Chapter 5

True Beauty in your heart
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“Lucas, let’s go and see if Mark’s mum needs our help…” Chaeyoung pulled Lucas’s arm. “Hey but I haven’t…” Lucas muttered as Chaeyoung dragged him out of the room and shut the door. She even give Tzuyu a wink, which confused her. Mark smiled a little, knowing that Chaeyoung is giving him an opportunity to talk to Tzuyu alone.

Tzuyu sat on the chair that was besides the bed and start to chat with Mark. “I want to say thanks for saving me from getting drenched,” she said. Mark scratched his back of his head in embarrassment

“Nah, it is nothing.”

“I heard you catch a cold and cannot come to school, how are you?”

“I am getting better… I…” Before he finishes his sentence, Mark coughs a few times. Tzuyu get worried and uses her palm to pat his back.

“Oh no… I feel so bad right now because you were in this state because of me…”

“No no, don’t blame yourself, it is not your fault.” Mark assured.

“I understand. By the way I brought some fish soup when I was on the way to your house…” Tzuyu said. She opened the plastic bag, revealing a plastic container full of fish soup inside. She opened it up carefully, and she offered to feed Mark. “No No I can do it myself…” Mark refused. “Let me do it, you caught a cold because you saved me, so let me feed you to repay this kindness,” Tzuyu insisted. Sensing Tzuyu’s persistence, Mark had no choice but to comply.

Tzuyu used a plastic spoon to scoop up one spoonful of fish soup and g

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