Chapter 4

True Beauty in your heart
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It was an unlucky day for Mark, because it started to rain when the school end. Poor Mark, he only managed to dry some parts of his uniform as he need to rush off to attend another class, plus the room where he had his class is air-conditioned. Hence, Mark started sneezing when he got home, it turns out that he had a cold. His mom accompanied him to the doctor and the doctor gave him a medical leave of two days.

The next day, everyone was gossiping about the event yesterday. It was breaktime. In the classroom, Tzuyu was sitting down on her table, her cheek rest on one of her hands, reminiscing about the incident yesterday. Chaeyoung walked into the classroom and noticed Tzuyu daydreaming. She smiled and then she creeped up to Tzuyu and....

“Bah!” Chaeyoung shouted as she tapped Tzuyu’s shoulders, giving Tzuyu a fright. “Oh my god! You scared me,” Tzuyu whined. Chaeyoung chuckled, “I saw that you were daydreaming, so I decided to give you a ‘surprise’...” She pestered Tzuyu about her daydreaming, to which Tzuyu explained to her about the incident yesterday. She told Chaeyoung that she wanted to thank Mark but she had no idea where he is as Mark is absent.

Chaeyoung nodded, she snapped her finger, “I know someone that was close to that school nerd, maybe he knew where Mark lives and we can visit him,”

“Really, can you take me to him?”

“No problem! Mark saved my best friend so it is appropriate for us to show gratitude to him. Heehee!”

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