Marriage In Disguise


SHE was in the arranged marriage that she hates by her parents, so she decided to disguise herself as a nerd in order to make HIM tired of her and divorce her so that she could be with her lover.

Will Naeun found out about her plan by Daehyun? Will she able to make it?




Naeun: 20 years old, A nerd in disguise, Daughter of the Son.K Company,A natural beauty, Arranged marriage with Daehyun, Hates Daehyun

Daehyun: 20 years old, a handsome heir of Jung.L Company, a playboy, Hates Naeun, Arranged marriage with Naeun

Taemin: 20 years old, Runs a chocolate shop, Naeun’s love interest

Chaewon(made up): 21 years old, Daehyun’s girlfriend aka mistress

B.A.P: Daehyun’s friends, hates Chaewon

Apink: Naeun’s friends

This is my first fanfiction, please support this story and make comments to help me improve on writing. Every chapter will be a short one.

Sidenote: This story is completed beforehand so I cannot make changes according to your needs. However, I will be uploading two chapters every week (if I can). Please do not plagiarise this story as this is my imagination and my work. Thanks!!

Credits:The poster is made by Akira02. You can check it out at her graphic shop to the link here below:


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Chapter 5: Interesting story