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When mildly reclusive Irene starts hanging out and hooking up with her new neighbour, Seulgi, their attraction is instant, though neither of them expect their relationship to progress into anything more, especially since they both continue to pursue other people. What happens when two extremely chill people strike up a friendship and then some? Practically nothing. An anti-romance and anti-angst ode to all our comrades-in-boredom.



This is a little writing experiment to see if I can write a slow burn without any angst. 

Wendy doesn't appear for a while, and Rosie appears even later in the story. I don't think I've ever read a Seulrosé pairing in a story, but I thought it might be interesting. Feel free to point me in the direction of any Seulrosé stories that exist, I would love to check them out. Endgame is Seulrene (it will be pretty obvious anyway), and please don't expect much in the way of plot, just lots of chillin', lots of conversation, and a reasonable amount of . 

I hope you all get a kick out of this, and I love getting feedback (even if it's to yell at me in frustration).



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Chapter 9: damn irene just experience the best of both worlds 😭
regurgitate #2
Chapter 8: Is it too late to make it a Jiseul? I have no idea how are you gonna conjure chemistry between Seulgi and Rosé when we get to that part, but yeah, this is the part where I should trust your writing skills. And trust them I do.
Chapter 8: Hmm I have no idea where this story gonna go now Wendy is in the picture. They can’t continue their FWB arrangement if Wenrene is exclusive. And I wonder how and when Rosé gonna appear in the story.
Chapter 7: 🔥🔥🔥
Chapter 6: Seulgi getting it with a few other women. She’s good.
Chapter 5: Joohyun finally got what she wanted lol.
Chapter 4: Already so comfortable talking about kinks and es 🤭
Chapter 3: “Not today, Satan” is such an iconic end to a chapter 😭😭
Chapter 2: Oh Seulstal 👀
Chapter 1: I liked the flirty exchanges between them.