Chapter 2

Strung Apart by Fate

Beomgyu was feeling lazy, laying down in his bed as he stared up at the ceiling. What Heeseung had told him the day before really bothered him, as the only way someone would know is to have been in the same situation.

Looks like Beomgyu would have to seek out this Taehyun for answers. He sat up and looked around the room, spotting Jake at his desk working on something on his laptop.

"Do you know if there's a place where everyone just goes around here?" Asked Beomgyu, catching Jake's attention as he turned and looked at Beomgyu.

"There's the cafe just outside campus," replied Jake as he shrugged his shoulders. "Everyone goes there though," he added. "Heeseung and Jungwon work there most days while Jay, Sunghoon and I work the other days," he explained, shrugging.

"Is Heeseung there today?" Asked Beomgyu. "I think so? Sunghoon and Jay had to be called in though, Soobin isn't feeling well and Taehyun refuses to leave his best friend behind," replied Jake. "Hm," hummed Beomgyu.

"Why, what's up?" Asked Jake. "Ah, was just asking," Beomgyu replied with a shake of his head. "I may look for places to just hang out when I'm not busy with classes," he added. "Yeah, the dorm does get boring sometimes," scoffed Jake as he turned back to his laptop.

"Oh, what's your soulmate thingy?" Asked Beomgyu. "A tattoo," replied Jake as he held up his wrist, showing the small tattoo of a rose before returning to the laptop to finish up whatever he was doing. "I think the others are different too," he added. "But I know that Jungwon and Sunghoon can't see colors, but I don't know about the others," he hummed.

"What's yours?" Asked Jake. "Well," mumbled Beomgyu. "Reincarnated?" He asked. "Oh, that's uh..." Mumbled Jake. "I'm sorry," he added. "Hey, it's fine," mumbled Beomgyu as he got up. "I'll head out then," he added. "Do you want anything?" He asked. "Nah, I'm fine," replied Jake as he nodded. "Alright," Beomgyu said as he grabbed his bag and slung the strap over his shoulder before leaving the room and grabbing his shoes. He left the dorm after putting on his shoes and headed to the cafe that Jake was talking about.



Heeseung was worried for Soobin, as it had been a while since Soobin wasn't feeling well. He hoped that Soobin wasn't going to end up in the hospital again, though from the chat he was in with the friend group it seemed Soobin was just feeling a little under the weather.

"I can just smell the worry on you, come on now," sighed Sunghoon. "I'm sure it's fine, you said yourself that it was just Soobin having a cold," he added. "I'm sorry," grumbled Heeseung as he leaned against the counter. "Hey, it's okay," reassured Sunghoon. "We get it, really," he added. "Your situation is rather... Unique," he explained.

The door chimed as someone walked in, causing everyone to turn to see someone they hadn't seen in a while. "Kai!" Greeted Sunghoon. "Welcome back," greeted Heeseung as he waved at Kai. "Yo," greeted Kai as he grinned. "Where's the rest of the crew?" Asked Kai as he walked up to the counter to order. "And I'll have mine, Soobin and Taehyun's usuals please," he added. "Jungwon and Jay are in the back counting inventory," explained Heeseung as he rung up the order, Kai swiping his card as Heeseung handed the cups down to Sunghoon. "I see," hummed Kai as he waited by the counter where the drinks were handed out.

"How's Soobin?" Asked Sunghoon as he focused on the drink machines. "He's fine," responded Kai as he checked his phone to go through the chats. "He was up and eating soup earlier, Taehyun sent me here to get their drinks," he added.

"Oh, did your timer change at all while you were visiting your sisters?" Asked Heeseung. "No," whined Kai as he pouted. "It actually went up, so I'm assuming my soulmate is around here somewhere," he explained. "I am gonna stay around anyway, I want to get into a good club," he added. "Get my portfolio going so I can get into a good job," he explained.

"As much as you like the coffee here you're better off somewhere else to be honest," agreed Sunghoon as he passed over the drinks once they were done. "I can't make coffee for the life of me," grumbled Kai as he took the drinks and left the cafe.



It took some time but Beomgyu found the cafe that everyone was talking about, entering the cafe as someone he didn't recognize walked out, Beomgyu holding the door for them before walking in. "Look who finally showed up," greeted Sunghoon as he recognized who walked in.

"I wanted to check the place out," explained Beomgyu as he shrugged. "Nothing wrong with that," dismissed Heeseung as he shook his head. "What do you recommend?" Asked Beomgyu as he walked over to the counter. "Sunghoon makes a great matcha latte," suggested Heeseung. "I'll have that then," stated Beomgyu as Heeseung rung up the order, Beomgyu swiping his card before walking down to where the drinks were handed out.

"It seems pretty dead right now," remarked Beomgyu as he looked around the cafe. "Most people are still settling in," explained Sunghoon as he focused on what he was doing. "It'll get busy after the next few days and classes start," he added. "Is that why it's just you two right now?" Asked Beomgyu. "For the moment," hummed Sunghoon as he finished making the drink and handed it to Beomgyu who took a sip and nodded, going to sit down at a table by the windows, taking off his bag and putting it on the back of the chair before sitting down and looking out the window to people watch.



Heeseung let out a breath as he leaned against the back counter again, causing Sunghoon to look at him weirdly. "I'll explain later," dismissed Heeseung as he pushed away from the counter and walked into the backroom.

"So we'll need to order more cups, more pastries, more this and that," grumbled Jay as he checked off a list. "Also more lids, more napkins, amongst other things," added Jungwon as Jay grumbled, writing more things down.

"Can I go now?" Asked Heeseung as he stepped into the backroom, the door swinging closed behind him. "I got it Jungwon, you can't see the colors anyway," dismissed Jay as he checked off more. "Fine," sighed Jungwon as he turned to Heeseung.

"I heard Kai was back," commented Jay as he continued looking at their stock. "Oh, then yeah you can go," Jungwon stated, nodding. "I know you haven't been spending much time with Taehyun outside of work either, go," he added. "Don't make it seem like I'm obsessed with him," whined Heeseung as he scowled. Jungwon smirked. "Sure sure," he dismissed, earning a sigh from Heeseung before he went to clock out.



Taehyun drove over in Soobin's car as Heeseung left the cafe, Heeseung quickly getting into the passenger seat and closing the door. He buckled in before Taehyun drove off, heading back to Soobin's house. "Soobin's feeling better by the way," reassured Taehyun. "Good," grumbled Heeseung.

"What a weird relationship huh?" Asked Heeseung as he looked out the passenger side window. "It's just how the world works apparently," grumbled Taehyun. "Just think how long it would've taken if you were taken from me again," he added. Heeseung hummed, leaning his head back against the headrest and closing his eyes.

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