Don’t Forget, You’re Here Forever

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Detention: Day 1, Monday


“Well, well, well…” Jennie said with a smirk, her eyes twinkling with fifty shades of mischief. “If it isn’t Crash Bandicooties.”


Rosé turned red with indignation and grit her teeth, as she marched to the front of the room and parked on a desk, clear across from the infuriating brunette in the very back row. She decided it was best not to engage with Jennie’s goading. 


For about ten minutes, Rosé’s avoidance strategy seemed to work and all was quiet on the Western front. She pulled out her books and started working on her homework without a peep from Jennie Kim or Mr. Yang, apart from his snoring. Rosé was happily getting lost in Cartesian coordinate and polynomial bliss when something sharp hit her in the back of her neck. 


She hissed in annoyance more than pain and reached to feel what kamikaze mosquito had divebombed her. She turned in the direction of the hit to find a paper airplane on the floor and Jennie grinning like an orca gone psycho at Seaworld. She picked up the airplane and saw that the brunette had written ‘What are you in for, jailbird?’ on one of the wings. She glared daggers at Jennie before scribbling ‘Lost my homework. What do you care?’ and ungracefully flung the plane in the brunette’s direction, making it nosedive and land with a splat halfway between them. 


Jennie skittered to pick up the paper plane and then skittered some more to sit directly behind the blonde instead of returning to her seat.


“You’re boring,” the brunette said in a harsh whisper. 


“Ugh, what do you want from me?” Rosé hissed, her eyes on Mr. Yang to make sure he was still asleep. 


“You wanna know what I’m in for?”


“No! Go away and leave me alone! I don’t want to get in any more trouble!”


“I killed a man with my bare hands.”


“Go away! I’ll kill you with my bare hands!”


“I got a girl pregnant. No, I got a man pregnant!”


“I’ll get you pregnant!” Rosé threatened.


“Yes, please, daddy,” Jennie purred.


Rosé almost short circuited but maintained her grr. “What part of ‘go away’ don’t you understand?”


Rosé heaved a sigh of relief after Jennie went quiet for a second until she heard what sounded like crunchy chewing. Just as the blonde turned to investigate the noise, she was hit right in the centre of her forehead by a slimy spitball. 


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Yeyineitor #1
Chapter 12: Me gustó mucho leer esto. Espero algún día vivirlo.
Chapter 12: I love this story 🥰😍
Chapter 12: thank you! your story is such a breath of fresh air from all the others! i really really enjoyed alreading it and came to love it! <3

also that subtle mention about you & me <333 EVERYONE STREAM YOU & ME ON ALL PLATFORMS!!!
Chapter 10: rosie's just like me, assuming and making up conclusion and cutting off people without clarifying things first 🤧 AND THAT VIDEO OF A SAMOYED DOG BOOPING IT'S NOSE IS SO ADORABLE 🥹🥹🥹
Chapter 9: jennie is really pabo 😆
Chapter 8: oh wow i didn't expect him to be that good cause yk he's a jock after all
Chapter 7: i really love playful jennie!
Chapter 6: i think rosie's the golden retriever and jennie's the black cat, those are their vibes
Chapter 5: rosie's got it REAL bad and ig jennie's otw there too 🤭