Chapter 9

True Beauty in your heart
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It turns out that Myungsoo had witnessed the bad deed that Yeonhye committed. He even videotaped it and submitted it to the discipline master without a word. The discipline master asked both Mark and Tzuyu over in order to get a better understanding of the incident and Yeonhye’s motive. He also want to get more evidence that Yeonhye is the culprit through the victim, Mark’s testimony.

“OK, both of you can go back to your class now,” he said.

On the way back to their class…

Both Tzuyu and Mark were giving each other shy looks sneakily. “What do you think happened to Yeonhye?” Tzuyu asked, concerned. “It is confirmed that she will get punished but I do not know to what extent,” Mark replied. At this moment, both of their eyes met and they could see sparkles in them. They broke their eye contact quickly as both of them were really shy.

Finally, Mark pluck up his courage and asked, “Tzuyu…can I ask you out for a date?” When Tzuyu heard his question, her heart is beating like mad.

“Sure, no problem, where should we go then?” Tzuyu agreed. Mark scratched the nape of his neck and he answered, “Shall we go to the Lotte World this coming Saturday?”

“Sure, I love amusement park!” Tzuyu clapped. They agreed on the timing and they headed back to their class.

The coming Saturday… Tzuyu was looking at her watch and her feet tapped on the ground gently but impatiently. At this moment, she heard soft huffing and Mark ran towards her.

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