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They let go of each others' hands.

Yunho and Jaejoong saw their dongseangs' confused look when they intertwined their hands with each other. They haven't told them about their relationship that gets deeper everyday. They had confessed what they truly felt with each other but not yet with their dongseangs. It was hard to just keep it from the one you love when you're that near, and now, they're both thinking that it's harder to confess to their beloved dongseangs. They're afraid that they won't understand. They are living in a judging world after all.

Yunho slowed his pace that Jaejoong started. Jaejoong just looked at the three backs that are walking ahead of them laughing. He held his lover's hand.

"Yunho-yah..." Jaejoong gripped the hand that's in his. He felt their dongseangs disgust them by the looks on their eyes.

"Jaejoongie... It's going to be alright." Yunho assured though he seemed hesitant. It's hard to read what on their dongseangs' minds. Will their dongseangs understand? Will they accept them?

"What if—"

"We'll talk to them tonight." Yunho's voice was desperate. He wants the permission from them, or else, he won't be able to live peacefully.


After they had their dinner that seemed to be a library because no one dared to break the awkwardness that covered that moment, Yunho told them to gather to the living room for a discussion. Of course, using his leader-ish voice, everyone followed.

"Changmin-ah, Yoochun-ah, Junsu-ah..." Yunho started, gulping as he called the names one by one. Jaejoong sat beside him.

"What is it hyung?" Changmin asked, eying his two hyungs.

Jaejoong just looked down. He doesn't want to look at their dongseangs and see that kind of expression in their eyes.

Yunho gritted his teeth before he stared at his dongseangs' eyes. He turned beside him and saw Jaejoong nervous. Jaejoong turned to him and their eyes met. Yunho mouthed 'it's ok' then intertwined his hand with his beloved. He looked back again at the three and said, "We love each other."

YooSuMin narrowed their eyes.

"Changmin-ah, Yoochun-ah, Junsu-ah... I am deeply in love with your Yunho-hyung." Jaejoong confessed boldly, tightening his grip again.

"So am I. I know you won't understand but we want to have your permission about this." Yunho said.

Changmin looked at the two seriously. He turned to Yoochun and saw him with teary-eyes while the situation seemed to not sink in into Junsu's head yet. "We'll talk about it first hyung." He said seriously, motioning YooSu to follow him in his room. Yoochun and Junsu entered first, Changmin stopped and looked at his two hyungs. "Jaejoong-hyung, Yunho-hyung, please go to sleep too. We'll tell you what we think tomorrow." Changmin smiled weakly then entered.

YunJae's hearts broke as they held each other tight in their embrace. They don't want to let go of each others' hands anymore.


Jaejoong woke up in Yunho's arms. His eyes still heavy because all he did that night was to cry in Yunho's chest. He doesn't know what waits for them once they get out of his room. After Changmin said that they should wait for their answer whether they accept that kind of relationship within their group, he had a feeling that something will change. Even though Yunho reassured that everything's going to be ok, he still carried with him that uneasy feeling. He really doesn't want to wait. He wanted to hear the answer that night. But he respected his dongseangs' decision.

Yunho felt his arms numb because of Jaejoong's weight against it. But it's not the reason he felt so uneasy. Even though Jaejoong had accepted his feelings for him that made him feel he's the happiest man in the world, his dongseangs' permission stayed pending. As a leader, he shouldn't force them for a quick answer though his heart broke every single second that passed. Seeing his Jaejoong so reluctant about their dongseangs' decision, he extended his patience so that he won't join him and scare their dongseangs. He cares so much for them that their decisions comes first before his.

"Yunho-yah... Good morning..." Jaejoong called, shifting closer to Yunho's body.

"Good morning Jaejoongie." Yunho kissed Jaejoong's forehead that made Jaejoong giggled.

Jaejoong stood up, making Yunho's pout visible. "I have to cook breakfast Yunho-yah." He said then went towards the door. Yunho followed after.

They found the three sitt

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