XII. Séances and Stuff

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“Since we didn’t find any ghosts in Yongma Land, we’re doing a séance,” Jisoo declared when the group got back to Irene’s apartment. “I brought my Ouija board!”


Irene groaned. “You idiots only ever ask ridiculous questions, and you move the pointer to spell dirty things.”


“Hey! Don’t blame us for the spirits being a bunch of ers!” Yeri snickered.


“Yeah, maybe they’re ghosts,” Joy reasoned, and then wondered aloud, “Why are s so angry?” 


“Try being ually frustrated and dead, I’d be ing angry too,” Yeri answered.


“Okay, okay, settle down, friendly degenerate,” Jisoo said impatiently.


“What?” Joy asked confusedly. 


“The opposite of a ghost. A happy harlot,” the amoeba explained, laughing. “Okay, let’s get this party started,” Jisoo said, setting up the Ouija board on the coffee table, triangle pointer in the centre, all of them sitting around the table on the floor. 


Seulgi was sitting between the visual sisters, across from her was Joy, Yeri was between Joy and Jisoo, and there was some space next to Irene for Wendy, for when she’d eventually join them. 


They had turned off all the lights except the one in Irene’s bedroom, where Wendy was finishing up some work. They had lit a candle for extra spookiness. Unfortunately, it was Irene’s lavender-scented candle, which was just making them all sleepy and relaxed. Seulgi volunteered to put on some music to set a creepy vibe, mainly because her phone had already automatically connected to Irene’s wireless speaker. But she had played Red Velvet’s Psycho, which made Joy and Yeri howl-sing along, and they all had to stop for a laughter break. 


Finally, they decided to have silence instead, and they all slowly calmed down from their chuckles, until the only noises were the sounds of their breathing and the faint clickety-clack of Wendy responding to emails, and then, everything went quiet except the slow cadence of Jisoo’s low voice as she guided them through the steps of the séance.


“Okay, everyone hold hands with the people next to you to form a circle, and then close your eyes. I will invoke the spirits,” Jisoo said. 


Irene looked at Seulgi, who was already holding Jisoo’s hand, and was offering her other hand to Irene. The accountant couldn’t quite understand why her heart was hammering like a frustrated woodpecker on in her chest. Irene wondered if everyone in the room could hear the thunderous thumping. It wasn’t the first time she and Seulgi held hands. Jesus, we’ve both had our hands in far naughtier parts of each other’s bodies. This should not be a big deal! Irene thought as she slowly put her smaller hand in Seulgi’s as casually as she could muster, and was rewarded with a warm, gentle squeeze, and the bear’s infamously, heartbreakingly adorable eye smile. Ohmy…


Meanwhile, Seulgi couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Irene’s face. She had obviously seen her neighbour before. They saw each other almost everyday. She always knew that Irene was breathtakingly beautiful. She had known this from the first night they met. The night I first spread Irene’s legs right in this very living room, and her like she was melting ice cream, til she creamed herself all over my face- Kang Seulgi, stop lusting over your dearest friend! 


Seulgi had unconsciously started circles over Irene’s hand with her thumb, and the flustered accountant was chewing on her lower lip anxiously, trying to fight the gushing between her legs. 


“Alright, everyone, I’m ready to make contact with the other side!” Wendy abruptly announced loudly as she emerged from the bedroom. Too loudly and too abruptly apparently because she made Irene fly ten feet into the air and emit a blood-curdling scream, which made Joy and Yeri start screaming and slapping each other. 


“I’m not scary,” Jisoo shrugged unflinchingly.


“D-did you just say you were going to start having with guys?” Seulgi asked Wendy confusedly.


“What?” the hamster was lost as well. 


“Something about batting for the other team…?” Seulgi asked, face scrunched.


“What? No! I’m talking about ghosts!” Wendy clarified. 


“All right, all right, settle down, pathetic freaks,” Jisoo said. “Take a seat in the circle, snake fiend,” she sneered at Wendy. 


Wendy scratched her head, looking sheepish, and nudged Irene to scooch over to the space next to Joy, so she could take the spot between Irene and Seulgi, the only two people in the group she was comfortable with. 


Jisoo, Yeri and Joy watched the mildly awkward scenario unfold between the three oblivious participants. Seulgi and Irene looked like they were trying not to be disappointed that they were no longer sitting next to each other, and the enthused and clueless hamster happily took each of their hands in hers. 


“Alright, power circle! Let’s go!” Wendy cheered.  






All of them now had two fingers each on the Ouija pointer. 


“Tell us, spirit, who is the rightful owner of Mr. Snuggles?” Jisoo called to the ceiling, after making the group chant a mantra of "Zimzalabim". 


The pointer flew to the letter J. 


“Oooooh…” Joy needled. “Who could that be… maybe it’s me…”


“Maybe it’s Maybelline,” Irene said, rolling her eyes.


The pointer now refused to budge. Jisoo and Irene were both turning red in their ruthless struggle for legitimacy and ownership of the patchy-furred, purple rabbit that was falling apart with age. 


“J…” Yeri was spelling, waiting for the next letter. “Z!” she yelled after the pointer flew into the air from the force of the Bae sisters’ not-so-sneaky attempts at result manipulation, and landed with a clatter on the letter Z. 


“Aha!” Irene yelled triumphantly. “See? J-Z! That’s me!”


“How the are you J-Z?” Jisoo asked incredulously. “If anything, it stands for Ji… Zoo, which is me.”


“It’s J-Z like Jay-Z, so Beyoncé, so the firstborn, which is me, because you’re Solange,” Irene explained like they were all stupid. 


“I’m Kelly Rowland!” Joy volunteered. 


“I’m Katy Perry!” Yeri yelled.


“Um… that doesn’t-“ Wendy started.


“Shhh, it makes sense in her head,” Seulgi stopped her. “Alright, Katy, yeah!”


“That was a stupid question anyway, because I’m the rightful owner of Mr. Snuggles, you’re just a bully,” Jisoo accused her sister.


“Ugh, can we ask the spirit a question that people actually give a crap about?” Yeri huffed.


“Spirit, is Yeri a little ?” Jisoo asked, and moved the pointer to YES. “There you go, the answer to life’s biggest question.” 


“Oh, I have a question!” Joy said with a mischievous glint in her eyes, as she flapped her arms at everyone to get them to put their fingers back on the pointer. “Spirit, who is Joohyun unnie going to spend the rest of her sad, ahjumma life with?”


Irene glared at Joy threateningly. 


The pointer slowly moved down the letters of the alphabet, slowly approaching W, before violently being pulled back to make a complete stop on S. 


“Oh, very funny, s!” Irene shot. 


“We’re not doing anything! It’s the spirit!” Yeri smirked.


The pointer continued to slowly move back to stop at E. 


Irene was getting annoyed at the very obvious teasing. 


Still, the pointer made its slow trek to land on the letter U. 


Irene anxiously glanced at her girlfriend, who was obliviously concentrating on the board, and then looked over at her neighbour, who apparently had been staring at her, sweating buckets. Irene immediately looked away, ears bright red. 


The pointer slowly neared the letter L, but before it could, was propelled to GOODBYE.


“S-E-U… hmmn, who could that be?” Yeri smugly wondered aloud, tapping her chin with a finger. 


“Guys, come on, it’s obviously Seungwan!” the bear exclaimed in sudden realization and relief. 


Yeri and Joy groaned, and rolled their eyes. 


“Omg, babe!” Wendy exclaimed excitedly, and kissed Irene’s cheek. 


Irene glanced at

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Chapter 18: Yieeeee nicee
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Chapter 18: Oops, we are on a ride! ... Well, the first few paragraphs were indeed quite a rollercoaster of revelations. 😂 I can't say that I'm completely surprised, but I also can certainly say that I am FAR from disappointed.

FINALLY. The universe has conspired well! A COSMIC kind of love that transcends time and space 🥹 (Which, hey, by the way is such a fun coincidence. Our space buddies are indeed reaching for the stars again soon!)

Can't wait to see more of these crackheads again soon!
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Chapter 18: Omggg this chapter is so cute and ngl I'm happy reading the revelation of their feeling. It's funny but heartwarming nonetheless.
I thought it's gonna end w the story goes but you still have more? Yeay thanks!
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Chapter 18: Ngl maybe I'm just stupid or dense but when Jisoo called and brought up Jennie I was like damn another girl for Irene's reborn so I really really have the same reaction as Irene when she told that she married. To Rosie wkwkw anyway I just wonder shen Seulgi suddenly came to Irene's door in this chapter, is it because Irene suddenly contact her or? Just coincidentally she just mean to visit her? With the Chinese food one I mean?
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Chapter 18: Chapter 18: This chapter reminded me of Say Anything, the carry-the-boombox-scene, which then reminded me of Grey's Anatomy, particularly the scene of Meredith Grey saying "pick me, choose me, love me" and just 80s, early 2000s movies overall. This was wonderfully written. One part romcom twist (Rosie + Jennie), one part American Pie-ish kind of cute+y combo (I don't know, I got reminded of Michelle + Jim, because they're funny but sweet too, a shade similar to the dynamic between Seulgi and Irene here), but all parts that are very much grounded into reality, especially when you pointed out that being single doesn't make a person emotionally available or ready right away. Good job, author. Really enjoyed this one.
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Chapter 18: Hahah. Lol. As expected. The mess is kinda funny.
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