Chapter 7

True Beauty in your heart
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At this moment, Tzuyu step into the classroom as well. She saw Mark reading his textbook and that makes her heart beating like crazy. She was also surprised as not only she felt that way before, but also she has never have this feeling towards Mark even though she has known him for a few years. She coughed quietly to herself, and she walk over to her table shyly. She sat down besides Mark with a small ‘plop’. Mark looked up and saw her.

“Good morning,” Tzuyu said with a small smile. Mark blushed and nodded at her shyly. Tzuyu started to brief him on the topics that he missed. After around ten minutes, the teacher walks in the classroom and started the lesson.

After class…

Mark was on his way to the teacher staff room as the teacher ask him to carry the notebooks there. After Mark left the notebooks on the teacher’s table, he walked back to his classroom. On the way there, there were seniors who used to tease Mark for his nerdy looks standing at the lockers.

They noticed Mark walking towards their direction. They looked at each other with a cocky look, harbouring the same devious thought as each other. They walked towards him in an arrogant way, with their hands in their pockets. Mark noticed them and tried to walk past them but they blocked him.

“Yo, look at who we meet? Isn’t this a stupid nerd that got drenched a few days ago,”

“Sure is,” Both of them laughed. Mark’s eyes shifted left

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