Chapter 2

True Beauty in your heart
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When Yeonhye heard this voice, she turned around and her eyes were as wide as saucers.

It was Myungsoo.

“What do you think you are doing? Let her go now,” he said sternly. She immediately let go of Tzuyu’s arm the moment Myungsoo finished his sentence. Tzuyu still squirmed in pain as Yeonhye had created a red welt on her arm. Yeonhye eased herself up and hooked her arm with Myungsoo’s. “Since when you are here, babe?” she asked, praying that Myungsoo did not see her putting Tzuyu in a difficult spot. Myungsoo scoffed at her, and let go of her arm.

“Can you stop creating trouble for Tzuyu? We went to the library because I need Tzuyu’s help on my assignment, so she find some books that are useful for my work.” Myungsoo explained. Before Yeonhye could say a word, he snapped, “and stop going around telling everyone that I am your boyfriend, we are NOT dating. By the way, how did you know I went to a library with Tzuyu? Did you follow me?”

“Myungsoo…” Yeonhye furrowed her eyebrows. However, Myungsoo gave her a stern look. He then faced Tzuyu and asked in concern, “Are you okay? Does it still hurt?” Tzuyu gave him a relaxing look, “I’m fine. Thank you.”  Then, she took her bag and walked off with Chaeyoung. Watching Tzuyu leaving, Myungsoo turned around and gave Yeonhye a disgusted look. “I can’t believe you stalked me and hurt Tzuyu, I thought we can be friends but now…” he took a deep breath. “...not anymore.”

“No, Myungsoo, please let m

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