Xiah Junsu’s Intoxication

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Junsu dropped himself on his sofa as he pressed the ‘end call’ of his phone. He’s really tired with all the ‘congratulations’ from his friends for the success of his album Intoxication. He’s thankful, yet he’s feeling incomplete. He hasn’t received any call from his team mates, TVfXQ.

Then the doorbell rang.

He stood up and hurriedly dashed towards the door. He felt excited without any reasons at all. He opened the door and his instincts didn’t disappoint him.

“Yoochun-ah!” He shrieked as he hugged Yoochun.

“Junsu-yah, I can’t breathe!” Yoochun exclaimed when Junsu’s hug became tighter.

“What are you doing here?” Junsu asked with teary eyes.

“I’m here to celebrate the success of our dolphin’s Intoxication!” Yoochun said as he lifted up a plastic bag full of food and a wine on his other hand.

Junsu’s smile widened. “Come in Yoochun-ah!” He led Yoochun inside his living room.

“So Junsu-yah, tell me,” Yoochun said as he placed the plastic bag and wine on the table and sat on a sofa.

“Tell you what Yoochun-ah?” Junsu asked as he brought the plastic bag and went to the kitchen to put the food on a plate.

“Come on Junsu-yah. Don’t play dumb on me now.” Yoochun smirked.

Junsu placed all the food on the table and tried to open the wine but he couldn't. “I don’t get where you’re getting at…”

Yoochun laughed at Junsu’s cuteness and opened the wine. “There.” He said then sat back on the sofa. Junsu sat in front of him as he ate a spoonful of spaghetti. He poured wine on his glass and drank. “Just be honest with me Junsu-yah.”

“Huh?” Junsu asked. “Stop asking in circles Yoochun-ah!” Junsu now demanded.

Yoochun laughed again. “Ok, ok. What I’m asking is… What’s your inspiration for your song Intoxication?”

“Inspiration?” Junsu gulped his glass of wine. “Nothing really…”

“Oh come on! Seriously, have you done that?”

“Done what Yoochun-ah?”


Junsu furrowed his eyebrows when he realized what Yoochun meant. He grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. “You’re so ert Yoochun-ah!” He exclaimed.

Yoochun laughed as he dodged the pillow. “Ask anyone, it’s as if you have experienced that because of your song.” He defended himself.

“Didn’t you watch my off cam? I already stated my reasons for that. I am just describing the iness of a man with my song. It’s just you who’s thinking so dirty.” Junsu sighed.

“That is so suspicious Junsu-yah. You’re our ever innocent dolphin and for you to compose that kind of song… It’s so fishy…”

“Whatever Yoochun-ah. I thought you were here to celebrate but you’re arguing with me.”

“I know you Junsu-yah. Just tell me the truth. I promise I’ll keep it a secret. I’ll keep it a secret to Jaejoong-hyung, Yunho-hyung and to Changmin-ah.”

Junsu, who was drinking his wine, choked.

“I got you under my skin…” Yoochun smirked as he sang that sarcastically.

“Ok, ok! I’ll tell you but you have to kee

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