Everyday I Love You

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LETTING someone do whatever they want isn't always a wonderful idea especially if that certain someone is uncontrollable when they stop holding back. 


Note: THIS story is purely fictional and not to be associated with the idols used as characters. There is no harm intended for the characters used and before reading, please take note of the line between fiction and reality. This work is not intended to be read when one is at the reality border, cross the line and please remember that everything is purely fictional...

I wrote this story as an escape from the real world. I hope you find a place to clear your mind from the stress brought by reality through this story. Welcome to Traumwelt~ :)

A poll is actually on-going in my twt profile about which story should I focus next after I finish Mark Her Red. I might as well put a poll here. :)
The opposing story is "The Rose on My Porch" :)
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