My Feelings

Everyday I Love You
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JOOHYUN couldn't focus at work at all. Seulgi ended up staying at her house for a while until her beef with her father died down. The mighty Kang young blood lost her might in just one night. No cards, no cash, no house and even no friend to give her any help. Joohyun couldn't just let her sleep in the car again after that incident in the morning. She really thought that Seulgi almost died.

When she came out of the showers, she found Seulgi already sleeping soundly in her bed. She gave her some of her clothes to wear (and she bought her some underwear from the convenience store).

When she was about to go out, Seulgi woke up and had a short conversation with her. The girl told her that she has plans on meeting with her mother. It would be a secret from her father but her mother just won't let her starve to death. She would be given cash but not that much since her mother somehow agrees that it was reasonable that she gets kicked out. Seulgi also told her that she would be getting some of her stuff and asked her if it was okay to put some of them in her house.

Since there was no choice at all, Joohyun agreed. She has some space in the verandah anyway. She told her the password of her lock before she left.

With a sigh, Joohyun fell deeper into her thoughts. 'How could a father beat her daughter like that then kick her out of the house? Are they really family?'

She then took her eyes off the laptop (that she wasn't paying attention anyways) and picked her phone up only to view Seulgi's instagram account.

'She doesn't seem to be a problem child, though she is a problem to me.' Joohyun continued scanning Seulgi's posts. 'She's an achiever and is good at many things. How could a parent do that to this kind of child?'

Joohyun turned her phone screen off and brushed her hair back with her fingers. She has to do some accounting and check invoices. She also has to confirm the remaining supplies but she's so distracted.

'Now I got a freeloader in my house. Where will she even sleep at night? I am only renting a 'one room' and using a single bed.'

The girl let out a tired groan. "Stress…"

"Is something wrong, Unnie?" Jimin asked as she approached Joohyun. "Things don't match up?"

"Yeah…" Joohyun answered as she melted to the table. "It's such a mess."

Jimin just snickered. "Are you talking about work or something else? I heard what happened from Aeri."

Joohyun's eyes, as if they were daggers, quickly darted to the cashier station where Aeri is at. The latter instantly felt her skin crawling. She just gave Joohyun an awkward peace sign.

"Don't worry, Unnie. The secret is safe with the four of us." Jimin then sat at the opposite seat and giddily looked at Joohyun with those expectant eyes. "So, how are things going?"

Joohyun then leaned back to her chair and let her head hang backwards as she processed her thoughts. When she looked back at Jimin it seemed like none of her thoughts got organised at all.

"She, for reasons I can't tell you, will be staying at my home for some time. That's all."

"My gosh--!"

"Sshhh!" Joohyun immediately silenced Jimin. The latter quickly covered and composed herself. "Be quiet!" Joohyun hissed.

"S-Sorry…" Jimin tucked her tongue out as she apologised. "So? What happened? Why is everything moving so fast? I thought this story was a slow burn. We're just in the fourth chapter!"

"What are you even talking about?" Joohyun asked in confusion. She could see Minjeong in the background gesturing to Yi Zhuo that Jimin is crazy. Joohyun could only shake her head.

She put her laptop aside and leaned closer to Jimin. "It's not that we're dating. Something just happened and I hope it gets solved soon."

Jimin could only smile while looking at the troubled face of their senior.

"Unnie, don't tell me you're thinking that you're at fault for why this is happening to her."

And as expected, Joohyun's action gave away what she really feels--a deep, deep sigh.

"She started getting misfortunes right after she publicly confessed her feelings for me and you know what kind of reputation I have, right?"

"Unnie…" Jimin leaned closer to Joohyun. "Do you really believe that you bring misfortune? If that's the case then this café has already gone bankrupt. Me and the girls would either fail our exams or get into an accident but we are all doing just fine. All of what happened is just coincidence. I believe what's happening now is the same."

Jimin has a point and Joohyun could see that really well. The café is thriving and her juniors are all doing well. It's just that all the misfortunes that happened to the people from school took place after getting in contact with her.

"Cheer up, Joohyun-unnie~ It must be fate's way to bring you two closer. It's probably time for new love~"

Joohyun smirked as she rolled her eyes. "Come on, Jimin-ah. It hasn't been a year."

"So are you going to wait for a--OUCH!"

Jimin immediately turned to her back after her hair was pulled. She threw a death stare to the huge fluffball that's looking down on her.

"Minjeong-ah! Why--"

"Let Joohyun-sunbaenim work, Jimin-ssi." Minjeong then pulled her off of the seat and gave Joohyun a bow. "She's already distracted. Don't distract her even more or we will lose this cafe. She would think that she brought misfortune once again."

"Words, Minjeong-ah!" Jimin hissed.

"It's okay~" The two were surprised to see Joohyun snickering. It has been a long time since they saw her smiling like that. "Go ahead and go back to work. I will focus on mine as well."

The two then smiled at each other. "Yes!"

Joohyun just watched how the two joined Aeri and Yi Zhuo. She's always thankful at the presence of the four girls in her life and she always appreciates them even though they act like middle schoolers at times.

"Right…" Joohyun did some stretching and put her laptop back in front of her. "If the café gets bankrupt then it's really my fault. I have to focus on my work."

Dealing with Seulgi's case can wait, she has to work hard for the future of the café.

It's a place she couldn't afford to lose anyway.





FIVE minutes have already passed but Joohyun was still standing in front of the door of her own home. She calmed down after she focused herself on her work but now that she's back to her other reality, she started to be stiff once more.

"I wonder if she's already home." she sighed while still looking blankly at her door. It was already 10:30 in the evening. The cafe closes at 10PM every weekend.

With a sigh, Joohyun finally entered her home and found the lights on, something that she isn't used to seeing. Seulgi's shoes are also by the doorstep which felt a little bit weird for her since it was always empty. After taking off her shoes, she quietly went in and found Seulgi sleeping at her study desk with her iPad's screen on.

'Look at this girl, always sleeping.'

She then carefully took a peek at what's being displayed on Seulgi's iPad screen only to blush hardly after. It was a portrait drawing of her smiling complete with cherry blossom petals in the background.

'This girl is for real…' she thought as she stepped back. 'But hey, she's really good. The art is so clean.'

Joohyun took a good look at Seulgi's face and noticed that her bruises had already turned dark purple. Her heart ached not only because it would stay in her face for quite a while but also because even after it faded the memory of getting it from her father's beatings would remain.

She then looked around and saw two duffel bags and one rolling suitcase. Looking at how even the bags are from famous brandmakers, Joohyun could only smile at herself.

"She could rent a better place at the price of these bags."

"I also thought about that."

"Oh sh---"

Joohyun almost tripped on herself when Seulgi suddenly spoke near her ear. She didn't even realise that she's up. Seulgi heartily laughed at her cuteness.

"Did I surprise you, Sunbae?" Seulgi cutely asked, her eyes smiling with her lips.

"Isn't it obvious!?" Joohyun asked, the furrows of her brows were Mariana Trench deep. "Weren't you sleeping just a while ago!?"

Seulgi scratched her cheek. "I heard the sound from the lock and pretended that I was sleeping to surprise you~"

"Huh?" Joohyun's eyes narrowed. 'Lies, you were really sleeping. J

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