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Everyday I Love You
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"JIMINJEONG-AH, good job today as well."

Joohyun was answered with a bow from the two and was greeted with the same thing.

"It's Sunday today but you still came, Unnie. Don't forget that you are a graduating student. You still have to write a thesis, right?" Jimin reminded her with a worried pout.

"Do you really have to act cute while doing that?" Minjeong irritatedly asked.

Jimin sneered at her before placing her elbow on Minjeong's shoulder. "Come on, you don't have to be shy. Just say that you think I am cute."

"Shut up, Giraffe."

"Huh!? What did you just call me?"


Jimin was about to grumpily hit Minjeong again when she noticed a suspicious person standing by the café's parking lot.

"Hey, don't you think that person's weird?" Jimin whispered as she sneakily pointed at the person.

The said person was wearing an autumn long coat which is not the cause of the suspicion. What’s making Jimin bothered was that the person's face was covered with a black mask and was even wearing sunglasses when it's already night time.

"Joohyun-unnie!" Jimin clung to Joohyun and scaredy pup Minjeong didn't notice it but she also did the same. "Don't tell me it's one of your stalkers!"

"What stalkers are you talking about?" Joohyun asked, trying to shake the two off but they were clinging to her as if they were baby koalas.

"Don't tell me it's a burberry man!?" Minjeong's hold to Joohyun tightened.

"Oh come on!" Joohyun took a better look at the said person and she was surprised when the person also looked their way. She immediately looked away.

"Shoot, I think I locked eyes with that thing!"

Jimin started hiding behind Joohyun. "Why did you even look at it directly! I was even pointing at it secretly!"

"Sunbaenim... What if that person flashes on us!?" Minjeong whined like the puppy she is.

"Don't worry!" Joohyun continued their ASMR-ish conversation. "There's three of us here and that's just one person! We can outnumber it!"

"Unnie!!!" Jimin started jogging in her place. "The person is coming over here!"

Joohyun's brain started to work overtime. She won't let her precious juniors get in danger especially when she's with them. No misfortune shall harm them!

“There’s three of us so it will be okay! At the count of three, we will tackle that person!”

And yeah, Joohyun resulted in violence.

“B-But Sunbaenim…” Minjeong shivered in fear.


“Unnie…” Jimin called. “Are you really sure about this?”


Joohyun’s eyes were fixed on the approaching stranger. They were flaming with the strong desire to protect her juniors as if they were her own ducklings.

“Three! GO!”

Joohyun started running towards the stranger. Jimin finally let out her smirk and pulled Minjeong away from their senior. The other girl just looked at her with those confused, betrayed eyes.

“What are you doing?” Minjeong asked.

But Jimin didn’t answer her, instead the other girl just smiled and pointed at Joohyun using her lips.


Joohyun didn’t even notice that she was the only one who attacked the stranger. With her eyes closed, she bumped the stranger with all her might but the said person was only pushed back a little. They didn’t even fall.

‘Crap!’ Joohyun cursed to herself, she couldn’t open her eyes. What surprised her next was her being wrapped in an embrace. This made her gasp and finally opened her eyes.

“I didn’t know you missed me this much, Joohyun-sunbae…”

“This voice!” Joohyun looked up and had a glimpse of Seulgi’s wonderful monolid eyes under those sunglasses. “Y-You!”

“It’s me… Don’t tell me you didn’t recognise it was me and just went to hug a stranger.” Her cute pout was hidden under that mask. Seulgi’s hug tightened which made Joohyun even more embarrassed. “But thanks, Sunbae. It’s been a long time since I was last hugged by someone.”

“Y-YA!” Joohyun pushed Seulgi away and immediately searched for her juniors only to find them still standing by the entrance of the cafe. Minjeong was pointing at Jimin, looking so guilty at what happened, while the latter was just snickering. Jimin even gave Seulgi a thumbs up.

“Ya, Jiminjeong!” The senior shouted, her face so red.

“S-Sunbaenim! I don’t have anything to do with this!” Minjeong stammered. “Please stop combining our names!”

Joohyun was about to attack the people she was protecting a while ago when Seulgi started laughing. She turned to Seulgi with her jaws clenched.

“What are you laughing at?” She hissed.

“Nothing…” Seulgi’s whole face was covered but Joohyun could clearly picture how even her eyes were smiling that time. “I just really like those two part time workers. They are really cute.”

Joohyun’s right eyebrow raised. “Cute!?”

“Oh my gosh!” Jimin then started hitting Minjeong on her shoulder. The smaller girl quickly grabbed Jimin by the wrist to stop her abuse. “The great Kang Seulgi-sunbaenim called me cute!”

“Shut up, giraffe!” Minjeong marched away. “Joohyun-sunbaenim, I’ll go ahead. Please stop associating me with this weirdo. See you tomorrow.”

Minjeong gave her seniors a quick bow before hurriedly running away. Jimin just smirked.

“You can’t run away from me, Minjeongie~ Remember we are roommates!” Jimin then waved at her seniors and even winked at them. “Please enjoy your time together~ See you tomorrow~

Joohyun clicked her tongue as she watched her two juniors skedaddled. She then turned to Seulgi who finally took her sunglasses off and Joohyun was shocked to see her bruise by the eye literally turned black. 'She looked like a panda with one black eye.' Joohyun thought to herself. 'No wonder she was wearing sunglasses.'

"What are you doing here anyway?" Joohyun asked and immediately looked away.

"I missed you." Seulgi softly answered.

"Just say that you got bored in the house." Joohyun rolled her eyes. "Had dinner yet?"

"Not yet, I am waiting for you."

"I told you not to wait for me, I always have a quick dinner around 7PM."

Seulgi pressed her lips together and wore back her sunglasses. "I see…"

Joohyun was immediately struck by her conscience. "If you really want to eat with me then you better be here around that time."

The other girl's eyes sparkled. "Alright! Starting tomorrow I will come here by that time!"

Joohyun let out a sigh. "You should've just waited inside. I thought you were really some sort of weird person."

As usual, Seulgi snickered. "I don't want to be a distraction while you are working."

'You are indeed a distraction.' Joohyun thought as she looked at Seulgi's way. She couldn't believe how many times her mind was invaded by Seulgi's thoughts.

"I am pretty hungry since I only ate a little earlier. Want to eat something?"

"Hmm…" The taller girl thought aloud. "Let's just buy something from the convenience store and eat at home. I also want to show you the bed. It arrived earlier!"

"That was quick." Joohyun said in amazement.

"I kinda know the person running the business so I got special treatment."

There was a bit of shyness with her actions and Joohyun noticed it instantly.

"Let's go. There's a forecast of rain tonight. Let’s get going." Joohyun started walking away. Seulgi immediately followed her with a warm smile on her covered face.

"Sunbae, let's eat rabokki!"

"We just ate ramyeon yesterday, Seulgi-ssi."

"But it's rabokki this time, the flavour is different!"

"Ha... I can make you instant rabokki. I have some stock in the fridge."

"Really!? Another day with Sunbae's cooking?"

"I told you it's instant."

"I'm so happy~~"

"Ha... Seulgi-ssi..."





WITH her arms crossed and head covered with her hoodie, Wendy couldn't help but to tap her foot as she patiently(?) waited for that certain person.

"How many times will these people ruin my weekends?"

She gritted her teeth as she remembered how the news about Seulgi being kicked out of her house made her cut her 3-day vacation into just two.

She immediately rushed back from Jeju to help her but Seulgi didn't even answer her calls, only to find her staying at the house of the person she likes.

And now she went to meet another friend after receiving a call from her but she found herself waiting for almost an hour since that person hadn't finished working.

"These people…" Wendy started mumbling to herself. "I don't deserve this kind of treatment!"

"Why are you talking to yourself?"

Wendy bolted up from her seat. "Frickin' finally!"

The girl who just arrived sneered on her. She signalled for her attendants to leave and they did exactly what she wanted.

"Sorry for making you wait, Wendy-unnie." The girl said as she looked around. "It's just that I can only work during weekends."

Wendy shook her head as she threw herself back to her seat. "You know you don't have to work. Why are you even doing this? You can just go and play with me during weekends."

The said girl just gave a meaningful smile. "You also know it well, Unnie. We can't help that brands are after me because I am so beautiful."


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