My Leader

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Sleep earlier. If you don’t sleep, I will kill you.

Jaejoong sighed as he folded a piece of paper neatly and placed it inside his drawer. He sat on his bed, defeated by the arrangement of words written by his leader for him. He found that note inside of his coat before he can put it into the washing machine. Yunho must have put it earlier when they are partying with their manager after getting the award that all of them worked hard for.

His dongseangs, along with his leader and manager are now sleeping soundlessly inside their rooms, except for Yoochun of course. Yoochun’s snores are currently echoing in their room, proof that he is both exhausted and happy.

Jaejoong closed his eyes as he lied on his bed, trying to obey his leader’s words. But unfortunately he can’t. Thoughts of a crying Yunho inside the bathroom popped out on his mind. It must have been cute if he saw it with his own eyes. He smiled as he covered his face with a pillow, feeling that the ceiling can for his thoughts.

“Ah, my leader is so cute…” He whispered to himself. He remembered Yunho’s face when his dongseangs started to praise him when they got home.

“It’s all because of Yunho-hyung! Thank you hyung!” Junsu shrieked as he hugged Yunho once they got inside their apartment.

Yoochun laughed. “Of course! We have the best leader ever!”

Changmin patted Yunho on his shoulder. “Thank you leader-hyung.” He said sincerely.

Jaejoong just observed his leader as he said to his dongseangs that it’s because they all worked hard for it as a group. He noticed his leader’s breath hitched as he said that. He’s obviously stopping his tears to fall. He smiled.

“Jaejoongie?” Yunho called him.

“Say something Jaejoong-hyung.” Changmin demanded.

“You’ll always be my leader Yunnie…” Jaejoong said then hugged Yunho tightly. “Thank you.” He whispered in Yunho’s ears. Their dongseangs joined their hug.

Yunho was the one who broke their hug and yawned. Jaejoong saw that it was a forced one. Yunho said that he’ll just shower and commanded everyone to sleep early to rest using his desperate leader-ish voice. Jaejoong felt that desperation from his leader’s voice and also told his dongseangs to sleep immediately, which his dongseangs understood.

Jaejoong sat beside their restroom’s door, listening to Yunho’s almost silent sobs. He wanted to barge in to hug his Yunnie but he thought that his leader needed his time alone. And he might just make Yunho cry more, knowing that it was him who triggered Yunho’s tears.

He silently listened. He didn’t notice that he’s also crying. Yunho made him cry as he made Yunho cry as well. He wiped his tears as he stood up. He took off his coat that he had almost forgotten and went to the washing machine to wash it. He checked if there’s nothing left in the pockets and found a folded small note.

Sleep earlier. If you don’t sleep, I will kill you.

Was what he read. Yunho knew that he might sleep late because of what ju

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