The Shrieking of Innumerable Gibbons

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Rosé spent all Sunday daydreaming about Jennie. So she made up her mind to talk to the clueless brunette at school and clarify that she was, in fact, the object of the Aussie’s newfound romantic feelings.


Monday, after school, Rosé bought some milk ice cream, worked up the nerve, and resolutely marched to detention where she knew a certain someone would be. 


As she approached Mr. Yang’s classroom, from out in the hall, she heard familiar, raucous, high-pitched laughter like gibbering monkeys at the zoo at feeding time. She would recognize that laugh anywhere.


Sure enough, from the doorway, Rosé spied her best friend laughing to Jennie’s emphatic gesticulating. They were sitting next to each other in the back row, and seemed very comfortable with each other, with Jennie touching Lisa’s arm at one point. 


When Jennie moved in close to whisper something in Lisa’s ear, a feeling like an icy, suffocating burning spread from Rosé’s head to her toes, like how she imagined it would feel like to have lava poured into her ear. Why was lava being poured in her ear? Rosé had no idea but she imagined that's what it felt like all the same. 


The Aussie knew that Lisa thought Jennie was incredibly attractive. Everybody knew that. Lisa wasn't one to keep secrets. She had a voice and brain like a PA system. But nobody knew that Rosé harboured extremely gay feelings for the brunette. At least not officially. However obvious the blonde acted, she had never said it out loud, she had only recently admitted it to herself. So it's not like the Aussie had dibs on Jennie. This was not a betrayal, not a diss, not an infraction of any sort, but Rosé saw red, and stormed off, angrily dunking the defenceless ice cream into a trash bin. She had no friends, no family, all her love was gone. 


When Rosé got home from school, and was plotting voodoo curses on her best friend and the dark-haired, fickle flirt, she found a notification on her phone from one Jennie Kim. 


Wifey: Hey Cootie-fruity. Guess who has your number? And is actually using it to text unlike some people 🤪 I bet you will never guess 😘


Rosé’s heart skipped a beat for a second before she huffed, remembering the scene she witnessed in detention, and threw her phone across the room. Ah, the pains of being young and irrationally possessive. 


The next day, Chaennie had gym together, but Rosé did everything in her power to avoid Jennie, giving her a wry smile and nothing more when the brunette said hi. 


The Aussie also continued to ignore more text messages that she received from the brunette. Jennie had sent her a link to a song called “I Didn’t Want to Makeout (I Wanted to Kiss)" by Long Walks on the Beach, a video of a samoyed booping its own nose, a meme of Kirby angrily c

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Yeyineitor #1
Chapter 12: Me gustó mucho leer esto. Espero algún día vivirlo.
Chapter 12: I love this story 🥰😍
Chapter 12: thank you! your story is such a breath of fresh air from all the others! i really really enjoyed alreading it and came to love it! <3

also that subtle mention about you & me <333 EVERYONE STREAM YOU & ME ON ALL PLATFORMS!!!
Chapter 10: rosie's just like me, assuming and making up conclusion and cutting off people without clarifying things first 🤧 AND THAT VIDEO OF A SAMOYED DOG BOOPING IT'S NOSE IS SO ADORABLE 🥹🥹🥹
Chapter 9: jennie is really pabo 😆
Chapter 8: oh wow i didn't expect him to be that good cause yk he's a jock after all
Chapter 7: i really love playful jennie!
Chapter 6: i think rosie's the golden retriever and jennie's the black cat, those are their vibes
Chapter 5: rosie's got it REAL bad and ig jennie's otw there too 🤭