Chapter 1

True Beauty in your heart
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There was a lot of stares of envy and jealousy from the girls and stares of admiration from the boys the moment Tzuyu make her first step into the school gate.

“Isn’t that Tzuyu, the school’s loveliest and kindest girl?”

“Exactly, her beauty is incredible, she can make the flowers closed up their petals out of shame when they saw her beauty…”

The boys were talking about her to each other while some of the girls were seething with jealousy. Mark, who was standing at the pillar reading a book, looked up and watch Tzuyu walking up to her best friend, Chaeyoung and started to chat with her. He adjusted his glasses by pushing it up a little, he blushed upon seeing Tzuyu. Mark had a crush on Tzuyu ever since he met her for the first time but he was very shy.

Hence, he has kept his feelings for her deep inside his heart as he was scared that Tzuyu may reject his feelings due to his nerdy looks. At this timing, a snobbish girl, by the name of Yeonhye, went up to Tzuyu and crossed her arms. “Well well, isn’t this the popular and sweet goddess that everyone likes?” she said sarcastically. Tzuyu frowned, as she knew that Yeonhye is making trouble for her. Yeonhye is famous and popular in this school for her beauty as well, but her heart is the opposite of Tzuyu.

She is haughty, selfish and spoiled attention seeker who gets jealous easily, and most of the people in the school knew about her flaws, which was why they preferred to get along with T

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