True Beauty in your heart

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Tzuyu is a goddess in the entire school, incurring every girl’s jealousy and envy for her beauty and sweet personality and capturing every guy’s heart, including Mark’s, who is an unpopular nerd in his school. Even though he was not bullied physically by others, he was often teased by his classmates for being a nerd and simple-minded. Will Mark be able to capture the goddess, Tzuyu’s heart? 




Tzuyu: A beautiful girl who is very popular in her school. She is very sweet and helpful.

Mark: A nerd in his school, who had a crush on Tzuyu. He is good at studying but often get teased by his classmates in his school.

Lucas: Mark’s only friend. They had known each other since elementary school.

Chaeyoung: Tzuyu’s best friend and always by her side.

Hello everyone! I am finally back with a new story after a 2 years hiatus, this time with a new pairing: Mark from NCT127 and Tzuyu from Twice. Please do not criticise my story as I put in all my effort into this story. Please comment down below. Please do not plagiarise this story as this is my imagination and my work. Thanks!!


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