Chapter 8

True Beauty in your heart
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Tzuyu rushed over and hugged Mark, protecting him. She squeezed her eyes, preparing to take the hit. Mark’s eyes widened and he could hear his heart beating like crazy. The bully managed to stop his punch at a nick of time. Sensing that nothing has happened, Tzuyu opened her eyes and looked around while hugging Mark. She turned around and faced the two bullies, “Leave now or else I’ll report both of you to the headmaster. She will be very pleased to give you another round of lecturing.”

Hearing this, both bullies left in a hurry as they knew that offending Tzuyu equals to offending the whole school, as she was also the gem in the teachers’ eyes. Tzuyu turn around and faces Mark. “Are you okay?” Mark nodded his head. Tzuyu support his arm, and both of them head back to the classroom. Neither did each of them realised, that their hearts for each other were beating like mad.

When both of them are back in the classroom, they noticed the discipline master is talking to their homeroom teacher. “You’re back, both of you, the discipline master is looking for you regarding the bucket incident,” the teacher said when she noticed them. Both of them nodded their heads and they followed the discipline master back to his office.

He sat himself down on the chair and he started asking a few questions to Mark and Tzuyu. He asked Mark if he had seen the culprit and Mark nodded. He told him that it was Yeonhye and the discipline master pursed his lips. “Yeonhye did th

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