Chapter 11

Strung Apart by Fate

When Soobin woke up he felt disoriented for a few seconds, his mind barely registering that there was someone beside him, clutching his hand in theirs.

He opened his eyes to see Beomgyu sleeping with half his body practically on the bed as he leaned on it with his head laid down on the arm that stretched out to hold Soobin's hand.

"Beomgyu," Soobin called softly, causing Beomgyu to bolt up, sitting up in surprise when heard his name. "Wha-" He started, before realizing who had called his name. "Soobin," he breathed out, relief clear on his face as he realized that Soobin was awake again.

"How long was I out?" Asked Soobin, coughing slightly as he covered his mouth with the hand that Beomgyu wasn't holding.

"Just a couple days," responded Beomgyu as he reluctantly moved his hand away from Soobin's, looking down at his lap. Soobin blinked in surprise, the urge to reach out to Beomgyu overtaking him but he didn't, just kept his hands to his side as he looked towards the door when it opened.

"You're awake!" Exclaimed Taehyun as he entered the room. "I'm awake," echoed Soobin as he smiled at his best friend. "Thank god," breathed Taehyun as he went to stand in front of Soobin's bed. "It wasn't looking good for a while there," he added. "It wasn't huh?" Asked Soobin. Taehyun shook his head no. "But it looks like you're going to be okay for now," he remarked. "Yeah, for now," scoffed Soobin as he looked away.

"I'll leave you two be, Jay's getting released today and Heeseung and I promised to help him pack," Taehyun said in goodbye before leaving the room, leaving Beomgyu and Soobin to themselves.

"Jay's awake now huh?" Asked Soobin. "Yeah, he woke up a while ago," hummed Beomgyu. "They weren't going to release him at first, but Jay's parents wanted him back in the states as soon as possible," he explained. "That's understandable," mumbled Soobin. "Mhm," hummed Beomgyu.



"I'm going to miss having you around," remarked Heeseung as he helped Jay pack his things back at the dorm. "Come visit at least? Or use the tablet to talk to me at least," hummed Jay as he looked at said tablet, holding it in his hands for a few minutes before he went to pack it up in his carry on bag. "Of course," responded Heeseung. "I know Beomgyu will keep tabs on you," he added. "Plus you got the group chat that we're all in," he explained.

"You guys ready?" Asked Taehyun as he stood in the doorway to Heeseung and Jay's room. "As ready as I can be," came the reply as Jay nodded, turning to Taehyun. "Have fun in the states hyung," Niki said in goodbye as he stood in the doorway behind Taehyun. "Thanks kid," Jay said with a small smile, causing Niki to whine at being called a kid. "I'm not a kid," Niki mumbled with a pout. "Kid," snorted Heeseung as he shook his head, causing Niki to scowl.

"Well, let's go," sighed Taehyun as he turned and walked away, heading out the door to Soobin's car. "He's sad to see you go, don't mind him," Heeseung said, shaking his head as he left the room with Jay.

"Goodbye Jay," Taehyun said in farewell as he stood in front of Jay as he prepared to enter the airport. "Keep in touch okay?" Asked Jay as he turned to look at Taehyun. Taehyun nodded, putting his hands in his pockets as he smiled softly at Jay. "I'll tell you how Soobin's doing," he added. "Please do," sighed Jay before he turned and walked into the airport terminal. Taehyun stood there for a few minutes before turning and getting in the car, driving off once it was clear.



Beomgyu looked at his tablet when it pinged, reading the message that Taehyun sent. "What's up?" Asked Soobin. "Looks like Jay's heading home," responded Beomgyu before he put the tablet on the nearby table. "I guess he really needed time away from here huh?" Asked Soobin. "I think it's better on him," explained Beomgyu. "I have some friends in the states, I'll message them and tell them to look out for Jay," he added, doing so after grabbing his tablet and starting a conversation with said people.

"You have friends everywhere," remarked Soobin. "When you've been alive as long as I have you get around," sighed Beomgyu as he leaned back in his chair, typing up a reply to Taehyun before messaging Jay to look out for two of his friends in the states.

"Where were you born at, originally I mean?" Asked Soobin. "What is now North Korea," replied Beomgyu as he shrugged, looking at Soobin. "Why?" He asked. "Was just curious is all," hummed Soobin. "You just don't seem like someone from there," he explained, earning a snort from Beomgyu.

"Well, back then North and South Korea didn't exist, hell I don't think the countries were even a thing back then," explained Beomgyu as his tablet pinged, causing Beomgyu to look at it before typing up a reply back.

"Was your hair always this color?" Asked Soobin. "Nah," replied Beomgyu as he shrugged. "It's normally a deep brown color," he added. "I dyed it some time ago," he explained.

"You've really been alive for that long huh?" Asked Soobin. "I think I grew up around the time when the first kingdom of Korea came to be," explained Beomgyu. "I don't know, time and history blends together when you've been alive for as long as I have," he added. Soobin hummed in response.



Beomgyu wanted nothing more than to explain to Soobin that he was his soulmate. He only had a limited amount of time left, if the doctors making comments here and there while Beomgyu was pretending to sleep was any indication. He didn't though, half expecting Soobin to figure it out but as Taehyun had said, Soobin was oblivious to those things when concerning soulmates.

Beomgyu just hoped that Soobin would make it this time. He couldn't stand seeing Soobin like this.

"Why do you continue to stay with me?" Asked Soobin. "You wouldn't understand," responded Beomgyu as he looked down at his lap. "You remind me of my soulmate, is all," he explained after a minute of silence. "Hm," hummed Soobin as he looked thoughtful.



"Wait, so you were around since King Dangun?" asked Soobin. "I was," hummed Beomgyu as he nodded. "Dann is still around, actually," he added. "I served many kings in my time, but Dann was the first," he explained.

"I wanna meet this guy," Soobin stated with an excited look. "I'll see if I can get him here yeah?" asked Beomgyu as he shook his head in amusement. "I've always wanted to meet a king," whined Soobin as he pouted, earning a scoff from Beomgyu. "What?" Whined Soobin.

"If only you knew," remarked Beomgyu as he looked at his tablet as it pinged, seeing a message from Taehyun.

"Oh, Taehyun's bringing food, do you want anything?" Asked Beomgyu as he turned to Soobin. "Mm I don't know," mumbled Soobin as he looked thoughtful. "I'll take anything that isn't hospital food at this point," he finally decided, nodding at Beomgyu who nodded back as he typed up a response.

"So what's Dann's soulmate thing then?" Asked Soobin. "Same as Yeonjun," replied Beomgyu as he shrugged. "You'd be surprised, how many people have the same thing as him," he added. "Interesting," hummed Soobin.

"I think one has the same as me? I don't remember though," explained Beomgyu. "One of the kings you used to work for?" Asked Soobin. Beomgyu nodded. "Ivan, I think his name was," he explained. "I think I worked for him during my soulmate's second life," he added. "Huh," remarked Soobin.

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