancy meeting you here,” she said, feigning nonchalance, leaning on a locker, trying to be cool, just to lose her balance and fall over again. She was a ridiculous sight. 


Rosé stared at her like she was crazy and helped her up a second time. “Are you having a ? What are you talking about?”


“Oh, yeah, no, it’s totally cool that you’re not replying to my messages, or, or, or even looking at me,” she said in a shrill voice and a manic look in her eyes. “Totes cool. Don’t care.”


“What do you want from me, Jennie?” Rosé said exasperatedly. 


“Hey, whoa! Why are you mad at me?”


“I’m not mad at you. I just don’t even know what you’re talking about.”


Jennie looked hurt, making the blonde feel a little guilty. “It sure feels like you’re mad at me.”


Rosé sighed. “Why aren’t you in detention? Isn’t Lisa in detention with you?”


“Lisa? Your friend Lisa?" Jennie paused in slight confusion. "She got detention one time, like last week? I don't remember when, but apparently she got in trouble for asking Mr. Yang if the reason he always wore that stupid hat was because he was losing his hair. But it was lucky for me because I got your number from her. We talked about you a lot. Wait, why am I telling you this? She probably already told you."


“Uh... I mean, we haven't really talked lately." Rosé said, slowly starting to feel stupid.


“Really? I thought you guys needed to be surgically separated at birth. Aren't you always together? I mean, I had to twist her arm to get your number from her, she was pretty reluctant. She’s insanely protective of you, that kid, but I managed to convince her by telling her the real reason Mr. Yang always has that stupid hat on.”


Rosé waited expectantly for some kind of punchline but was met with silence so she asked, “So what is the real reason Yang always has his hat on?”


“Oh, I don’t reveal my secrets for free,” Jennie smirked. 


“What do you want for it?” Rosé asked hesitantly, feeling guilty for being cold.


“Why are you mad at me?” the brunette asked earnestly.


“I’m not mad at you,” Rosé stubbornly insisted. When Jennie kept looking at her intently, she finally added, “I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at myself.”


“Okay," Jennie said slowly, trying to make sense of the situation. "Why are you mad at yourself, and why am I getting punished for it?”


“Just…" Rosé took a deep breath in silent deliberation. "I... stupidly thought you could like someone like me,” the blonde finally admitted, her voice cracki

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Yeyineitor #1
Chapter 12: Me gustó mucho leer esto. Espero algún día vivirlo.
Chapter 12: I love this story 🥰😍
Chapter 12: thank you! your story is such a breath of fresh air from all the others! i really really enjoyed alreading it and came to love it! <3

also that subtle mention about you & me <333 EVERYONE STREAM YOU & ME ON ALL PLATFORMS!!!
Chapter 10: rosie's just like me, assuming and making up conclusion and cutting off people without clarifying things first 🤧 AND THAT VIDEO OF A SAMOYED DOG BOOPING IT'S NOSE IS SO ADORABLE 🥹🥹🥹
Chapter 9: jennie is really pabo 😆
Chapter 8: oh wow i didn't expect him to be that good cause yk he's a jock after all
Chapter 7: i really love playful jennie!
Chapter 6: i think rosie's the golden retriever and jennie's the black cat, those are their vibes
Chapter 5: rosie's got it REAL bad and ig jennie's otw there too 🤭