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Everyday I Love You
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SEULGI took a deep breath before knocking at the door of her professor. She was there to confirm something now that the test results are already out.

“Professor Han, this is Kang Seulgi.” She said after knocking.

“Come in.” A deep man's voice answered from the inside. Seulgi then turned the knob and went in. Professor Han was sitting at his work desk, his eyes fixed on his computer’s monitor.

“Anything I can do for you, Ms. Kang?” The Professor asked as he took a quick peek of the student.

“Ah… well… Uhm…” the lady clenched her fist. “I just want to know if—-“

“Job well done at the past exam, Ms. Kang.” The strict professor cut her sentence. Seulgi was stunned.

“Y-You mean—-“

“Nothing was tweaked.” The professor let go of his mouse and leaned on his chair. “It was your original score. You really did a good job.”

Seulgi’s worried eyes suddenly started sparkling in joy. “For real?”

The professor smirked as he crossed his arms. “I was worried about you at first because of the stunts that you did in the beginning of the semester but I guess being close with Ms. Bae was actually a good path for you. That girl is really an excellent student.”

“T-Thank you, Professor!” Seulgi finally heaved a sigh of relief. “I agree with you. Joohyun-sunbae is really a good influence on me!”

The man just shook his head before pulling himself closer to his desk, his hand reached back to his mouse. “Make sure to maintain this performance in the finals. Keep up the good work.”

“Yes, Professor Han! I will!” Seulgi gave him a deep bow. “I’ll take my leave then.”


Seulgi gave another bow to the Professor before she closed the door. The man just couldn’t help but to shake his head once more.

“She’s definitely inspired.” He smiled at himself. “Something that her father forgot about being a Kang.”





HUMMING her self-composed “I Love Sunbae” song, Seulgi travelled to the hallway, shining brighter than ever and giving away free sunny smiles to everyone she met along the way.

She sent a message to Wendy, thanking her for the help and even promised to treat her to something. Wendy just has to tell her when and she would be there to treat her.

Wendy was actually surprised about Seulgi’s test results. First and foremost, it wasn’t the first time that she tutored her and for the record, it was Seulgi who made her doubt her teaching abilities. Second, she’s unofficially dating the Queen of Bad Luck. She was actually already preparing for the burial of Seulgi’s test results but a miracle happened.

Since classes are already over, she skipped her way towards Joohyun’s cafe. Midterms are finally over and she even got a good grade that she got all by herself, this means she and Joohyun can finally go on a date.

While preparing for midterms, she actually made a list of where it would be fun to go so Joohyun could just pick a place and go. For some time, the mission to break the curse spilled from her mind.

When she arrived at the cafe, she found Joohyun on the second floor, sitting in front of her laptop. She’s either doing her thesis or managing the cafe’s online promotions.

Joohyun was just sitting there with a serious look on her face but effortlessly breathtaking. Seulgi felt like her heart was doing some pole dancing again.

Joohyun blew her fringe upwards and Seulgi felt like fainting. Right, Joohyun got herself bangs. They were fooling around this morning and decided to cut each other’s bangs. She was relieved that she didn’t mess up while cutting Joohyun’s bangs or else she would have shaved her own head to reflect on her wrong doing.

Seulgi cleared to get Joohyun’s attention and she succeeded right away. Joohyun turned to her way and her heart skipped a beat when she witnessed how the older girl’s face lit up the moment her eyes laid on Seulgi.

“Seulgi-ya.” Joohyun called with a smile. “You came early today.”

“I am missing you already~” Seulgi answered with a goofy smile which made Joohyun chuckle.

“Silly.” Joohyun then pulled the chair beside her. “Come here and sit with me. I need your opinion about this design.”

And like an obedient lover that she is, Seulgi made her way to sit beside Joohyun. She listened to her concerns and gave her honest opinion about the design that she was talking about.

“I see, I’ll try to revise it later.” Joohyun stretched her arms upward. “I guess I can push this one a little later and focus on the cafe operations for now.”

Seulgi happily stared at Joohyun who went to fix her hair bun. Getting really conscious, Joohyun asked, “Why? Is there dirt in my face?”

“No.” Seulgi shook her head. “You’re just so beautiful, I can’t help but to stare.”

Joohyun scoffed. “What are you being smooth for?” She then finished her bun and properly faced Seulgi. “How were your exams?”

The smile on Seulgi’s face widened and Joohyun already knew what that meant.

“Where should we go?” Irene asked in a baby voice which surprised Minjeong who was cleaning tables on the said floor. She felt like she was electrocuted or something.

“This is so annoying.” The freshman sighed as she continued with her work.

“But it’s better than having Unnie being in the dark, right?”

Minjeong almost screamed when Jimin appeared behind her. “Stop appearing like you are a ghost! Your long hair doesn’t help at all!”

“What’s wrong with my luscious, beautiful hair?” Jimin flipped her hair and it looked like a hair shampoo commercial to the cafe guests.

“TCH.” Minjeong rolled her eyes which made Jimin shake her head.

“Are you a disciple of the cute guy from the famous RoG cafe?” Jimin asked. “He’s very popular on SNS.”

“I know him but I don’t idolise him.” Minjeong tried to shake Jimin off by going to another table but the girl followed her.

“Jokes on you, Olaf~ Do you really think I am not aware of the RoG merch you hide in your closet?”

Minjeong stomped her foot as she turned to Jimin, catching the attention of the guests (Not Joohyun and Seulgi though. They were busy flirting)

“Don’t you have anything to do, Jimin-ssi?” She asked the lady towering over her.

“The exams are over so I am not busy.” Jimin answered innocently which made Minjeong annoyed even more. “By any chance, do you want to go on a date with me as well?”

“W-W-WHAT!?” The smaller girl stammered. “I am not interested in you at the very least!”

“Oh yeah?” Jimin just shrugged her shoulders and walked away. “People just don’t kiss someone they don’t have any interest in.”


Minjeong couldn’t even manage to get anything out of . Jimin just waved without looking and headed downstairs. A playful smirk pasted on her face.





JOOHYUN and Seulgi were already on their way home when Seulgi’s phone rang. She wasn’t expecting a call at all so it somehow made her nervous. She looked at the caller ID and immediately silenced the call before putting it back to her pocket.

“Who’s that?” Joohyun asked.

“Spam call.” Seulgi answered with a smile. “Anyway, it’s set then! We’ll go this Sat—“

Seulgi wasn’t even able to finish her sentence when her phone started ringing again. She let out a sigh.

“That… isn’t a spam call, right?” Joohyun carefully asked which Seulgi answered with a weak nod.

“Well, uhm…” She pressed her lips together. “It’s my Dad’s secretary.”

Joohyun’s lips agape. She suddenly felt nervous. “W-What’s going on?”

“I don’t know…” the call stopped but the phone rang again soon after.

“It seems like it is urgent…” Joohyun twitched when Seulgi held her pinky finger. Seulgi already turned pale in nervousness.

“L-Let me just answer this, Sunbae.”

Joohyun gave her a nervous nod. Seulgi then pulled her phone out and answered the call, her hand wasn’t letting go of Joohyun’s pinky.

“Hello.” Seulgi listened to the caller first before apologising for not answering the call right away. She then took a look at Joohyun and gave the girl a sad smile. “This Saturday?”

The two already agreed to go out on Saturday. They even set the places they would be going, even the restaurants where they will eat.

“Does it really have to be this Saturday?” Seulgi asked. She lowered her head in disappointment. “My brothers already agreed with the date? I see… I…”

Seulgi took another look at Joohyun. The latter already felt that the younger girl was asking for her permission so she gave her a reassuring nod. “It’s okay, we can still go out the next day.” Joohyun mouthed. “Go ahead.”

Seulgi pressed her lips together befo

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