Chapter 10

True Beauty in your heart
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Mark lightly shook his head. “I have something important to tell you…” he said. “What is it?” “I…,” Mark pursed his lips, “I…I like you… are you willing to be my girlfriend?” Tzuyu’s eyes widened. “Actually… I think I fall in love with you too, ever since you saved me from being drenched… and your…,” she giggled. “...adorable looks too,” Mark’s eyes twinkled with delight and Tzuyu’s hazel brown eyes look at him with love.

Both smiled brightly, showing their sets of white teeth. At this moment, Mark leaned in closer to Tzuyu and Tzuyu closed her eyes slowly, as she was expecting it from him. His lips touched hers gently and on it softly. Tzuyu returned back her feelings for him by kissing tenderly as well. Her hands wrapped around his neck while Mark’s hands brushed up her back and pulled her closely towards him. They have a wonderful time on that ferris wheel.

Soon, the news about Mark and Tzuyu dating have spread across the school like fire. However, not only nobody is complaining about it but almost everyone in the school gave them the nickname of ‘The Visual Couple.’ As for Yeonhye, she was supposed to be expelled from the school as she already did a couple of wrongdoings  and the drenching incident was the last straw. However, due to Tzuyu’s pleas for Yeonhye, her ‘sentence’ has been downgraded to suspension from school for three weeks. Yeonhye was really ashamed as she did not expect Tzuyu and Mark to forgive her.<

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