Chapter 6

True Beauty in your heart
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At the school,  everyone are talking about two main things: Mark’s visuals and the water incident happened a few days ago.

“Yo, I heard that the school is investigating the drenched incident for some time after it happened.”

“Yeah, our school is very strict and would not tolerate this nonsense.”

“I know right, but if not for the incident, I never knew that the nerd in our school is that handsome, hehe,” Yeonhye is hearing their gossip as she walked past them, and couldn’t help but get nervous… “Oh no, the school is investigating this matter… If they found out that the culprit was me, I would be dead meat,” Yeonhye mumbled under her breath.

At the other side…

Mark had recovered from his cold and was walking to his classroom. He was in his new look, as he felt confidence and happiness after getting along with Tzuyu last time. “Good morning!” Mark greeted the moment he stepped into the classroom. Hearing his voice, everyone in the class looked at the door of the classroom, Mark was smiling brightly, with books clutching against his chest.

This time, Mark was in a new look: his hair is brushed back stylishly, showing off his handsome forehead and he is wearing contact lenses. Every girl in the class was swooned by his new look and couldn’t stop giggling. Mark’s eyes looked left and right slightly and he walked slowly over to his seat, which is besides Tzuyu’s. This is also one of the reasons why he was targeted by the other boys

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