Chaos Island

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Short crack au based on the Netflix show called Single's Inferno. Basically Seulgi wreaking havoc at the island. 


Just writing something light as a refresher~ 

Please don’t take this seriously because I think I am not even serious while writing this. XD

If you like this chaotic island, please let others know about the chaos XD


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re-reading this again!!! let's go!!!
finished reading this while on my commute to and from work and it was really a RIDE! exactly what a person need after a day's work. this was so unhinged and i was smiling the whole time while reading :)) thank you author-nim for this, will surely re-read this from time to time when in need of light read and unfiltered laugh.
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merry christmas authornim!! re-reading all your stories again one by one! thank you for always sharing your work with us!!
Chapter 16: That was fun crack😌👍🏻
Chapter 16: This is good 👍🏼
Fahaza #6
Chapter 16: It's fun! The story is light to read and successfuly crack me up ~ seulgi is really something else. Especially that fake snores lmao
Lipfeatchichu #7
Chapter 16: This was a fun read! Very chaotic indeed!
1746 streak #8
Chapter 16: this story always makes me happy! been thinking about it even after i read it the first time!!
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Chapter 1: still can't get over how inpactful seulgi's introduction was!!!!
Do we possibly get an epilogue?