XV. Clones and Carpools

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“Is with a clone or ion?“ Seulgi wondered out loud.


“Depends on whose clone it is," Irene answered listlessly. "If it’s your own clone, then who knows. If it’s a clone of Dolly, then it's , and geez, you’re that desperate, huh?” 


“Dolly?” the bear blinked confusedly.


“Ohmygod, you did not just initiate a conversation about clones without knowing Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to ever be cloned," Irene retorted. She was deeply offended for science. And sheep. 


“Did you just accuse me of being so ually deprived that I’d a sheep?”


“Hey, if the sheep fits,” Irene deadpanned before bursting into laughter. “No, but honestly, if you ever happen to run into a clone of yourself, your first instinct is not going to be hubba hubba, it’s gonna be ‘Holy , I’m Lindsay Lohan from The Parent Trap!’.”


“Speak for yourself. I look at myself and my first thought is always hubba hubba.”


“Ew, Seulgi. You’re gonna end up sleeping with your long lost twin or something.” 


“Like you wouldn’t have a with me and my twin.”


Irene paused too long.


“You would! You’re thinking about it!” Seulgi accused triumphantly. “You’re so judgemental about me and my clone but you’d totally twincest it up with me!”


“Shut the up.”


"Hey, would you rather have your inside a sheep or have sheep inside you?" Seulgi asked with a crazed look.


"Oh no. I knew you had a sheep !" Irene yelled in protest.


"No, I have a ewe ," Seulgi replied, waggling her brows greasily. "Ewe as in female sheep, not you as in you," she quickly clarified.


"Doe a deer, a female deer, whatever," Irene said with an eye-roll.


“What are they talking about?” Rosie asked Wendy. They were sitting in the middle of the couch, sharing a bowl of popcorn, and trying to focus on the movie that all four of them were supposed to be watching if Seulgi and Irene, who were sitting on opposite ends of the couch, flanking their girlfriends, weren’t talking to each other through the entire thing. 


“It’s always something weird or disgusting with these two,” Wendy said offhandedly, completely desensitized to Irene and all the nutty people in her life. “You’ll learn to tune them out.”


This had been the group's first and last attempt at a double date because two people we won't name could not shut the hell up long enough to watch Shrek, the most romantic movie ever made. 





Seulgi and Irene didn’t get to hang out much after the movie night double date. It felt extra strange because they still ran into each other frequently. Seulgi would constantly break into Irene’s apartment at odd hours to eat out of her neighbour's fridge like the scavenging bear that she was. They would also catch each other in the hallway, usually when one was getting back from somewhere and the other was leaving. 


“You going to a funeral?” Irene commented on one occasion. She had just gotten home from work just as Seulgi was leaving. The bear was significantly less casually dressed than she usually was, in a black, strapless cocktail dress. 


Seulgi huffed. “Right, like I’d show off this much skin at a funeral.”


“Maybe you’re trying to raise the dead,” Irene joked with a wink. “I’m talking about s, of course.”


Seulgi stared incredulously at her neighbour. “You’re turning into me.”


“Now you know what it feels like to be on the receiving end.”


“Of s,” Seulgi added. "Yes, thank you so much for that."


“Really though, you look super nice. Where ya headed?”


“Picking up Rosie. She’s taking me to the opera.” 


“Oh damn, you’re missing the white mask, fancypants,” Irene joked.


“Okay, I’m not the Phantom of the Opera,” Seulgi replied dryly.


"No? Too bad, I'd totally let you kidnap me, gaslight me, and I'd call you daddy," Irene joked.


"And I would make you a star!" Seulgi played along. "No lighting fixture would be safe!"


Irene was still looking her neighbour up and down.


“What?” Seulgi asked, starting to feel slightly self-conscious, and covering her chest with an arm.


“Seriously, you’re too hot for the opera. You'll give the dirty old men on heart attacks," Irene said.


“That sounds like their problem. I'm not covering up. I am hoping to get laid sometime this century, y'know?”


"Yeah, if Rosie won't do it, I'm sure you can bag yourself a grandma or grandpa tonight."


"I am pretty popular with your age group," Seulgi shot.


“Rawrr,” Irene growled after her.


“Good night, Joohyun!”


On another occasion, Seulgi looked like she was dressed for battle in baggy, camo pants, a tight, black shirt, and combat boots that Irene wouldn't mind getting stomped on with. 


“Is the zombie apocalypse upon us and why hasn’t anyone informed me?” Irene quipped. 


Seulgi frowned. “You have zero faith in me. You know you'd be the first person I'd try to save in the event of a zombie apocalypse."


"And I'm so sure your girlfriend would love hearing that," Irene said with a raised brow, trying to act nonchalant. 


"Rosie is taller than me so she would make a better human shield," Seulgi thought out loud. "But you'd be easier to fling at the zombies," she said with a -eating grin.


"You little-"


"Iiiii'm kidding, I'm kidding!" Seulgi said quickly, hugging the older and planting smooches on her cheek. "You're the first person I'd save 'cause you're a helpless baby rabbit, so cute and pocket-sized! To a zombie, you're a two-bite bunny." 

"Seriously, you," Irene scowled, but her heart was thumping uncontrollably like a twitterpated rabbit's giant, fluffy foot. "Why are you even dressed like you're joining some kind of kooky militia?"


"I’m on my way to pick up Rosie. We’re going to try paintball,” the bear explained.


“Paint… ball,” Irene repeated stupidly.


“She likes activities,” Seulgi reasoned. “Don’t be judgemental. You and I are sloths, okay? Other people do things.”


“If you say so,” Irene said dubiously. She later called Wendy to ask if other people did, in fact, do things. 


Wendy chuckled. “Yeah, people do things.”


“Why don’t we ever do things?”


“Oh, I would love to do things, I’ve tried suggesting things to you in the past, but you said, ‘The only thing we should be doing is each other’,” Wendy said. 


“Hmmn… that does sound like something I’d say…” Irene considered. “Yeah, I still stand by it.” Irene was satisfied because in her head, as long as Seulgi and Rosie were busy doing other “activities”, they probably weren’t doing each other. 






One Saturday, Irene woke up from a dream, where she had cracked Seulgi's skull open like a piñata, and cheese tteokbokki spilled out, which Irene found herself greedily devouring. The most disconcerting part was that Irene woke up strangely ually excited. She was worried that she was turning into some kind of psycopath, so she flew out of bed, expecting to find her neighbour eating cereal in her living room like she normally did, but the bear was not there. Irene resolutely marched over to the apartment next door. 


Rosie greeted her at the door. The blonde, towering over the tiny bunny, was barefoot and dressed in nothing but Seulgi’s ratty, used-to-be-black shirt that Irene thought looked insanely good on the bear, and, Irene begrudgingly admitted to herself, looked pretty hot on Rosie as well. Her hair was mussed, her neck covered in hickeys. Irene tried not to ogle her legs that seemed to go on for miles. <

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295 streak #1
Chapter 19: Oh author you've exceeded my expectations. I couldn't help but read this with a smile on my face hehe So fluffy and hot! The best of both worlds. I just feel so giddy... Thank you! 🧡
Chapter 19: Weee so happy for them. They didn’t straight away jumped into having and I think that’s a healthy decision they made for the sake of their relationship 😌
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Chapter 19: The planetarium thing totally reminded me of Ross and Rachel. I like that they get to do things instead of just having . It's not just about the dates, but just doing the mundane things. While is important, thing is, even with how good it can be, relationships are not all about that.
Chapter 19: <3<3<3<3<3
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Chapter 18: "I would set buildings on fire and punch anyone in the face for you" Hahahahaha Only seulrene could make this sound so romantic. I was smiling so big when I read that. I love them! Seulgi taking her time to heal and be emotionally available to serve as Joohyun's personal toy is a good sign that she is really serious about being with Joohyun. And it looks like she's ready! They're going on a date! You rock author! 🧡
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Chapter 18: Yieeeee nicee
Chapter 18: Oops, we are on a ride! ... Well, the first few paragraphs were indeed quite a rollercoaster of revelations. 😂 I can't say that I'm completely surprised, but I also can certainly say that I am FAR from disappointed.

FINALLY. The universe has conspired well! A COSMIC kind of love that transcends time and space 🥹 (Which, hey, by the way is such a fun coincidence. Our space buddies are indeed reaching for the stars again soon!)

Can't wait to see more of these crackheads again soon!
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Chapter 18: Omggg this chapter is so cute and ngl I'm happy reading the revelation of their feeling. It's funny but heartwarming nonetheless.
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