Sweet Obsession

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They were 16 when they were engaged as they are in an arranged marriage by their parents who were best friends. They will be married when they become 21. Hayoung does not like him one bit, she only has pure hatred to him, however, Zelo like her when he first met her and in fact, obsessed with her. Hayoung have been trying to escape from him before they officially married in 5 years’ time. Will she be able to escape from his trap? Or she will fall in love with him instead?

Your body, your soul, your heart, your everything, all are mine. MINE ALONE, Hayoung-ssi. You will never run away from me.

-Your man of your life, Choi Junhong



Hayoung: A rich daughter of the Oh family. She hates Zelo because he annoyed her ever since they first met when they were 7 years old. In an arranged marriage with Zelo. She had a crush on Sehun.

Zelo a.k.a as Choi Junhong: Rich son of the Choi family. He likes Hayoung when he first met her and was determined to make hers his. Playboy. In an arranged marriage with Hayoung. Stays abroad in Canada.

Sehun: A childhood friend of Hayoung. He had a crush on Hayoung

APink: Hayoung’s friends

B.A.P: A well-known gang in Hayoung’s school. Zelo’s friends

Hi guys! I am back with a new story. Please do not criticise my story as I put in all my effort into this story. Please comment down below. This story is written but not completed beforehand so I cannot make changes according to your needs. Please do not plagiarise this story as this is my imagination and my work. Thanks!!

P.S: There are a lot of light s scene which may make you uncomfortable.

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