Chapter 3

True Beauty in your heart
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A few days later…

Tzuyu was walking down the staircase, carrying her pile of books. She was walking out in the open area to take a shortcut to her classroom. From above, Yeonhye watched Tzuyu walking and she sneered in anger. “I will make you pay for what you had done towards me,” she said as she looked at a bucket of water that she had prepared.

As the bucket filled with cold water is heavy, Yeonhye lifted it up with all her strength and placed it on the top of the railing. She looked down to make sure Tzuyu walk to the spot she set her eyes on. On the other hand, Mark was strolling in the same open area where Tzuyu is walking. He spotted Yeonhye at the upper floor with a bucket, as if she is preparing to drench someone. He looked to the front and saw Tzuyu is walking towards to spot that Yeonhye had set her eyes on.

Oh no! I must save Tzuyu, Mark thought as he could guess what is Yeonhye up to. He sprinted towards Tzuyu as he saw Yeonhye tipping up the bucket. At the nick of the time, he pushed Tzuyu away, which caused her to fell and drop her pile of books. A huge splash sound was heard throughout the area. Tzuyu rubbed her knee which had a bruise and some scrapes, then she looked up at the boy who pushed her. There were other students in the area whispering and gossiping to each other, some of them even pointing to Mark.

Mark was drenched from head to toe. He took off his wet spectacles and pushed back his wet and jet black hair. As he d

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